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  2. It's the dichotomy of spirit and flesh. The soul knows what's best, but flesh knows only what it wants or thinks it needs. Thus, there is a tension between two natures inside each of us, sometimes pulling in opposite directions. The intellect, the gestalt of both, must pick and choose to which to yield to.
  3. Maybe some of you remember...but there was a plane crash in some snowy mountains....the few survivors ending up eating some of the dead people from the crash.... now THAT I can understand....based on survival only... it'd still be hard to experience....but when youre starving hungry you lose all sense.... It always breaks my heart to see homeless people in UK look in bins for any food thats been thrown away
  4. Or maybe a tasty burger
  5. It's not only weird it's unhealthy as all hell.
  6. I also find the issue of women who eat the placenta after the birth of the baby quite weird too.... But at least thats NOT a person
  7. And this is a great thing to invest in Rose. The greatest gift I gave myself was trust in myself if I messed up I would own it, funny thing happened when I did that my choices became damn good and where I f'ed up I used this insight to be better the next time. A woman has an intuition that she must hear and honor. I believe it is our legacy, our greatest gift, and it will not fail us, we can trust in it. My regret is not trusting in myself sooner, had I have I would have saved myself a lot of bs and drama.
  8. lol, I fell asleep to it last night. What do you think about some of the cases though? Are they all lies, hallucinations and mis-IDs? Phoenix Lights (1997) Rendlesham Forest Incident (1980) Japan Air 1620 (1987) Tehran UFO (1976) Belgian UFO wave (1989) Maybe we could start making a list of what we thinks the best.., and slowly cross them off the list. if you do not want to.., that's fine. I understand how annoying it can be having to read the same information over again. I'm just kinda keen to get back into it all. Kirtland AFB (1957) Michigan UFO (1966) Westwall (1966) Hessdalen UFO wave (1981) . . .
  9. Years ago a local guy died and he wanted his ashes sprinkled in front of the town pub in the winter so people wouldn't slip on the ice. It was fine until there were all these greasy black marks on the inside floor. But hey, at least it was practical!
  10. Indeed. Given that the situation has assumed its speculated downward spiral, will reserve further comment! .
  11. The Iroquoians ate the dead. Family and enemies. The people on their cooking pots meant for eating flesh represented a dead body.
  12. I thought so lol
  13. theres a wiki on the subject
  14. And I would add, I think it is okay to feel like shyt and be mad as hell about some life experiences, the spill over where he may have did unintentional harm has been rectified and accounted for, he has bettered himself and grown and that is what I see.
  15. That's mighty nice of you! I would say people voted for him because Hills was a squeaky, shrill, irritating candidate with more baggage than American Airlines. ...and following your lead, I will show restraint too, and won't say anything harsh about the members here who vowed to "Leave the country if Trump wins"
  16. Usually I have something greasy to say but.......I have nothing....I'm too skeeved...
  17. Honestly, what you have had to come to terms with the past year would be horrible for anyone, if they tell the truth, and your friends are your friends in your dark hour too, I am one of them. Hell yeah, you had a dark night of the soul, but so did Jesus in the Garden of Gethesmane? (sp.). Truly, those who said that said so out of ignorance, they just didn't know better. I say look at the intent, it is not always in malice. Hugs
  18. well she is not the first to do this, heres one from years ago
  19. From article Debra's fiancé, who wants to remain anonymous, has supported her through her grief and they plan to marry next year. 'I am lucky that my loved ones understand what I am doing,' said Debra Yeah right... lucky as hell.. I dont think he understands at all because he will probably be next.. She looks hungry
  20. as per the OP....its not just xmas dinner....
  21. She actually looks like my last caregiver.......who I had locked up.
  22. This video is wonderful for sleep, if you're not sleeping well. Complete rubbish, wonderful sweet rubbish.
  23. You've got learn to add a comic twist to your pessimism--that's all.
  24. No it's not you...
  25. Greetings Hammerclaw, You and Harte may enjoy the following recent research: Short version: Additional: Also, further studies indicate that the vitrification practices were not limited to Scotland: Enjoy, and the best of Holiday Seasons to both of you. .
  26. Maybe not so normal I think to eat your mums remains From article It won't just be the turkey seasoned with the ashes, Debra plans on dusting her traditional Christmas pudding with the remains And regarding that pudding, from the look of her on the pictures in the link it looks like she have allready eaten to much pudding in her life..
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