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  2. There's this aversion thing that happens.
  3. No thank you ... cocoa please ... ~ No thank you. I'm off duty now ... ~ Oh good heavens no ... heavens forbid I've just been around the block more times than many believes ... THe CHinese has that adage ... 'Old hand' ... yeah ... better ~
  4. They're just so leggy.
  5. Actually, I'm not as bad as I used to be about spiders. But just seeing one and all its spiderness does still give me shivers.
  6. I like spiders too.
  7. I like snakes.
  8. I've never been afraid of snakes. I don't really understand the freakout. Now spiders...I have to hold myself back from screaming kill it with fire.
  9. Oh Boy you should stop now and REALLY think about what you are saying....we had two infamous threads here years got be about 700 pages before the mods closed it.....I was a key player in that convo and debunked just about every post made.. And Darwins theory is sound...we can SEE evolutionary change TODAY......
  10. Don''t have to be that smart- look at Raelian religion. I've been tempted to sell chalk tablets at times when I need money. Supplemental, you know.
  11. There fixed that for you. jmccr8
  12. Serpent = Devil lol. Hey serpents are handy at keeping mice and rats in check
  13. your point?.......also....closed minded Is much easier than fair and neutral for our own bias influences our thought patterns
  14. If I may, I believe he's talking about the IRS targeting conservative groups, among others, during the Obama administration.
  15. If I were smarter and had no moral compass, I'd be the next L. Ron Hubbard, and my myth would be of mole people.
  16. I miss George Carlin.
  17. Like the people who say God has a plan for everyone, and yet we have free will at the same time. Uh... wat?...
  18. Clearly, conspiracy sites should be giving equal time to the mole people.
  19. I think Aztec is referring to the fact Donnie Turnip has been audited by the IRS every year for the past decade. Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence....
  21. I guess it's like how people can hold two opposing conspiracy beliefs. Somehow, that works itself out in their heads.
  22. I find it hilarious how reptilians in the sky are a serious thing, while mole people underground are somehow totally ridiculous.
  23. I disagree with you Fila. There is no clear evidence of an emotional response. You have to attack the evidence to prove the relevance of the evidence. Mis identification leads to many a discussion ufo or not ufo related and mis identification is problematic. Stereologist used an example to explain quite a common phenomenon. I think you might tired or being attacked from all sides and imo you might have.interpreted what was said incorrectly. It makes sense @Fila...
  24. No he just has a verryy different idea about things, it's not new age it's a tsunami. jmccr8
  25. Eh, my position is you don't have to. I spoke with a historian who specialized on conspiracy theories through time, and how they tend to be similar. Even when the powers that be of the time tried to push them down. It's just part of the human mentality.
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