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  2. So now do you see that what you posted was erroneous?
  3. And what might that be pray tell .... ~
  4. In hell, all the perverted, and demons think that God is even more tyrant than their Satan therefore oppose him. Also there positive pleasures, joy and laughter are replaced by sexual torment and cruelty, so there is a great danger that if you become interested in this world, then already a person you can not be born on earth. There will be a permanent reincarnation in the world of hell, or if you are interested in the representative of Satan then it will force you to perform some sort of dark mission on earth (to kill some talented person). Satan does not give anything to a person but uses it for his own purposes. Where burning is the heavy levels of hell (spatially where the magma is), and a person must commit many atrocities and killings to get there.There are even heavier levels of hell.
  5. i learnt paraphrasing STEREO: "The reason we left the Moon and did not continue is that the Apollo program had been a success without a single death in space. The program was closed because it was clear that people would eventually die."
  6. This is in response to papageorge1 posting " That a lot of credible believers are what you call gullible. " You did not establish that in the OP. There is no mention of anything like.
  7. Not necessarily what you've bought.
  8. I did not state "NASA only stopped going to the moon because 3 people from 3 lectures said it was because NASA said its too dangerous." Didn't you learn anything in the uni course you took? It is fairly obvious at this point that you have little interest in learning.
  9. Depends ... what ya selling ? ~
  10. Does this apply to speaking for yourself too?
  11. Steve - this may come as a shock to you - but i don't give a toss as to how it affects the EU. The EU could go tits up for all I care. I am interested in how it will affect the UK, how it will affect me. The EU negotiators are not negotiating on my behalf, they are negotiating on the behalf of EU citizens. OK technically that will include me but in reality my eu citizenship is merely a nicety. What matters to me is what the UK negotiators get out of the talks, and I don't believe they, nor we as citizens, should enter any negotiation thinking we are going to handed everything we want because we were recently the 5th, now the 6th and by middle of next year going to be the 7th biggest economy. As I see it, it is the job of the British negotiators to get us a good deal - it is not the job of the EU negotiators necessarily to give us a good deal - to go into negotiations thinking otherwise would negligent on our behalf. Yes the EU has issues to deal with and you can produce graphs showing the UKs net deficit with the EU and the impact of the annual sub, but - one of the bigger issues the EU has to grapple with is to discourage other desertions - how much that will enter into their thinking I do not know. It may even completely overrule other considerations. In other words the UK negotiators will not enter into discussions expecting any favours. Anything they get they will have to work for. What they get and don't get will therefore be down to them. But I will say this If within 10 years the UK economy is not strong and at least in step with the EU, then the breakup of the UK is the next big change we will see.
  12. Making the most of it is evidence that you'll be fine in the end, in my opinion. Having an opinion may not be significant, but the seriousness of developing one is.
  13. I understand where Caucasian, long haired Jesus comes from, the people of the Renaissance applied then current design sensibilities to pictures of Jesus, as people did to pretty much anything historical up in those primitive times (compare pictures of the Virgin Mary in German Peasant Dress, Medieval illustrations of Alexander the Great's travels featuring knights in armour etc etc etc.) But how the **** did "Blond, Blue Eyed Aryan Jesus" become a thing?
  14. What a condescending and stupid question to ask any soldier who fought in any war!
  15. I don't even underestimate myself. I simple exist and make the most of it.
  16. Banned for...get in the queue pal! I`m in front of you.
  17. And what is your bright idea? Before one can ever get to a solution on anything the first question one must ask is....How! Not every answer to that question is viable...but if one isn't even going to ask the question then one sets in stone one's failure prematurely!
  18. Everything you've said points to your significance. You shouldn't take yourself too serious, yes, but underestimating yourself is also a form of taking yourself too serious.
  19. Banned so you can grow up and also purchase a stress ball
  20. Go tell that to Israel. If it were up to me...I would put the UN Headquarters in say....Liverpool!
  21. Hippy Jesus ... needs a haircut and a shave ... no wonder the Romans weren't impressed ... ~
  22. XenoFish


  23. You're too modest too Essan. It's easy if you 'want' to see the truth of your significance.
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