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  2. In this particular case, the correction made it's own headlines, across the media. But sure -- some people may still believe the original is true. Like the people who read the misleading Fox news headline about the Moore yearbook signature being forged, which they subsequently changed. The 24-hour news cycle and the rush to break an exclusive is probably causing more media mistakes than anything else, IMO. Not sure there's an easy answer to that, other than the media learning from their own embarrassing mistakes and slowing down before publishing, until they're absolutely sure.
  3. linky thing above
  4. I'm on cable TV at the moment, I gave up on the NYT link. It's now 58,000 for Moore
  5. Birmingham, Montgomery and tuscaloose are the keys to this.
  6. Is there a linky thing?
  7. What if.... The Doors played reggae instead??... ...or Queen??..
  8. I do feel sorry for "Sassy".
  9. Moore is up 50,000 votes and change now
  10. Not yet. But his horse is probably chomping at the bit.
  11. acute

    I totally love Peter Straker's singing, and you've never heard of him!  :lol:


  12. What, did Moore lose and he's claiming "rigged system" already?
  13. I like the original German version better though.. Maybe because I heard that version first, before they bastardized it in the English version. Falco - Der Kommissar
  14. It's interesting to see Catholic symbolism all over the occult.
  15. Fake news.
  16. Well, isn't it to late and when will know the results?
  17. They don't...until they get caught...but when they many people heard or read the original report but didn't hear or read the corrected one? I'd say...a hell of a lot.
  18. I just saw that, their "dials" are jumping up and down. I just saw where Jones has a 90% chance! WTH is going on here?
  19. Rural votes (Moore's strength) will come in quicker.
  20. The thing is broke - now has jones 86% chance although he is making no headway in actual count - still 51 - 47.5
  21. It's all over the place, I don't know what to think.
  22. Urban votes will take longer to be counted and come in>
  23. Who knows..they probably go by what precincts reported and what was expected out of them.
  24. When I was 16 I went on camping with a few friends to Roca Lake in El Calafate (south-west of Argentina). Since we couldn't afford the fee for the entrance to the actual campsite we decided to go into the wild without permission (you can't do that here) and camp near to the lake. So for a couple of days we had fun, drank lots of beers and fish a bit. We gathered a decent amount of trash that we put in two big black bags and we put it like 50 meters from our tent. One night we were trying to sleep and we heard the sound of a bottle falling to the floor. Quickly we look at each other and without saying a word we understood that there was either a wild animal or a person too near our tent. The noises kept coming and also we heard a few growls and we feared the worst. Calafate among other cities in the west is where pumas (cougars) live in the wild and that's why you shouldn't enter to the woods without permission. The thing is that one of us opened the tent a bit to have a look and there was quite clear due to the full moon and he saw it, a big cat with 2 little cats around our garbage. We took turns to watch but suddenly we realised that pumas attack people if they feel threatened so we gathered a few weapons: 1 knife, una beer-can opener and one piece of wood and we waited. The puma sniffed around and soon they left. We took turns that night in case the animal would come back but he never did. We came home back the morning after.
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