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  2. why would it freak any one out? Would you prefer the wolf and the wild cat in your living room/on your bed, or the two little cuties pictured?
  3. ^ dat-all bee the extract of acorn in the brew. An aqquired taste so am told. ^ To keen locals from that new, horrid estate were game... But Gash and Skullcap are off the streets now, helping the coppers wee thee enquiries onnit.
  4. I think he is talking about the many examples of teachers shaming students who are conservative, or God forbid support Trump. Also how the left have militarily taken over college campuses. Yea it would be nice to do away with those things, but I'm not gonna hold my breath. These colleges are breeding communists, in spite of the fact that communism has killed more people then just about any other ideology. It is sickening to watch
  5. If god is conversing with you, then no other source is required. God will provide the individual mentoring and guidance, tailored for you, that you require. What makes you think that, if god spoke to all of us, he would say the same thing to us all? We all have different needs, strengths and weaknesses, and so all need different advice from god.
  6. The way that locals here talk/type with - thee & thah and onnit etc. It worries me that such accent and dialect is a bit of an hang-up for the UK Ministry of Tourism
  7. Since there is radiation (both emitting from the Sun and from rocks on Earth*) then obviously there are nuclear reactions taking place and therefore the premise, is, once again, falsified * ie
  8. Or it has nothing to do with chemicals, and all to do with humans abilty to intellectually construct and sense, a wide range of responses to stimuli and questions, in our environments Other animals create dopamine in similar situations to humans and yet, in no other species, does it translate to, or manifest as, a divine spark, or a religious experience. It just gives a warm fuzzy physical sensation.
  9. ExpandMyMind

    "You want stories?" Thom Merrilin declaimed. "I have stories and I will give them to you. I will make them come alive before your eyes."

  10. Dude, you want to force people to say certain things. If the PC culture was written in two lists, one representing the right, another representing the left, the right would have like 1, while the left would have pages and pages. The left believes there is something like 56 genders. smh
  11. The birth and death of planets, stars; death, decay, the natural cycle of life, etc is not violence, unless you decide to define it as such. Only humans have the sensibilities and sensitivities of a self aware consciousness, to get upset at "violence", for all other things it is just nature. Humans, however, introduce deliberately chosen violence, done even knowing the harm and pain it causes. In a belief based christian theology, god has the power to stop all death, decay, pain and suffering, and thus all forms of violence. This does, however, require magical thinking to accept as possible, as it requires altering the laws of physics. And yes there is no physical reason why humans must continue to choose violence We are quite capable of choosing to live non violent lives, by taking charge of our behavioural responses, and our emotions. We might even be able to use genetic manipulation to help in this,
  12. Dr. Pat McGovern has done some important work studying critical aspects of the Etruscan civilization.
  13. Don't hold your breath folks. Within 2 days no one will care.
  14. Hi, CloudS7 Welcome aboard. Just a few notes, briefly. Disclaimer: I don't interpret other people's dreams, but some dream motifs and characters are dreamt by many people, and I sometimes recognize those motifs and characters. I might be able to tell you what several people who have dreamt dreams like yours have thought about their dreams, but only you can decide whether that has anything to do with your personal dream. Personally, I wouldn't get too bogged down in the specific locations you visited. I also would distinguish between a dream of "leaving your body" and a dream of seeing the whole Earth from outer space (although I appreciate that the latter loosely implies the former). I mean really - doesn't "a mountain with a stairway" get your imagination going? And the French style of palatial architecture was probably consciously intended by its makers to energize the imagination (what God could do if he had money). The nub is here: That's an invitation. Meditation is a good thing, and you may wish to check out shadow work jung. Don't let the source (what you think about that dream character) put you off. My guess is that you'll be thinking about this dream for a long time. You'll be glad then if you write down as much detail about the dream (and the investigation you've done since, too) as you can, now, while the details are still fresh. If you do any creative or artistic things (write songs, draw pictures, etc.) you might use those media to express what you think and feel about the dream. Well dreamt.
  15. Hard to answer but let's just agree that whoever steals will have some justification for it and the owner as their right to either condem or forgive.
  16. LightAngel


    I guess my mood is a little crazy today :D

    Life is very short in this world, so we should all just dance and have fun ;)




  17. Astral travel is quite difficult to prove because it involves travelling on the astral plane, however projecting your consciousness is quite easy to prove/demonstrate, because it involves travelling out of your body in real time to real places You can either check your discoveries on the internet OR arrange a test observation of another person or people here is my most interesting example 30 years ago, as a teacher of senior students in a small school in southern Australia, there was a canadian exchange student in my class. She told me about her home which was on a small piece of land outside a town in rural canada. One night i projected my consciousness from Australia to canada Once in Canada I followed roads and railway lines i had previously checked on a map, to locate her home town. I flew out to her home and I then hovered over it, observing for about ten minutes just memorising everything i could see.. Then i flew down to an old wood barn about 20 metres from the house. it had no doors, just a big opening on one end There was a tarp covered object in the barn and i looked under the tarp to discover a beautiful 50s cadillac in quite good condition. It was red and white with lots of fins and chrome etc . Anyway, next day at school, i sat down with the student and began to describe her home. I had it exactly right from the surrounding farmland and crops to the roof line, the cladding, the small entry room at the front entrance, the shingle roof etc., and the old wooden barn, also with a wood shingle roof. She was both enthralled and a bit worried i think but then i described the car under the tarp, and she just fell apart As she told me, this was a graduation present from her father, and when she got back to canada they were going to fully restore it. I had all the details perfect even though i really didnt know what sort of car it was at the time until she told me the make and year. Eventually she whispered to me "That is impossible for you to have known. There is no one in australia who knows about tha t car's existence, let alone its location in the old barn under the tarp, waiting for me to get back home" This is pretty much exactly the car i saw and described, although it wasn't quite as pristine, and was a bit dusty and "worn".
  18. Stubbly Other wolves, at least at first. There's tremendous variation in the wolf gene pool, even the wild types can be very different from one another across the world, depending on what works best in one location compared with another. It is a peculairity of wolves that they make hunting alliances with other species. Our ancestors may have been the beneficiary of such an alliance (we offer better eyesight, they hear and smell better ... there's a deal to be made). Once we have captives, we can consciously selectively breed them, and because of the underlying variation in the wolf gene pool, we can get lap dogs, if that's what we want. If so, then at that point, we're breeding dogs with dogs to get other dogs. Our domestic cats and their actual wild near cousins aren't as different as the pix may suggest. We seem to have made a much simpler deal with those cats than with wolves. A small amount of food keeps them around; their being around deters vermin who'd eat much more than the cats do. And then there's that purr mind control device they have...
  19. Today
  20. Ah well it was worth a shot. I don't meditate and never have, but i do use a few techniques to try and extract information from my subconscious One includes letting your mind free associate ie naturally jump from one thought to another without conscious direction. This can sometimes bring results. I also look for symbolic links between real life events and dreams because often what we encounter in a dream is a symbolic not realistic representation of something we encountered while awake Thus a castle might not actually represent a castle but a place of refuge or safety or a response to a threat Stairs might not represent real stairs but a difficult/challenging progress upwards or downwards in your life
  21. But books tell you to watch out for all these things. They tell you to tuck the butt firmly into your shoulder to minimise recoil. They tell you that a hand gun will tend to recoil upwards unless gripped firmly They tell you about the noise weight smoke etc to expect. If you had read enough,then there should have been nothing unexpected Books give you the weight and likely kinetic recoil of difernt firearms I knew very well that firing a 45 pistol was going to be very different from a 22, or even a 32 or 38, because i had read detailed descriptions of each. There certainly wasn't anything unexpected when i first fired a hand gun on a range and tried out 3 calibres in one afternoon. I was in my late 20s before i tried pistol shooting Rifles and shot guns were a bit different as we used these from childhood (10 -12 years of age,when we began hunting for food Still i had been reading about how to shoot a gun and what to expect for about five years before i actually used one i was never given any practical training. It all came from either reading or oral instructions from my father. I even learned how to lead a moving target with bows cross bows and rifles, from reading how to do it.
  22. Manfred von Dreidecker

    helo everybody. Today's inspirational quote.

    "“Congress consists of one-third, more or less, scoundrels; two-thirds, more or less, idiots; and three-thirds, more or less, poltroons.”


    ~ H. L. Mencken. 

    1. Orphalesion


      Today I learned what Poltroon means :D

  23. It's just motivational neurochemistry with a splash of the imagination that happens to be related to addiction (both thought & drug). People just confuse this natural process as paranormal guidance.
  24. Sorry but the question isn't relevant. People have stolen from me and been forgiven it, or not, once I understood the circumstances. If a desperate women steals food from an evil despot to save her starving child will you condemn her also? What if I stole my friends gun to stop him committing suicide/murder? What if I needed to get my pregnant and bleeding wife to a hospital and the only way was to steal a car? All I'm saying is you shouldn't condemn people until you fully understand their situation and reasoning. After all, aren't the biggest crooks those that hold their material wealth at the expense of others?
  25. Mew! It's more like what we picked out of the litter of found Wolf pups.
  26. acute

    Happy Hagfish Day everyone!

    1. Ruby04


      I guess even fish that look a little like a body part need love to.

      I've heard their smile is useful

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