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  2. Fur kid, Harley the Dal. Aww we have Harley the Dal and then Cooper and Keg the Mini Fox Terrors
  3. Then create order from chaos. Start small. Make your bed every morning till it's a habit.
  4. She's enrolled, it doesn't start until Jan 8th. Plus home training is happening. A friend of mine had her little one expelled from puppy school
  5. You had a kid? Talking about the dalmatian. I got Chi Chi's, a prince charles cavalier, and two mixed pups from one of the chi's and the cavalier. He looks like this, but he's dumb as dirt.
  6. I suppose it's an indication that I read biased rags that I never have seen any of those quotes. Plus just the sheer number of petty non-news stories about trump makes me reluctant to even want to delve there. Did you here he wore the wrong shoes to the flood? Oh my.
  7. Guilt brought on by doing nothing about 'Savile' (though it appears everyone knew what he was doing) caused the witch hunt, one of the sadist victims was Leon Brittan who was hounded to his death though he was completely innocent, i watched an interview on tv of a middle aged woman saying her life had been ruined because her breasts had been touched when she was 17, i thought to myself it's a good job i'm not rich or famous.
  8. I guess it's from years of a chaotic and random home structure growing up that makes routines of any kind difficult for me.
  9. Not really.. He isn't a racist or a sexist...and he has speaks fluent English do those of us who support him...
  10. We've so needed to bring ours to training school when they were little. Just didn't have the money.
  11. Habits, simple little things that can change everything. First things I do on waking is make my bed (up at 5 am), then I sweep, make breakfast, gather anything together to be washed. Go to work, work, get home at 4 pm, feed dogs, wash dishes. Make dinner, get fat, and then goof off. A daily routine will save you soo much time.
  12. Ok, that was funny ...
  13. My main one is cleaning up after the tiny Demon, shes still learning to leave things alone.
  14. I hope we're talking about the victoria secret kind....though I doubt it.
  15. Trump did nothing...oh..but he gave full support to the Kurds...and several months later..Raqqa fell. Hmmm...and you seem to forget that Russia fully backed the Syrian regime..and that ISIS was a thorn in the side of that regime.
  16. Lol, I'm kind of a messy person by nature. Only thing ever organized are my words, and that's only on occasion.
  17. The catastrophic flooding from the 3 largest glacier lakes probably wiped out most of the evidence of the early Clovis Culture. Clam boats along the New Jersey Shore dredge up the points once in a while along with mammoth bones. Tony Bonofiglio and I found a intact thermokarst basin that wasn't grown over by a cedar swamp but we only found a few chips and a flute.
  18. Not at all, you are not insignificant, I understand what you are saying. It is not up to Man to dictate/decide who and what God is. Of course it is up to you to debate, discuss, investigate etc., man has a need for discovery and learning - what is the harm in that , to understand not always question? Also, their is a reason for the existence of man, which is off topic. It is not up to you to decide the diameter or temperature of the sun - it is what it is. That's all. Looking at that picture, if only you knew the size of some Angels. God Bless!
  19. If you keep up with those little chores you won't have them. Takes me 20 minutes to take care of everything. Because I keep everything done. Because I am lazy.
  20. Ever have those days where you aren't doing anything major, but you're busy doing little pee-dad chores here and there off and on?
  21. The “Absolute Consciousness” . . . “behind” phenomena, which is only termed unconsciousness in the absence of any element of personality, transcends human conception. Man, unable to form one concept except in terms of empirical phenomena, is powerless from the very constitution of his being to raise the veil that shrouds the majesty of the Absolute. Only the liberated Spirit is able to faintly realise the nature of the source whence it sprung and whither it must eventually return. . . . The highest Dhyan Chohan, however, can but bow in ignorance before the awful mystery of Absolute Being; and . . . even in that culmination of conscious existence—“the merging of the individual in the universal consciousness”—to use a phrase of Fichte’s—the Finite cannot conceive the Infinite, nor can it apply to it its own standard of mental experiences.[2] -source-
  22. I'm going by gut. If it start hurting (I think it's both divers and gallbladder issues), I cut it out. Tonight I had a beef and bean burrito, with black beans and rice. If you hear a pop later it was me, I exploded. You're right though. It's a hell of a confusing to get straight facts on. I will say that for the first week to drink plenty of water, take a multi-vitamin, and have ramen (no flavor pack). Tuna and ramen worked for me my first month. From there it's really up to self experiment for the dietary masochist.
  23. It isn't hard to see the real face of the Republican Establisment. Bush senior voted for Hillary...W didn't vote at all..and..uh..John McCain...i.e. Benedict McCain..took great pleasure in killing the vote on overturning Obama are a funny guy...twisted..but funny.
  24. Okay so the "banshee" is most likely just some foxes since we seem to be getting them often around our area. The whistling sound i haven't heard in a few weeks but i will record it next time i hear it if i can in time. When i say it's synchronized i mean it's one whistle which lasts about 1 second and then a second whistle which lasts about a second a a half straight after the first one and it's always them exact same whistles. I'm not even sure exactly what the factory is but i think it makes chicken feed. I only seem to ever hear the noise when i'm around my house. It comes from the back of my house so i usually hear it when i'm out in the back garden or in any of the rooms in the back of my house, like my kitchen or my bedroom.
  25. Ooh, ooh I know. I know the answer to this. Pick me pick me!!!! Screw it I'll answer anyway. Just to add I do know my place in the universe. On a mud ball, near a nuclear ball of plasma, at the edge of a galaxy.
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