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  2. And I'm trawling for a friend...aha haha hahaha.... Jokes...!! Just surfing the wave......
  3. 'Propaganda' says the Propagandist ... ~
  4. Awwww. I like you. And I have no care who believe s or not.. I feel you are and that is all Right with me.... I am young (38) hahaha.. But I know my place.. And that is to learn.... Thank You for your wisdom....
  5. Or to look at it another way, it increases the chances the EU will offer a good deal. Now they know parliament will make the decision (potentially opting for wto) rather than May who has shown herself something of a pushover in negotiations so far.
  6. That’s not entirely correct, God does not have control over Everything - some things are distinctly separate yet the same. Some of the oldest of Gods sons were and are the most powerful. Satan was not the Only one to imagine himself as God, many before did as well. That was not the Will of God and they were dealt with accordingly, disbanded, banished or destroyed. Some Angels (The Arch Angels) have the power of Influence, to manipulate directly (From the inside) a specific individual, or influence tens of thousands if not millions of people. It is extremely powerful, and goes against Gods Commandment of Angels to not interfere with Free Will of the creatures of the Universe (Gods children as well ) - Angels that do Gods bidding are to only use it in times of War or dire need. Fallen Angels, Dark Angels are deaf to The Voice of God. Satan is elusive and is not alone, there are other things present that Satan doesn’t directly control but he enjoys them as pets, to him. Many of those things are not from this Universe. Many the size of you and I, one in particular very large - almost Beast like - that cannot be controlled by Mortal men and only tamed by an Angel, if not an Arch Angel. There are Angels who have duties that they carry out, staying out of the way of Man. God Bless!
  7. I think everyone on this site is still sleeping or something . This guy on the still frame is a debunker, a pretty cool one if you ask me, and he states that the image is some sort of weather balloon.
  8. Hiay there you ... okay awright I guess ... tired after a long day ... just whiling my time away till beddie bye ... howsabout you ? ~ WHy thank you very much my young learned friend ... Well ... you can say that but that does not mean you will be believed ... As to you and yours and all ... ~
  9. What I find interesting is the complete lack in interest in what anyone had to say about it. You gravitate instantly to what you want to believe. Regardless of whether it make any sense at all.
  10. Says the United Nations... For quite some time now. 60 odd years if memory serves. Please, when somebody tells you something you didn't know, at least Google it first. Just firing off a reply like this one makes you look rather silly.
  11. Ultra lights are not very loud??? What about 8 of them? Dude just stop.
  12. That mega-canyon is going to be one hell of a river in a few centuries.
  13. Dang... .you have won my heart and absolute Respect.... Arohanuikiakoe, all my love to you and yours....
  14. I was 8 years old. I outright deny it
  15. Hello my friend. Third Eye... How is you...? You are quite the Learned Man. If I may say so my self.... Lol..
  16. ~ [00.00:48] ~
  17. I would let a medical professional determine that......
  18. I'll tell you...Sssshhh... Haha.. Its Here right Now..
  19. What kind of pitch?.. Is it dull and low or high, piercing?
  20. KiaOraRa.. This means 12= 3/11=2/17=8... 3 is Man.. 2 is the combination of masculine/feminine energies. 8= eternity, forever and Eva and Eva etc...
  21. An entomologist from the University of Gdansk in Poland has rediscovered a striking blue-and-white species of clearwing moth known only from a single faded and damaged museum specimen collected in 1887. The Oriental blue clearwing (Heterosphecia tawonoides) looks more like a bee, behaves more like a bee, and may even buzz like a bee, according to a paper published recently about the species in the journal Tropical Conservation Science. Related:
  22. You need a background to facilitate the idea to the whole picture ... like you said, it looks 'unfinished' and that's the first general impression people will get from it ~
  23. well technically all animals can live about 8 cycles under ideal circumstances so humans could be living 350 years, it's just highly unlikely that a creature would never get sick or hurt too badly and maintained a healthy life style, bound to happen every so often no?
  24. There was no mistaking it. Its like actually seeing an elephant in your back yard. Im pretty sure you'd know it when you saw it.
  25. Skywalker seems an appropriate man for a mannequin that has been launched into space.
  26. Manfred von Dreidecker

     No trains on some routes.

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