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  2. Wtf are you on or what have you been watching? I have not read such a load of twaddle for ages, you beat parageorge with this one.
  3. i found a pair of old boots. I cleaned them up and they now work for the Dept of Work and Pensions.
  4. Sleep paralysis and likely a rescue helicopter seen at night. Please people, remember it is not always possible to tell the distance, height or size of aircrafts at night....also often what you think are lights in the sky are in fact vehicle lights or lights on a building. Absolutely nothing paranormal about this story, just someone who saw some lights at night and have allowed their fantasy imagination to take over from there.
  5. I tend to agree, and there is a considerable potential here for this topic to be misinterpreted or the story misrepresented. Suffice to say - France is not falling, there isn't going to be a civil war and the dual judiciary system is not going to happen. Given some of the comments that have already had to be removed from this thread - I can't see any advantage in leaving this open. Closed.
  6. KiaOraRa Friend.. What a Harrowing Experience.. I know that Life Essence Entity's Exist, and the others Life Forces.. The Life Forces, do the Experiments and the Abductions.. This wasn't always the Way.. Societal Rule with Religion, Finances and Courts Justice, set the Tone of Control and Force, increasing the Frequency of Fear into the Atmosphere, this Energy is Dense, Lower Base, Red Colour manipulation POWER... After the Atmosphere Was set through Fear and Control, enmasse through the mind and heart Energys, this Made all Entity's that Ride this Frequency Resonance, able to come in.. And Do Harm.. Those in Power know this and Allow this.. They must Obey, They are the Slaves too.. To Stop this from Happening, You must Elevate your own Energy power to High Frequency.. To do this changes in the thought Pattern have to Change.. These Yucky Its, (I don't add to their Power by giving them the name???) are Surfing the Fear frequency waves in your Auric energy Field, through your thought and Emotions, vibrating at lower tune.. This is Your body they are Using to do tests or leave trackers in.. Get angry, how Dare they.. If this was a human, there would be a battle.. Just because its a THING doesn't mean let it screw you over.. No. This is Our Earth, they do not belong here.. We have more Power because this is Our home not there's.. Take Power Back from them.. Claim your human body and human home and tell them to F&#K OFF, don't get scared, get absolutely White Rage with them.. Higher Frequency Resonance of Emotions, Love, Happiness, Joy, Peace, Strength, Courage, LAUGHTER..etc.. The THINGS can't surf that Wave.. too High.. They like Low fear waves.... So switch it up.. Take back your power, You are the only One that can. I send You Green/Blue/Pink and Gold Energy Power..xx. Strength to you xx
  7. I have AB negative blood and following are my answers to your questions:
  8. The trouble with gaming is that the emotions it provokes are artificially induced ..... unnatural. And so often, young men put themselves in this totally unnatural state for hours on end, day after day. That is extremely unhealthy and does nothing to promote healthy emotions and positive responses to what comes at them in real life. It goes against learning to 'read' emotions in others and dealing with them in a good way.
  9. bee

    Another day another mystery explained - T Rex = flightless prehistoric 'bird' that had bouyancy and could kind of glide around in a thick atmosphere similar to water - the thick atmosphere allowed them to grow very BIG - and they communicated with sounds similar to a whale -- thank you - you're  welcome - :) 

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  11. Response to something they don't like happening? Like their land being occupied by an alien invading army? Say your country was occupied by an alien force. And you were turned out of your home that your family had been occupying for generations so these alien occupiers could have it (or more likely demolish it and build their own). If any of your people tried to resist would you tell them that they shouldn't throw rocks at the occupying army because if they did, they didn't deserve their own country, would you?
  12. No. Real science is the mother of knowledge. Repeating is what politicians and propagandists do. They believe that if you repeat something often enough, no matter how untrue it is, people will eventually believe it.
  13. I think that Whale ish sound of T Rex adds some more weight to the Dinosaur / Thick atmosphere theory -- I don't think a land animal in our atmosphere would make that kind of sound - home page of thick atmosphere / dinosaur theory
  14. KiaOraRa Friend.. May I ask? Can you explain this to Me please.. I know All is Possible in the Realm of In Between.. If this is Your Experience, I am Fascinated.. Thankyou.. Peace to You...
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  16. One more note on "kàlta": A modern cognate is Swedish: kälta - to nag, whine.
  17. I've now had another listen through some decent headphones and I wasn't hearing it right when I made my other post about a woodpecker or sleepy lion NOW I've heard it better I'm going more for it sounding a bit like a whale.. that deep resonance that carries a long way through water -- which fits in nicely with what I said about the possible 'thick atmosphere' in times past and T Rex maybe being some kind of flightless bird that glided and had bouyancy rather than high flight - Nothing as big as the biggest dinosaurs could live on earth now because our atmosphere wouldn't allow it with gravity being different - did T Rex communicate with that whale ish sound because it works well in an atmosphere as thick as or nearly as thick as water ? link about Thick Atmosphere Theory
  18. Yes, and you seem to blindly trust in their models and predictions. In the same way politicians blindly trust in the models and predictions of economists. Except they don't really. They know economists's predictions are guesses disguised as science. It is interesting how politicians, economists, and climate change scientists all seem to work together to create an impression that they know what they are talking about. John Christy gave you an equation which you whole-heartedly believed in. Except now his "constant" is no longer a constant, and so his equation is reduced to a guess ...
  19. Totally agree Mauri, I admire your wisdom thank you for your insight its truly fasinating an inspiring..Awesome mindset Mauri..
  20. Frankly, any ****er whose response to something they don’t like happening is firebombing synagogues, riots in the steeets and throwing rocks at soldiers doesn’t deserve to have a capital city, let alone their own country.
  21. Yay! I must be smart as I can make one come and one go at the same time. Hope for me yet! ETA. Obviously not so smart, as I see I have responded to this a while ago, and forgot! Sigh....
  22. Emotions in Life Expression are the Best teachings for Life Experience... However, If You want to Reign in the Emotions and Control and Direct the Energy, You Must have Balance.. The "best" will now be the "Directive" and You the Master or Mistress of the Control.. This is how You can make The Emotional Energy's work with you and Not against.. Anger has its place, but if the Energy is a destructive force then this Can and Will Destroy... Tame the Beast within...xx.
  23. I know,any rational person would conclude that he was utterly mad.
  24. this extract illustrates how insane and dangerous the whole thing has become -- the bit about Russians being '''genetically driven''' etc
  25. Indeed. And Morgan Freeman has a pleasant voice, so it's good to use his voice for documentaries
  26. Oh yes, now had anyone, even those who were au fait with the American political industry, heard of him before he became the relentless crusader for Justice and Truth and Stuff? Now he's got (or he deludes himself into thinking) that he was the fate of Presidents in his hand! he could bring down entire Governments! And no doubt gets paid very generously for it. Of course he loves it.
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