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  2. lmoa, protecting civilians, what a joke, of thousand innocent civilians die every month in Africa and ME, in areas where UN forces are active, they are absolutely useless. as far as protecting anyone,.
  3. Take any high school physic text book ever made, open the page on radiation
  4. You can assume all you want.
  5. My nihilism level is extremely high today and I'm rather irritable because of people who's mind are so open, that their brain fell out.
  6. So it's genetic... K
  7. I disagree but you are free to believe what you want. I also don't see those as valid sources.
  8. Haven’t we done this before? Ganzfeld, remote viewing, etc., etc.
  9. I think that's more like mankind as a whole...
  10. Yeah, let's assume psychic power instead of the law of large numbers. That **** must be so good that they quit building surveillance technology. Oh, wait. They didn't. You're so open mind that you believe in everything without an ounce of critical thinking. I the word I'm looking for is, hmmm, yes, gullible.
  11. we could classify gangs as domestic terror groups, in that case terrorist charges are appropriate, then swarm gang sanctuaries with cops, feds, dhs, ice, all at once. same as they did a decade opr so ago in south central LA. shoot anyone that resists. they had no problem doing it to bikers in texas, here however a lot more aggressive approach needed. there are tens of thousands gangsters in Chitown, they could mobilize 10k of cops in few days when they were hunting rouge ex cop in Ca years ago. so everything needed is doable and was done in part in other places. seems like it is politically beneficial to have this issue go on, and politicians do nothing about,. always fighting and never winning, (not even really trying) seem to be the way to go.
  12. I’d like to think a real leader would look for a third option. Especially when the man was putting medical marijuana growers and sellers in prison. Then again he was having marines protect poppy fields, that supply 80% of the worlds heroin.
  13. From the Axios article that broke the story: The sources say that transition officials assumed that Mueller would come calling, and had sifted through the emails and separated the ones they considered privileged. But the sources said that was for naught, since Mueller has the complete cache from the dozen accounts. Which suggests to me, no-one was asked to give them to Mueller.
  14. You are not open-minded enough for me to revisit that discussion once again.
  15. No. Thought's are nothing more than electro-chemical reactions. Source No matter what spin you want to put on it. No one is 'special', there are no super powers. Just electrical impulses and self-delusions.
  16. The Jags have for sure been one hell of a suprise!
  17. Search the the 12,000 documents about the Stargate program.
  18. I think its even worse than that,,,
  19. I'm nuts? You're the one suggesting attacking people who are protecting innocent civilians. I've normally got real respect for you but you're just coming across as a gung-ho trigger happy idiot here. I don't think you really mean any of it. Hopefully just empty machismo.
  20. Yeah, how about those guys! The jags have turned into a squad that nobody wants to play right now. The Rams also have a D that's playing well and Gurley is playing out of his mind. The Vikes have a shiney new stadium, and wouldn't that be cool to play the SB on your home field?
  21. If you are serious, you can read up on the mental plane starting on the internet. I can’t make any links as I am just on my phone now. The Theosophical Society may be your best source.
  22. I’m not gonna say anything yet, but there might be much more to this story.
  23. Your view doesn't count. You want to use those $10 words against me. All you've got to do is show actual evidence that psychic powers are real. Not some hokey website or scam artist. I want real support for your belief. Not "I believe it so it must be true" junk you spit out all the time.
  24. There are a couple newbies in the mix this year with room on their wagon - The Vikings, The Jaguars or the Rams.
  25. A thought is a vibration like a sound. Thoughts travel just like sound. A human needs to learn how to tap into the vibration of thoughts which computers can do already.
  26. Can you do it?
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