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  2. Not really but doesn't matter because I don't see an issue because nothing's going to change IMO. It's a benefit to both Europeans and US Govt's. The US provides the manpower and equipment and Europeans provide the Basis. The US benefits financially through Arms sales where they made $36 billion in 2014 (obviously not all to Europe but a large chunk) and Europe cuts down on their Defense costs. The win-win is they keep the Russians at bay. This isn't what the Lisbon Treaty says. The common security and defence policy shall include the progressive framing of a common Union defence policy. This will lead to a common defence, when the European Council, acting unanimously, so decides. It shall in that case recommend to the member States the adoption of such a decision in accordance with their respective constitutional requirements. The policy of the Union in accordance with this article shall not prejudice the specific character of the security and defence policy of certain member states, which see their common defence realised in the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, under the North Atlantic Treaty, and be compatible with the common security and defence policy established within that framework. Nor from the NATO Secretary General Strategic partnership between NATO and the EU has never been more important than it is today. The challenges of our times demand a comprehensive approach to security, in which military and civil means are employed together and in a coordinated way. There is no stronger civil player than the European Union. And there is no stronger military alliance than NATO. There is therefore in my view only one conclusion – we must finally get serious with the strategic partnership! I know that that is the aim of the German Presidency of the Council. And I shall do everything I can to support it in that aim. Thank you. link
  3. Well, FWIW, if I had to leave the U.S. Canada would be my choice.
  4. That's why 90% of us live within 100 miles of the border. I'm in the 10%.
  5. Well our immigration website crashed a few times because of inquiries, but yes. That's a small sample, of course.
  6. That'd be cool, I guess. From what little I know of Canada, there are parts of the great white north that would qualify for "exile"
  7. Yes that sounds plausable.. I have forgotten so can you please explain how we as human beings draw in universal energy? Wich organ in the body is the reciever of this energy and what is universal energy? Do animals use this universal energy too? Which god? seems like a mean one who just suddenly sets an old gentleman aflame.. Maybe he wasnt using the zebra crossing and the god got angry and smite him. Ah yes the philadelphia experiment that film was entertaining unfortunately it was just a film and not a documentary. You should watch this short film instead. Where were you in school when they taught about physics? Everything in that sentence is wrong, they are not the least same.
  8. That's an important distinction. I feel the same way about my own country.
  9. I don’t know man. Not in their world.
  10. Just a quick aside - are you aware of ANY immigrants that have used that reason for coming to Canada?
  11. So, does this count as Cannibalism?
  12. The irony of this is so delicious. I'm pretty sure that they so over-sold the idea of him being unelectable that it convinced the wrong group of voters to neglect to go to the polls. His margin of victory in those traditionally Blue states was relatively narrow. Hoist on their own petard I think this is at least a part of what is making the Progs so hysterical. Those in the know have realized that they just blew the election strategically. Of course, the dawning horror of the trail of criminal activity that she wouldn't be there to cover up is part of it also. A good offense is always the best defense. The shrieking from the Left won't stop even if we begin to see some of them being perp-walked. Hell, they might really come unglued and start something stupid.
  13. Yeah, rather than "death or exile", just move to Canada.
  14. There's always a first time for everything. You'd have to think that some number of humans have that detox gene that makes them immune to walker bites.
  15. I agree with almost all of that. The last sentence might be a bridge too far, though.
  16. That's true. They could be insulted or ostracized by family and friends. It indeed was a Hobson's Choice for many voters on both sides. It all probably comes down to the fact that the Democrats ran the one candidate that Trump could beat.
  17. The people should DEMAND that those intimately involved with the FISA warrants explain what role that dossier played. If it was used in ANY way to justify the investigation then those involved should be named, shamed and then prosecuted to the fullest measure the law allows. Mark Levin had it right way back in February... this is an attempt at a silent coup. Traitors should have the option of death or exile.
  18. I guess it would simply flush through, wouldn't it?
  19. ambiguous: open to more than one interpretation;
  20. I saw a show years ago where a man had his wife’s ashes put into pill capsules and he would take some every day.
  21. I feel bad for the mother! Ugh. Glad I'm not set on getting burnt up. I want to be buried.
  22. A synopsis before I click on any video, please. Especially from that fellow. Cheers, Badeskov
  23. I also think that a fair percentage of people that eventually voted for Trump were reticent (or ashamed) to admit it at poll time. "Hold your nose and vote" voters.
  24. I think (?) that the windows are a special, very expensive composite which includes microscopic lead and gold particles to help abate radiation entry.
  25. Yea. LIDAR travels at the speed of light (still very slow) but maybe we will find something better one day using quantum physics. Perhaps it wouldn't need to be a matter of performing manoeuvres quickly.., maybe one giant scan could produce a map.., and algorithms could then predicts paths of objects. Flight paths are set around the objects. An idea for a shield may be to create your own mini core/electromagnetic field similar to Earth's, which could deflect small asteroids. All speculation however fun to think about.
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