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  2. Ok done. I feel like I'm missing the point. you're gonna have to be very blunt with me.., I do not take hints.
  3. So extraterrestrial crafts use plume emitting chemical propellants for teleportation manoeuvres? I wasnt aware of.
  4. Now nothing. You have done it!
  5. Dove, trust me I have to get pine sap out every night.
  6. It speaks volumes that you won't answer my question because you have an innate need to support your team with innuendo. Was CNN wrong?
  7. From all my reports read.., you were the only person who said they were extraterrestrial. Remember, UFO dun not mean alienz - Seeder No.., "their" professional observation is based on training and knowledge. I'm not sure who "they" are.., but I am referring to credible trained observers. Which reports are you referring to? Is it the obviously debunkable one's? If so, that is a biased approach.., and an assumption I must ignore. Why? I don't know if anyone could answer that definitely.., we could have a go at guessing what an alleged advanced ET race would/wouldn't do and why. If it could be proven authentic.., the picture (at best) would show an image of an unknown object. You just said yourself.., how can these people make such a jump to assuming the object was extraterrestrial. The same logic applies both ways.
  8. Cheaper than a Colt SAA. When they started building the Indian casinos, they were burning out briar patches and setting up meth labs in the holes. My 17 Enfield no longer cut the mustard as a saddle gun. My stepmother gave me her Ruger mini 30. and she bought a AR15. A Bushmaster because it was better and cheaper than the damn Colt.
  9. In other words, move along folks, there's nothing to see here. Nah, the media is blatantly dishonest.
  10. There are multiple messages between the two that were released long before last week's CNN article. That you don't know this speaks volumes. This isn't even in question. They were in regular contact and I posted the exchanges between them a couple of pages ago.
  11. Happy that you do and most welcome .... ~
  12. Yeah, Pumper is going to be tough alright. Bama's ghost team beat me, so I won't say anything other than "Seeding has it's privileges" Oh...and that you were man enough to honor our little side bet this week.< That will be the last kind word out of my pie hole until Rocky know the word by now/////////////// again.
  13. I rode a good 40 acres of fence myself. Spent plenty of time trying to get creosote out of my hair too. Now that's ranching baby
  14. I Like This!! Thankyou for this Mr 3E... So True and very very Informative.... Peace to you friend xx...
  15. Okay, now go to 00:26: "We also received a report from the son of a truck driver who supposedly delivers to Area 51" (An additional one like that one and I have to pee my pants)
  16. tcgram

    Watching a friend of mine's personal life implode and I don't know how to help her.....:(

  17. I'm referring to communication. I know Assange can't meet him in person. Anyway, what is clear is that CNN's coverage and reporting was false and misleading. Was it not wrong?
  18. Well I have heard Berretta makes a fine weapon, just pricier than I was willing to spend at the time. I just let my boys buy them now and I borrow them.
  19. Yes you are So Right.. I've had my disputes with Our Learned Friend, However, I Respect him, for his Perseverance on Being who He is.. He is Fierce and I Like That!! I Admire Courage and Mr Xeno has that and More.... You are a Beautiful Friend to have at Your Side... I Respect that also... Blessings to You and Our friend Xeno...xx
  20. Never forget and always bear in mind .... Title: Uncle Abner, Master of Mysteries Author: Melville Davisson Post * A Project Gutenberg of Australia eBook * eBook No.: 0200911.txt Language: English Date first posted: November 2002 Date most recently updated: November 2002 ~ gutenberg net AU link ~
  21. Sweetpumper will halve you mate, then I'll have a chance to get my revenge on him in the final. Assuming I beat Bama, that is.
  22. Assange has been trapped in a foreign embassy since 2012, so I highly doubt that anyone has claimed they met. What is clear is that Jr was in contact with Wikileaks and on numerous occasions followed their suggestions during the campaign.
  23. Yesterday
  24. Ok done. Now what? Even with this professional film camera with a large telephoto lens on a tripod still cannot pick up details from a distance. Skip to 3:46 and notice the zoom come back to Zero. Even with a huge lens this professional camera still cannot see anything. Mobile phones and webcams have no telephoto lenses, smaller IRIS, lens, maybe1 CCD, bad compression ratios and file types. This is why UFO videos are always dots or blurry.
  25. A main requirement is a clear and sharp image that would show something in this fashion (sorry for the big image size): Thats a very lame argument. How can these people judge, and claim, that an object in the sky at a distance of 10km to be of extraterrestrial origin? Their claims are based on opinions only and not on visual identification. And, judged by the number of claims, why has there never been such an object of a supposed extraterrestrial origin been such near to the videographer to get a clear and sharp vid that would allow to think about a craft of extraterrestrial origin? An authentic vid of extraterrestrial technology is a valid proof for extraterrestrial technology in the same way as an authentic vid of a dog is a valid proof for the existence of a dog.
  26. Even though I am a Christian, I can see how this video could ring some comfort to people who think along those lines.
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