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  2. I think a lot of the AA theories are crap. But not all.
  3. Thoughts and prayers.
  4. One of the followers even admits in the video that things aren't getting any better.
  5. Its not a diversion from the OP....the OP is about gullible people on the subject of ET and UFO.......not one topic in particular...and Ancient Aliens, from now on referred to as the AA..... promote a lot of crap that GULLIBLE people fell for
  6. Why don't they release the prayer hours before the natural disasters?
  7. I dunno what page number y'all have, but I'm on 420.
  8. Whatever they're doing, it isn't working. They should try something else. Maybe a real toaster.
  9. what dont you agree with about Darwin?
  10. Yeah okay. At least in your mind you debunked it. Do we switch to darwin theory debate now here? No, I think it's too much diversion from OPs original post.
  11. I had to write a paper on these cooks in sociology class: Pray to the almighty magic toaster.
  12. Spiders nope not a fan. Snakes love them
  13. Something happens at 8 legs that does not happen at 4 or 6.
  14. There's this aversion thing that happens.
  15. No thank you ... cocoa please ... ~ No thank you. I'm off duty now ... ~ Oh good heavens no ... heavens forbid I've just been around the block more times than many believes ... THe CHinese has that adage ... 'Old hand' ... yeah ... better ~
  16. They're just so leggy.
  17. Actually, I'm not as bad as I used to be about spiders. But just seeing one and all its spiderness does still give me shivers.
  18. I like spiders too.
  19. I like snakes.
  20. I've never been afraid of snakes. I don't really understand the freakout. Now spiders...I have to hold myself back from screaming kill it with fire.
  21. Oh Boy you should stop now and REALLY think about what you are saying....we had two infamous threads here years got be about 700 pages before the mods closed it.....I was a key player in that convo and debunked just about every post made.. And Darwins theory is sound...we can SEE evolutionary change TODAY......
  22. Don''t have to be that smart- look at Raelian religion. I've been tempted to sell chalk tablets at times when I need money. Supplemental, you know.
  23. There fixed that for you. jmccr8
  24. Serpent = Devil lol. Hey serpents are handy at keeping mice and rats in check
  25. your point?.......also....closed minded Is much easier than fair and neutral for our own bias influences our thought patterns
  26. If I may, I believe he's talking about the IRS targeting conservative groups, among others, during the Obama administration.
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