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  2. You never answered the question. Are you finally accepting that it is not necessary to debunk or show UFO tales to be false? It is the responsibility of the UFO story tellers to show that their ideas have merit. It's a simple yes or no.
  3. First hand account of the sighting and video footage More about AATIP
  4. You will learn that almost no one on this site is going to go for click bait. Videos are often a giant waste of time. A 5 minute video contains less than 30 seconds of reading. Then again they are candy for the uneducated.
  5. Why not post that isn't of doing your normal childishness? Now I know NOT to watch that video.
  6. Fun? I lost my sense of humour for this thread long ago. And what's to debunk - what would you expect an analysis to reveal, if these are some sort of unknown plasma effect? And why did YOU make the subject of the thread ET, and now change the goalposts? And why is it that you will seemingly never, never, never, ever cite an actual image that you think is worthwhile and will reveal something through analysis? I'd be happy to show you what an analysis might entail, but during that process I will expect *you* to have at least a cursory understanding of what image analysis can and can't do, and the knowledge of when/why an analysis would be worthwhile. But if all you are going to do is snipe and make silly/smarmy comments and imply that people here are incompetent.... well, all I can say is that you need to post some actual CONTENT before your cred sinks to the bottom.. BTW, most of my (digital) image analysis involves no special software or equipment whatsoever - there's only a couple of things software can help with (mostly in regards to authenticity, not content...).
  7. Let me quote Forrest Gump, "Stupid is as stupid does."
  8. If you are interest in how many conflicting statements you are welcome to find that out on your own. Anyone that takes even a cursory look at the witness reports can find a dozen variations. I get a kick out of some loony site that "similar descriptions." That is the lamest description trying to avoid telling the truth. Some UFO promoters claimed there were over ten different models of UFOs over Phoenix that night. Haven'y you found them? So you only found one witness that stated it was planes? You really need to do some basic research. Just looking at the wikipedia or some inane UFO website gets you nowhere. A hint for you. Mitch Stanley did not shoot the video. Again you use the comments of the criminal Symington. You point out he did a pathetic effort at checking things out.
  9. see...youre doing it again!! YOU ARE GETTING BIASED OPINIONS FROM UFO SITES!!... you will never find the truth in such places....if ufo sites published the truth....they wouldnt get any visitors....surely you can see that by now?
  10. They don't have the timetable of when the courier driver of my area delivers either. Looked up reviews of the company and most are bad, I didn't pick them the sender of my item did
  11. https://www.*** blocked ***/news/weird/893475/Pentagon-aliens-UFO-US-state-secret-Area-51-mysterious
  12. I know the feel
  13. That's a good site and explanation of this case. Bookmarked.
  14. It's meant to be here today, but tracking hasn't moved at all.
  15. Goodnight see you tomorrow. I'm trying to find where the hell something I'm waiting to be delivered is
  16. Goodnight! Keep the lid on.
  17. What if the gene had already mutated and the genome project triggered a reaction in the pool? Oh yeah, Carl is done. I heard that Chandler's dad was pretty mad that his son was being written out. I suppose that it all started with Tour of Duty...
  18. I have one more day with my sister and nephew. Wish I could go back to Albuquerque with them but I've loved seeing them again. So it's off to bed for me. Goodnight, friends!
  19. The right one's a mutant, right?
  20. I just finished with a presuppositionalist creationist. I'm getting in some fun.
  21. I still like them. ~(-_-)~ ~(-_*) /
  22. well i hope that's the case though there's no way it can totally block radiation even with that but i suppose that'd still lessen exposure by a fair amount
  23. Experimenting with old-fashioned emoticons?
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