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  2. Wow. It's not often that you hear about something that's literally overkill.
  3. It all depends upon one's perspective...but today we live in age where we are all learning about what has been going on behind the scenes for quite sometime. And it all begins with 'grooming' to accept certain attitudes as okay. While a Prince kissing a Sleeping girl under a witches spell was once a today's societal upheavals...drug/date rape, etc....I can see where her concerns are somewhat validated...although I think she is a bit paranoid. But then again...just because you are paranoid doesn't mean that they are not out to get your children.
  4. Trust me, ye dinnae want me tae start typin lik that tae. Al be gittin called a bawbag by aw the ither members. Good point about Disney.
  5. Disney didnae* invent it. I think it was the Brothers Grimm wasn't it. Surely we all know that all these fairy tales, traditional stories & suchlike often have very dark undertones. * see what I did there ** oh no, I find it's even older than that. It was originally a tale published by Charles Perrault in Histoires ou contes du temps passé in 1697.[1]
  6. Right for all to access the internet is ‘non-negotiable’, says Ravi Shankar Prasad at global cyberspace meet This coming just after Trudeau said this yesterday: Here is a good BBC article about the basics of net neutrality, but if anyone wants to know what the IT experts think of it, check out this thread on Sack Exchange and the associated links. Net neutrality is definitely not a good thing, for a multitude of reasons. This is how the internet looks, after Portugal and Spain got rid of net neutrality: Your access to the internet cut-up like bite-sized cable TV packages.
  7. Okay...question...silly as it might be. How can one expect to track such an object back to its origination? I mean, our Sun changed the trajectory of the many other Stars could have changed the trajectory of that object before it reached our solar system? ball.
  8. It is really hard to tell anything about a picture of virtually anything... On at least two occasions I have seen what looked exactly like a Missile being launched straight up! When in fact it was only the trajectory of a jet coming straight at me while increasing its elevation.
  9. Ever wonder if there are other worlds out there that are inhabited? I have. If so, would these worlds be like our world where man evolved, or would the beings that evolved there be different? Astronomers have discovered that there are many other planets out there. Most appear to be very different than ours while some are very similar in size and distance from their sun. If there are advanced inhabited worlds out there, why haven't they contacted us? They must know we're here right? For now let's say that they have contacted us, but just not how we would expect. If you were there then, would you have had any questions to ask them about the nature of these other inhabited worlds and the beings that have evovled there? Questions like: Does life evolve on habitable worlds in the same way? What qualifies a world for the existence of evolutionary life? Does life always result in evolving beings like us, similar in physical constitution, bipedal? Does life begin by accident or is it initiated by beings from other more advanced worlds? Does life exist only on worlds where an atmosphere and oceans exist or does life exist on worlds where an atmosphere would be toxic to us, or is absent altogether? I'm sure if we had enough time, this list of questions would be very long. I will submit to you that contact by beings from other worlds has already been made and these questions, and many more, were asked of them. The process of this communication was discreet and culminated in the answers being manifest in writing. This all occurred during the first half of the last century and one of the first things that we were told is that the name of our world, the name our world is known by in the universe, is Urantia. So I invite you to read what was written in circa 1934 by these visitors and published in 1955, and judge for youself the evidence of who wrote the 49th Paper out of 196, "The Inhabited Worlds" Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
  10. Mountain Lions will and have attacked unprovoked. Bears will and have attacked, and other animals also. Wolves, nope.( very rare times, with very un normal circumstances, including human interference) Human attacks by wild healthy wolves in Alaska from 1900 to 2011 is zero. Does it mean we go out and kill animals that attacked people that went into their turf? No. Do we kill things because we re-introduced them after killing them off once, because they are killing occasional livestock? No. Government pays for those, and what do people expect? Give carnivores easy food, they will eventually take some. Anyway, I could write a book on this....
  11. Yes, the childrens book version is not that version. There's a picture of the childrens book in question in the OP article.
  12. When I saw the "one minute charge", I envisioned a lightning rod attached to the back
  13. Maybe both and a few other emoji's.
  14. As opposed to what? This? There seems to be some disagreement about the King's behavior in the Basile version. The princess is later woken by some young children, unrelated to any action by the King. Did the translator clean it up? Is there another Italian version? I don't know, but something is strange here. Oh - and on the merits, Al Franken wasn't rescuing anybody from supernatural mischief when he groped the unconscious woman in the now notorious photograph. I think many people would see some difference between assisting somebody who is helpless with a minimally invasive intervention and sexual battery, played for laughs. The mother in the book case needs some perspective, IMO.
  15. Isn't that the case with almost everything now? I didn't know the term microaggression actually existed till a few months ago. Now it seems more and more where people are going over the top concerning rather mundane things. I had to read Treasure Island and I didn't become a pirate.
  16. There is a middle ground where common sense exist. It's that place were you look at both sides and .
  17. I guess Disney Snow White would have to be saved for older children too While I can understand parental concern over the topic of sexual consent, as in is it ok to kiss an unconscious person or not.... I think that mom is reading into the fairy tale a bit much and projecting the topic onto her child a bit too early.
  18. I just wish they could intercept it and land a probe on it.
  19. Nothing attacks people unless it was screwed with first. A mountain lion will stalk you for your dogs. Or stalk you if you stalk it. Coywolves will run right by you even at night. Maybe the alpha female will stop to growl or yelp at you. Bobcats will watch you (don't get close) then just meander in the other direction.
  20. I think we need a "slap an SJW" month...
  21. Thanks for merging my thread mods. I didn't see Pallidin's post. I hope our vets in here will go and get checked out. Especially if you can remember ever eating fish that wasn't fully cooked. The worms can be killed if you catch it early enough, before the damage starts.
  22. Actually let me correct my bias statement. Where is the middle (i.e. common sense) anymore? You either have these ultra-liberals or ultra-conservatives. There is no middle ground. It's idiotic!.......... actually it might be part of the process where we are Darwining ourselves out......
  23. Sleeping Beauty, the new Kama Sutra.....
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  25. Just like when the store is out of the product you want...they can't sell what they don't have... And you cannot photograph what isn't there!
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