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  2. Jeremy Corbyn beamed as he was handed a Christmas jumper featuring his face and the slogan "Jerry Christmas." There is demand around the festive season for decorations featuring pictures of the Labour leader, with people in previous years even putting Corbyn figurines atop their trees. The quirky item of clothing is from NotJust, and the manufacturers said they will donate half the cost of each jumper to Save the Children.
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  4. Jesus is much more than innocent. In his case, it's particularly because of him being more, that he was murdered. In a way, today and perhaps for a long time to come, he will continue to be done away with in the hearts and minds of men. But just like before, he will continue to live and because of this, the willingly innocent will too.
  5. Manfred von Dreidecker

    Are you trying to be clever?

  6. No...the people who relate UFO's with governments have watched too many you tube videos and hollywood movies. Obvious in what way? The majority of the pictures and videos we see on here have not gone through the governments, and if they had been then the answers would be the same as on here ....fully explainable. You do not have to work fot NASA or the government to be able to recognise a chinese lantern. There is no conspiracy cover ups by the governments. Thousands of sky watchers around the world do not work for the government. Note: those who questiion the lights they see and believe they are visiting aliens are generally new to sky watching or naive youtube watchers. If an alien craft from another planet visited Earth, do you really believe it would not be spotted well before it reached our atmosphere...( burn up is not just seen by the governments, they can not hide that from people) Your government conspiracy idea is so is laughable.
  7. 'God' and 'King' clearly was defined differently back then ... what more a 'God King' ... The Romans clearly were not amused ... ~
  8. I never realized how much of a gentleman I was until reading what some of these politicians, actors, directors etc. have done. Scored many the tail in my day but all was earned through courteous behaviour and of course my award winning smile.
  9. Hmm.. it's an interesting debate in and of itself. HAMAS was the choice of the Palestinian electorate... by quite a reasonable margin as I recall. I think they certainly won a majority in the Palestinian Legislative Council (their Parliament). However, to blame the subsequent schism between HAMAS and FATAH on the US (or other foreign nations) is unduly simplistic, and masks the truth in my opinion. HAMAS formally refused to endorse nonviolence, recognition of the state of Israel, and acceptance of previous agreements (to quote the Wikipedia article).–Hamas_conflict#2006_elections_and_Hamas-government Foreign aid (mostly from the US and the EU) was predicated on the concept of the Oslo accords. When HAMAS indicated it would not be bound by either the letter of the accords, or by the spirit (including the Declaration of Principles), then the aid donors pulled out. In addition, HAMAS's platform invalidated the basis upon which the Palestinian Legislative Council was formed.(which was tied up with the Oslo agreement). I don't think the US - or anyone else - worked to "overthrow" HAMAS... or to enforce "regime change" in any meaningful interpretation of that term. They simply refused to fund an organisation that had been taken over (albeit democratically) by an organisation dedicated to genocide. There are indeed only 22 Arab countries in the world (actually, I didn't realise the number was that high), but they are immediate neighbours, and CLAIM to support the Palestinians. In that context, their 22% of funding seems decidedly lukewarm. And it is a sum in decline. I'm not "pushing" a "narrative" of "Arabs must not truly support the Palestinians". To be honest, I can't even remember how that came up.... and I'm too lazy to scroll up to find out However, to expect International support for (let alone Israeli negotiations with) a FATAH-HAMAS coalition government (outside of the OIC block) is unrealistic, unless HAMAS changes beyond all recognition. (and tears up its current charter)
  10. Don't quite remember the context or time and place but I seems to remember him saying something in regards to his daughter being his 'Trump' card ... didn't care to delve deeper into what he meant or cared to for that matter ... ~
  11. I had to do a class about this stuff at Uni this year, Descartes, Plato and all those dudes, really trippy stuff. Not new ideas however. Actually .., a new take on this idea is one of the quantum theories that suggests we are holograms/reflections of something else far away. Like shadow cast from light.... (insert x-files music here) . Its all pretty hard to believe.., but fun to discuss nonetheless.
  12. But OF COURSE UFO's exists.... millions of people have seen UFO's, why Ive had quite a few sightings myself BUT...the million dollar question is....what is a UFO? Well the easy answer is, something unidentified and flying....UFO does NOT mean aliens and flying saucers... heres a classic well known shot of a UFO...... But it didnt remain a UFO for analysis and rational minds shows it was just a seagull flying by. Remember...UFO doesnt mean alienz...
  13. Nahhhh ... they're only interested in the day everyone in town left and returned the land ... ~
  14. No way! Lol. Everything is occurring in your head... hence, subjective. Let us invoke the Observer Effect. And let us invoke the Matrix - "There is no spoon." If we had a pic/video from a space probe of alien's walking on a planet, I would consider that proof. If we took a DNA sample of a being coming out of a spacecraft, I would consider that not proof of them being alien, just proof they are not human. At this point we will split into camps of the sample showing intelligent life living in the ocean, underground or not of this earth.
  15. If NASA showed footage of an unknown aircraft flying around Earth.., could they still determine it was alien? Could it potentially be Chinese? Would they know what China is capable of? Even if they do spy on China and know 100% it isn't... Can video footage (by definition) be proof positive? Can we definitely say "That an alien right there" just from images?
  16. I would imagine that most dads would want to 'punch the guy's lights out' so to speak, as in protect her...if another man spoke about their own daughter in that way. Certainly not condone it by going along with the crude banter. Maybe that's just me though
  17. They are declaring Ctesiphon as the new capital in their bid for the right of return. International legality (Globalization) doesn't usually matter anyway in local individual issues.
  18. They should've asked the local Aboriginal tribe. I bet they remember it perfectly!
  19. Already posted here: Do not post the same topic more than once.
  20. Just to add... The adage "possession is 9/10ths of the Law" has NOT been true for a very long time. It needs to get OUT of people's heads and was likely due to early drug and contraband transfer. Today, possession means just so much, and ownership means a whole lot more. I have private property, and if someone mistakenly parks a home on my property... I have zero legal ownership. I can not just go claim that item, unless it is legally "abandoned" on my property. In all cases I need to contact the authorities and have them settle the issue.
  21. Does 'Life' ever truly ends though ? The Separation only exists in the mind, only that ends in a manner of speaking, the rest just returns back to the 'great' cycle of Life ... for whatever that's worth ... ~
  22. We do not even know if they are objects. UFO, in some cases, should seriously be replaced with UAP. It's like calling a blackhole a whitehole. Almost the same but they work in different ways. What it comes down to is perception. Would one consider a light an object? Perhaps there is some force popping in and out of existence. I think anything that has the utmost unusual characteristics of flight is considered UAP (abrupt speeds "not possible", etc.) and everything else should be UFO. Also, when we talk about flying, we surely are automatically thinking flying in air. Perhaps they are in space when observed.
  23. What, this makes no sense at all? Take a sample from where and what? This is one of the most stupid statements i have read in a long time. You do realise that humans were around well before the invention of the computers, invented by humans may i add. This is a typical statement made by the new generation of naive yoing people who believe the human race started with the computer. What world do you think man lived in before the computer came along?
  24. Perhaps this is best suited for another thread. I do not subscribe to that theory and would prefer to keep this thread free from off-topic posts.
  25. Subjective is the antonym of objective. That doesn't support the DNA being from another planet, especially without any data about this planet.
  26. People relate UFOs with governments due a process of elimination. look at this this way... The government says UFOs do not exists. Its all explainable or something that can be. So when someone does see a UFO.., (but the government says they don't) then the only logical assumption is obvious. So.., for someone to hypothesise UFOs are real. Automatically implies the government must be hiding something. There are thousands of sky watchers, who have recorded many things. but this is not really getting anywhere. An official/credible/reputable/peer-reviewed combined effort is required. There is only one UFO mystery I am aware of. The one I am thinking of (circa 1940) has more of a figure around 5-10% of cases by credible observers that's still explainable to this day.
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