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  2. Yep...THAT...was a TOUCHDOWN!
  3. I'm STILL upset about that call....
  4. I am an unabashed believer in spiritualism. Know many times over enough stuff. I have to comment that progress in this area that could help so many intellectually and spiritually is held back and restricted to the fringe by this materialist/physicalist bias among our so-called leaders of our academic institutions who the mainstream considers the cognoscenti. I am starting to feel some progress in recent decades, but this stuff is still poorly respected fringe stuff.
  5. Don't even joke about s*** like that
  6. i have a feeling it is not aliens we'll find here, but a corruption, and funds mismanagement.
  7. Enlarge the image. The stone isnt detached from the head, its a part of it.
  8. Comcast's been caught injecting pop up ads selling modems into their users web pages already. Repealing Net Neutrality will allow them (and other ISP's) to do much more targeted ad injection -- whether you use Google, or not.
  9. When people ask you too many questionss
  10. I'm waiting for P Diddy to buy your Panthers and sign Kap.
  11. So apparently the leak about Mueller having thousands of emails from the transition was a form of insurance policy directed toward Trump's team. Mueller interviewed all of them when he already had all of the emails in his possession, but they only thought he had the ones they had disclosed (they held back the vast majority of emails. Read into that what you will). So he has multiple people dead-to-rights for at least lying to the investigation along with any other crimes that may have been revealed from the undisclosed messages. Before that, the threat of Trump firing Mueller was increasing almost exponentially in the media. Almost immediately after it became known that Mueller had all of the emails when he interviewed everyone, Trump went on the record saying that he had no plans to fire Mueller. That's a mighty-fine insurance policy. It seems the Trump team are playing checkers while Mueller is playing 19x19 Go, on multiple tables simultaneously.
  12. That last play was a TOUCHDOWN by any and every damn definition of the word!!!...That was BS!!! Anyone see the video going around of the smack talk between Cam and Clay Matthews yesterday?...that s*** was awesome Clay: It's that wheel route,it's that wheel route Cam:You been studying tape huh Clay: yeah Cam: That's cool,watch this TOUCHDOWN Carolina on an inside slant to McCaffrey
  13. I think this as less to do with ufo and more to do with someone pocketing the money in the name of research.
  14. Manfred von Dreidecker

    This is quite a challenge: 10 Conservative Achievements

    Name two!

  15. the way it's been cut, it may suggest that there is something there. The blocking stone is placed inside the hole, hiding something.
  17. Not sure it's a closed session, tbh. If it is -- I expect some stuff will still leak out.
  18. Attachment point, I thought the same. I looked for images of the other side of the Sphinx's head and there is a (not that big) hole below the other ear as well.
  19. I am so sorry you had to go through something like that.
  20. " due to the fact it's been baked by energetic radiation between the stars for hundreds of millions of years, or even billions of years " Its just mind blowing the time spans involved when talking of the cosmos!...and welcome traveller to our solar system....enjoy your brief visit
  21. Columbos knack of always knowing from the kick-off, who the murderer is. Did that forehead rubbing policeman ever get it wrong?
  22. what you might like to look up, is the size of the sphinx ears.... then you can estimate the size of the hole.... personally....I dont believe its an entrance to anything.... who the heck would be able to keep it a secret if they were SEEN climbing up there to get in it? Common sense kind of dictates its the worst possible place for a secret entrance... but hey its your thread and I wont rain on your parade
  23. What evidence is there that that is a chamber and not an attachment point for some now missing portion of the head/headdress? cormac
  24. Dunt nock it until yee tried it
  25. Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side of course!
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