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  2. I am well versed in how, over 2 millennia, the Catholic church took the original biblical doctrines and rewrote the using the authority of the pope to do so To them this is so natural that the y explain it in their catechisms, yet to non Catholics it destroys the original biblical messages and makes god into some sort of evil monster who condemns people to eternal torment Literalism Defined This may boil down to semantics, but to address the question -- yes, heaven and hell are quite literal in the Catholic Catechism as states designated for those who have accepted God's love and those who have turned away from him. Both states are determined to be eternal -- that is, everlasting life or everlasting damnation. And heaven is regarded as a place. But it is not a place in our traditional thinking, as it sits outside time and space. However, theologically, the Church has distanced itself from the idea of our respective visions of each. What is Heaven? So if heaven isn't clouds, harps and angels, then what is it according to Catholicism? Oftentimes, the viewpoint is taken that it's all but impossible to know what Heaven is actually like until we enter there. However, generally, the past few popes have asserted that heaven is the state of being with God. The Catechism of the Catholic Church defines it as a "communion of life and love with the Trinity, with the Virgin Mary, the angels and all the blessed" and "true happiness." Pope John Paul II refined this, stating that it is a full communion with God, while his successor, Pope Benedict XVI, stated that it is a place within God. What is Hell? Nowhere in the Catechism of the Catholic Church is it stated that Satan is the ruler of hell. If the Catholic Church views heaven as communion with God, they equally view hell as permanent removal from him. The Catechism defines it as a "state of definitive self-exclusion from communion with God and the blessed," a revision most recently made in 1999. Rather than a place of punishment by outside forces, it is seen as a state of self-punishment. John Paul II further said it is not a place, but that state of complete removal from God, done willfully by the sinner. And so for the last 20 years, yes, Catholics have been encouraged to think of hell as not a place but a state of mind entered into after death it will take several generations to change the traditional perception of both heaven and hell as physical places, which was the doctrine for 2000 years Scalfari, who has become a favorite interviewer of Pope Francis, is the atheist founder of the Italian newspaper La Repubblica, known for his unconventional method of reconstructing interviews from memory, rather than using direct quotations. (Although Scalfari’s recounting of the pope’s more controversial words have thus often been dismissed by members of the Catholic press as unreliable, the pope’s insistence in continuing to seek out Scalfari for candid interviews and on-the-record discussions should put to rest any claim that he has been misrepresented.) Scalfari then adds his own thoughts about the pope’s and Archbishop Paglia’s own distinct idea that hell is empty: And in 2015, Pope Francis was again quoted by Scalfari: “What happens to that lost soul? Will it be punished? And how? The response of Francis is distinct and clear: there is no punishment, but the annihilation of that soul.” These quite heretical statements that are attributed to Pope Francis himself — and which he still has not publicly denied — are now also attributed to the new head of the Pontifical Academy for Life and Grand Chancellor of the re-organized John Paul II Institute on Marriage and Family Sciences. His new book, therefore, should be carefully studied and analyzed. from this source, these ideas are the latest pope's and even more new and radical They are even referred to as heretical here, because they try to alter 2000 years of catholic belief it is interesting that biblically this pope is correct Human souls do NOT go to hell at all. They are simply annihilated.
  3. Time to make a deal folks ... ~
  4. Your posts tend to be straw man arguments - at least your responses to my posts. They are anything but fair, logical, and on topic. Thankfully they are concise.
  5. If you are not evil spirit it is not going to happen. One evil woman from hell have multiple touching my hands and I feel her as cold and wind as you said. About feeling of other people emotions I felt this too.
  6. To really appreciate the Beatles as musicians you'll have to take the Group apart and measure them on their own ... Paul's bass Ringo's Drumming George's Guitar ... John ... well John just had to be John ... ~
  7. Well, hidden in the sense that it is not readily seen? I mean it is a small dirt road that takes u to that lovely statue. In South Africa the one desert my aunt stayed in became up to 42 degrees( before global warming). Luckily it was a dry heat, so u scorched yes but no humidity to contend with. Now in Durban we had a mere 34 degrees with humidity.. I cried a little...
  8. I don't experience this myself, but can you post a video of waving towels or waving anything? I'd be interested to see this.
  9. There is a pattern. The same tired old arguments keep getting posted and no evidence is ever posted. The simple fact of the matter is that there is basically no evidence for UFOs yet people continue to recycle the same old nonsense.
  10. Yes we did. I'm in my fifties and the harassment started in middle school for me, because I looked a lot older than I was. There was not one time, if I felt the need to expose someone's actions, there was not an immediate reaction. The majority of the time I dealt with them myself and they never bothered me again. But the resources and support was there.
  11. A straw man argument is described here. The fact that you don't care that your posts do not address what I posted simply shows how vacuous your arguments are. Your posts are without merit because they do not respond to what I did post. Instead they are some meritless jabber unrelated to what I posted. I posted that you need to do research after you suggested others have not. You continue to pretend that there is good evidence. I have not seen any and you are free to post something that you think is good evidence.
  12. Thanks for posting that. It shows that the "Mueller can't be biased because he's a Republican" claim is bogus.
  13. , well I have never kissed a Roo so no lol
  14. That was my point to sherapy. Catholics believe the pope has the authority to change doctrine, and even to change the words of the bible, if he wants to, because he has divine authority from god.
  15. What if you got worms and the worms have colds and they passed their colds onto you? (I have quite an imagination.)
  16. It is not true that I come here only too educate. I also come to debate and to learn, But to learn one must be presented with new ideas concepts and facts I am ALWAYS interested in other people's experiences because it helps me understand them. but some people believe that only their own experiences represent the complete reality of the world around them Statements like this are not debating, they are statements of judgement You have not, so you follow Christian principals but are not a Christian If you want to preface that with, "in my opinion" then, yes, i can argue against that position, and have just been doing so, but if you are just going to tell me that, in your expert judgement, i am not a christian then we have nothing to discuss. i have one consistent position which i have held for decades. it is not simple and it is not black and white so it does not appeal to some nor make sense to others, who are conditioned into exclusivist religious beliefs, but it has remained consistent always. I don't flip flop on arguments Take the neanderthal debate You suggested that tool use among neandertals about 200000 years ago showed the y had human level self awareness. i argued it did not That such self awareness is only demonstrable from evidences of abstract conceptual and symbolic thinking not concrete thinking. So to me neanderthals evolved modern self awareness about he same time homo sapiens did 70-100 thousand tears ago. Yet you just said that i argued they did not have self awareness I've always said that i consider neandertals to be humans because they showed the same evidences of spiritual thinking /abstract conceptual thought, as homo sapiens BUT only within the last 100000 years (like homo sapiens ) when a major evolutionary change in the sophistication of human language /thought, occurred
  17. It will collapse soon enough. Its formed a classic fib trading pattern and has went hyperbolic. Its going to crash hard. Its a money vacuum cleaner. Watch and see. It trades like a low float stock. It is fun to trade but will suck money out of your wallet in a second.
  18. nah you'd get worms before getting a cold from one
  19. third_eye

    Dangit ... I just burnt my sausages ... wait ... that didn't sound right ... stupid Jurgen Klopp


  20. The Catholics do not beleive in heaven or hell as a place and have not for along time, few takers. Lol Religion is a franchise it doesn't survive without supporters and as the culture changes and grows so does religion. Did you know the roots of purgatory was the Catholics version of reincarnation ( second chances). Why would one stay with a religion that offered hell over one who said no, join us you get second chances over here.
  21. Whale cords jmccr8
  22. See told ya It would have been political suicide to ignore the vote.
  23. You are correct, it doesn't work like that. The Devil/Satan works behind the scenes, and the Pope may now be aware of who it is. God Bless!
  24. Boy you really like jumping of a bridge don't. You added a lot into my comment maybe you should just write my posts for me. jmccr8
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