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  2. I don't have to Jesus already told him
  3. Neat, but, would you like to investigate USSR support to Germany in times when London was bombed? Hint: last cargo train with goods left USSR/Germany border on the night Germany invaded USSR.
  4. Any scientific hypothesis makes predictions It is through the veracity of such predictions that such a hypothesis becomes a theory. Invalidating those predcitions falsifies the hypothesis So it should be easy to predict the temperature of, say, 20 different stars based on mass and rotational velocity. And then compare with observations. So answer the question. What is the predicted temperature of a 0.7MSun star with 35 km/s rotational velocity? Or, to throw in another random example, a star with 8.5MSun with 85 km/s rotational velocity? Then we will see if a star matching that criteria matches your prediction Simples.
  5. I disagree.., and I refuse to participate personal attacking. Sorry. I just want to discuss UFOs on a UFO web forum. Thank you.
  6. ExpandMyMind

    Nicotine patches, anyone tried them? 

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      No, but why am I the only Conservative that follows you?  :huh:

      "Stay on topic!"

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  7. That is great! Now, what would you call a person who, after be shown that the link they have put forward to back up their claim is fraudulent, denies it is a fraud based solely and their innate skill at judging a person''s character...over the internet no less (no personal contact)?
  8. What I understand is that you strive to start flamewars with people here. If you want to remain skeptical, the hell if I care. I've been here long enough to see this pattern. I don't think you'll make it 12 months.
  9. i disagree. I will not retalliate with personal attacks.., but will rather point out that I simply asked you for something to back up your claim. You refuse to provide, so I must remain sceptical of what you tell me. I refuse to be gullible and just accept your word as gospel. The onus is on your to back up your claim.., not the other way around.
  10. Thats fair enough and I realise this isn't for everyone. But it doesn't have to be me by any means, I just wanted to put the idea out there. Faith, practice, experience and proof. An upward momentum that turns and feeds upon itself..
  11. It's clear that Russia will not tolerate European expansion into it's territory - like attempts in WW2 when they ended up loosing around 27 million citizens - Rather than provoking Russia and sabre rattling it would be safer for everyone if the West accepted that - or face the consequences - I sincerely hope '''we''' don't make a serious miscalculation - I believe that Putin and Russia wants Peace but won't allow invasion -
  12. Hi, We're from Barcelona (Spain) and my son is making his bachellor final work on Brexit. Could you please answer the following quetionaire? It will take you less than 2 minutes and we need arround 50 answers before Xmas Thanks in advance ... rm?c=0&w=1
  13. The ancient aliens myth has been debunked and discussed here countless times but if you are truly interested you can consult this rather lengthy documentary on the subject. Skip around to where they address your particular image or similar. To dismiss all of man's creations and myths as monkey see monkey do is not only a weak argument and a lazy one, it is an insult to our species. Same with the body modification were because we saw aliens with long heads question offered by Fila. If he cared enough about the subject he would research it yet he simply says "Prove it is not." Cranial deformation predates written history so we may never know but the least likely answer is ancient aliens with elongated skulls visited earth. Why? Because we have absolutely zero evidence of aliens ever visiting tis planet. The most likely answer, IMHO, is status based on children born with the deformation. Likely a child born with this deformation would have been seen as touched by the Gods which leads to a desire to emulate that deformation with future children. I have no proof this is the cause but what is more likely, my explanation or visiting, big headed aliens?
  14. I'd add that the OP needs to lay off the new age books as well.
  15. I keep telling him.......
  16. Don't worry scrub. If you last long enough on UM you'll see the pattern for yourself. I still say you are a rather pompous arrogant individual. Instead of actually doing the work yourself you want others to do it for you. A bit self entitled much?
  17. And how that worked for you? And no, there is no reason whatsoever in your words, nor for God . Anyway, since you are so close to the God, can you ask him: what are the conditions for the perfect GaBi crystal growth?
  18. Last time I ask for the source links, Ive been asking for half an hour now.... so we all have to accept that the link wont be posted because Area201 KNOWS they will be busted
  19. Get out and meet a real girl
  20. Mutually Assured Destruction means if one goes 'pop' everybody goes 'boom' Assuredly ... ~
  21. I concur! Years 'n' years ago, my brother had a thick book called 'Strange World, Amazing Facts'. It went into detail about SHC cases, and (apart from the occasional old person that fell into the fire) they were all intense localized burnings.
  22. Haha, love it! i am gonna attempt this for my next assignment. Instead of providing a list of reference to back up my claims.., I will just write at the bottom of the page Google it!. But seriously.., that's not how it works I'm afraid. Also. Hypocrisy bro. (and double standards)
  23. Yes I am looking for a New Golden Age, but it isnt going to come from a dark source. A Golden Age will be born from a Golden Source.
  24. times gone by nuclear weapons were a last result choice and threat, much like a goal keeper on the football pitch. as a result MAD lost its scary factor as no one could imagine anyone being nuts enough to use WMD to solve a problem. due to the rise of tough guy's Trump, Putin and crazy Kim who seem more intent on legitimising the use of nuclear weapons than showing moderation and diplomacy... resorting to threats, "surgical" and measured nuclear strikes to achieve foreign policy aims the world has entered a new era where the strong bully the weak and each other.
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