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  3. The problem with your rationale is that an occupying force is enforcing who the land should be assigned to.
  4. A question best left for the doc or maybe the owner of a suspicious drinking hole?.
  5. I get it. It's all good if they apologize for their "mistakes" after they repeatedly make the same kinds of "mistakes". Who are we to question their journalistic integrity and motivations? It's not like there's a recent pattern of such "mistakes".
  6. Have you not heard about that drug which can fool doctors into thinking you are dead?
  7. My apologies. I received a notification at the bottom of my screen and clicked on it and it brought me to another/this thread.
  8. Noo... there will be nothing left. The original topic was asking for a shift...towards sanity.
  9. was done on page one! Do you want me to come round and read it to you or shall a make a youtube video for you to watch? Please read the OP again and the comments after.
  10. First Donald Duck and now Elmo has been ruined thanks guys
  11. Woah.., okay thank you for being so honest about intentionally derailing threads. I would like to request a thread clean-up of off topic posts. After reading this: I'm starting to see that some people are not here to find the truth.., but to cause trouble or ridicule.
  12. yes 40 years history of eroding the sovereignty of British Parliament - hence the irony - I expect you yourself would try and sabotage the referendum result and Brexit if you could - The sovereignty of Setton .....?
  13. My dog barks at my robotic R2-D2 but only if it's on. When it's off, she couldn't be bothered with it. lol
  14. “Assigned to” is a lot different than “own”. The British tried for some 25 years to confirm land ownership and miserably failed. “Assigned” is an artificial construct created by some external organization.
  15. During my last abduction, after the probing, I was told aliens didn't exist. So......
  16. This witch hunt is reaping what it's sowing. More "impartial and objective" investigators are departing the obvious scam. This particular circle will never come to an end because they won't stop the undermining of the presidency in their attempt at a soft coup. In the case of Mueller's team, where's there's stench, there's manure.
  17. You seem to have failed in debunking convincingly the claims as thread keep popping up.
  18. No surprise there at all actually as it is common knowledge that swedes has the best interpretation of the bible in christianity,, And its allowed to bring fika to church on sundays Too bad because you might have been the most popular guy in denmark if you had.. Everyone would have liked to be seen with you be with you and talk like you.. Wouldnt it just be fantastic to actually have a language were you could speak with people and be sure that they understood what you said. Naah no more teasing of my danish neighbor time to go to bed..
  19. I leaving this one now.....its reached page 3 and they are still not gettting it.
  20. Oklahoma City native Gayla Peevey has welcomed another hippopotamus to the city’s zoo, more than 60 years after her song about wanting one for Christmas helped the facility purchase its first. that is cute
  21. If I'm posting in this thread. You can kinda figure it's going nowhere to begin with.
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