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  2. I hope you get the puppy something fun. Maybe a little stuffed dog or cat. And then take photos for us of her munching on it.
  3. So, if it does harm--it's the bullet's fault--you just pulled the trigger. So, this is your excuse running off at the mouth without considering the impact and consequences of your words. Unacceptable. Whatever lessons you learned in life, conversational etiquette wasn't high on the list if on it at all. You feel you have the right to judge and comment on people's lives? Fine. They have an equal right to do the same regarding you.
  4. I'm the same way. But the majority of my friends are smart and educated people, so I consider myself luckily in good company. Of course my close friends at the museum have many of the same history interests as I do. I'm always a little hesitant to admit it but I will anyway. I hate sports. Almost all sports, I should say. And I'm a guy. So I guess I must be gay, right? No, I just don't like sports. I don't get the guy who will spend all day on his sofa, guzzling beer and chomping chips while he watches game after game after game on the TV. To me that is a waste of time.
  5. Google helps when you cannot understand a word or want to know how to pronounce it
  6. meet the real you solve the complete mystery fear of the unknown
  7. to ryu and ghast grim im sorry about the caps to rashore what is la llardna
  8. maybe they're using the cinemas for profiling purposes... play a Tom Cruise movie and whoever enjoy's it, is an enemy of the state.
  9. Will miscalculation be the end of us? Probably. Eat dessert first.
  10. What about the times you had it out with students was that you being a loving and controlled disciplinairian? jmccr8
  11. MW, you are off topic, inappropriate and trolling. PM is for personal beefs and vendettas you have.
  12. I never understood how some people can go through life not giving a single care in the world about knowing mankind's history, or the science of how things around them work, things like that. Stuff like that just fascinates me, even if most of it goes over my head.
  13. Do not pretend that you do not speak with malice we have spoken to you many times about your veiled slurs. You feign innocence and make much ado about you and how others are your inferiors and speak out only to discredit you. jmccr9
  14. Maybe you're the Reptilian because you're saying ChaosRose is a Reptilian. Does this sound reasonable? No, it doesn't. Let's stop calling people names. On a side note, there is no such thing as the Illuminati. It's a deliberate literary fabrication, and the stuff of Dan Brown novels.
  15. Not yet, about to go to a pet supply place that allows dogs, she needs weighing for preventative worm treatment. I'll get her something there. She got hangry and was howling for more food lol
  16. First if all quote the post of mine that supports your accusations. Secondly, maybe I did I call your parents abusers, but you need to show me the proof and context. Unless you can provide evidence that I said your childhood was abusive based on my childhood values and morals you are creating melodrama unfairly and it is off topic, and I will report you for it.
  17. Did you remember to get something fun for small demon?
  18. I tell you, it's the diaper. Extra-absorbant. I mean, if anyone wears a diaper, it'd be Ralph. You're my kind of person. But as a fellow nerd you know it's dangerous to ask a nerd to teach, because we might not shut up. Over in the Ancient History forum I'm already known as a windbag.
  19. Better question is how it doesn't run down his pants leg in a straight stream rather than puddle around his groin in a circle. You're talking to an everything nerd who loves to learn, so let loose buddy. Teach away!
  20. You did more than that. You specifically called my parents abusers. based on your own values and beliefs, and a total lack of understanding of my own relationship with my parents I don't mind too much what you call me but publicly naming two of the most loving and compassionate parents, who NEVER lost control of their tempers or language, was very hurtful . It took me a long while to get over it, especially since my father had just died and my mother was suffering from breast cancer The problem arose from your lack of experience with a calm, rational, loving and compassionate parent, who used discipline to teach, enforce, and to punish bad behaviours . It is the classic example of how your own life prevents you from seeing that other people have difernt values based on different experiences And to be honest it is something i remember because, in the last 40 years or so it is the only thing ever to have raised a feeling of anger in me, which i had to work hard to eliminate. I don't really care what you think of me, but as it happens i have never struck a child, or indeed anyone ,in anger in my life, and only a handful of times needed to use physical means to ensure the safety of a child. I've never used physical punishment to discipline a child but i know loving physical punishment does not necessarily do harm and is much better than no punishment for bad behaviour at all.
  21. What's my favorite dish at Thanksgiving? Dressing, of course.
  22. It's pretty cool how Ralph wets himself and it's immediately absorbed. Diapers, perhaps? Editing to add: You asked a history nerd a history question. You know I can't control myself.
  23. Was not prepared for that...
  24. Wow, that's twice the US dollars. So best use US dollars. Are you going to ship it or deliver it to my door? Are you wearing out the internet tonight? I'll bet you've cleaned Amazon out of its inventory.
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