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  2. There was a girl living in the apartment building that came into the community room andsaid sje could smell Dick in the next apartment to hers. Her neighbour was Dick. jmccr8
  3. I need to get to bed. I'll be with my sister and my eight-year-old nephew tomorrow.I need to get some rest. If history serves, that energetic little boy will wear me out in ten minutes. Goodnight, everyone. Not sure what time I might be back tomorrow.
  4. Aluminuts for the Illuminutti. Maybe that's what they've been eating. That's why they now think I'm a Reptilian.
  5. Ahh oh yeah clacker balls. jmccr8
  6. Oh, goodness no! You're supposed to sway back and forth as you walk so they'll clink together. Like little maracas. Then you'll giggle as everyone around you says: "Where in the hell is that noise coming from?"
  7. Bishops and Deacons of the Catholic Church have become dry canals. More concerned with earthly possessions and material gains than spiritual liberation. I'm afraid that Pope Francis, for all his good intentions has a lot of waking up to do.
  8. No actually, it wasn't. I honestly figured this would be a no-brainer issue we could all agree on since the overwhelming majority of Americans (80-90% I believe) from both parties support Net Neutrality. Though it seems not unfortunately. I try to stay away from politics typically on here since the mods don't like me calling a spade a spade (aka calling Trump supporters racists and such). Therefore my only 'primary motive' is to put any Trump supporter on my ignore list since they have nothing of value to add to my life. Welcome to it. Bye bye.
  9. Here's another Franken victim talking to Obama about her encounter with the Senator.
  10. I've been guilty of the cybergoth thing, but only on Halloween.
  11. There is no such thing as one truth. Think about this Will. How can there be one truth?
  12. Thanks. I'm the guy farthest right, in the gas mask. I was really gettin' down! Just kidding. That's not me. I haven't even danced for about twenty years, and that was at a friend's wedding. One of the rare occasions when, yes, I had imbibed too much.
  13. Yes but are you supposed to eat them? jmccr8
  14. I was gonna spend time trying to explain perspective to you, but then I decided I couldn't be ***ed. So I just found a nice reptilian avatar, instead.
  15. I think those are prosthetics, aren't they?
  16. Oh, I was always kind of an awkward kid, and am now something of an awkward man. I had my share of bullies when I was a kid, and they were pretty bad. There were five or six of them. But somehow I got lucky. By the end of eighth grade, through no real effort of my own, all but one of those bullies became friends of mine. And the one who stayed a bully was pretty awful to everyone and liked by almost no one, so I didn't care. In fact, I spent all of high school completely ignoring him, and felt kind of bad for him.
  17. Aluminuts? jmccr8
  18. Hey...those are some of our best dancers!
  19. I read the historical reference from wiki on the greys, with some authors writing novels. Obviously those authors had there own encounters with the Greys! jk There is a place in Armenia called Karahundj or "Armenia’s Stonehenge" that shows a rock on the right side of the pic I uploaded. This was actually a screenshot I took from a video I was watching. I looked further into it and could find source for the one on the right, the one on left I'm still looking into. Now we are getting into ancient aliens, there seemed to be depictions of similar type of being back then. There's some compelling ones shown in caves in Australia going back thousands of years. Granted, they could have been like the authors imagination(s) but it's a bit strange when you find similar looking depictions spanning thousands of years. Look if I was shown only these depictions shown on Ancient Aliens show I would not believe in such beings "Greys" existed. They are but one piece that helps form a conclusion.
  20. The thing is minded Is much easier than fair and neutral for our own bias influences our thought patterns
  21. Lol, you probably weren't the kinda loser nerd I was, but at least I'm not the only guy on the planet that doesn't give an F about sports.
  22. I'm the exact same way!! I've always hated sports, even as a kid. I was the nerdy sci-fi fantasy loving outcast who get stereotypically bullied by sports jocks, and couldn't play sports worth a crap in gym class. Actually gym class was in many ways my own personal Hell, but I won't get into all that here... But anyway, I've never been into sports. They're all totally boring to me.
  23. suicide by bake beens.
  24. They who?
  25. Trussssst in meeeeee...... jussssst in meeeee....
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