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  2. Life certainly comes with its pressures for the younger generation. As someone earlier pointed out, we are living in a time when we don't have the tools to deal with the social changes that have happened. That includes the youth growing up and thier roll models. I would never dismiss mental illness. It is real and awful, however there is atleast anecdotal evidence that suggests exercise and nutrition can impact positively on the more common stress disorders like anxiety and depression. It is not all about play. It is about activity and social involvement. Our youth get validation through social media, an inert enterprise, they leave the house less often, they become soft and lazy, (actually I could include myself in this if I am really honest), you begin to feel bad about your elf. Add in fast food that lack important nutrients like magnesium or iron (natural mood regulators) and energy drinks for that instant feel good. It is no wonder our youth struggle so much. As a parent and a role model I do what I can to give my kids mental strength and resilience but we have been lucky, and not all families have these same tools or resources. It's the reason my ideal job would be working with children in primary schools doing mental health and nutrition. If a family can not provide then maybe I can.
  3. Don’t forget that they also repeated things that we had gotten wrong at the time, rather than correcting our mistakes. Strange ET’s indeed...
  4. By all means of respect, but you haven't addressed a single comment or question. So just two questions reiterated, to enlighten my ignoramus self: 1. Can you or can you not point me to a three sentence paragraph in the UB that objectively and unquestionably demonstrate the outer-worldly origin of these texts? 2. Please point to any post where I was dishonest. Answer the questions. But I know you cannot. It is a fairy tale. Absolutely not. It is actually pretty obvious it is not. In other words, one needs to believe. Well, that is not gonna happen. Indeed. And I want to know, not believe in nonsense. Only in the mind of the gullible. Sure it exists. But written/channeled by outer worldly beings? No. You really have to do much better than that if you want to peddle crap like this. Cheers, Badeskov
  5. Watched that one last night. It's a good one. Your earlier museum-prank videos sent me on a hunt for more.
  6. How is that you can demonstrate reasonably proficient critical reading skills when reading other people's posts here, but demonstrate none at all when reading any website that uses "mindblowing new rewriting of history"? --Jaylemurph
  7. I love this chair prank. The kid at the end cracks me up.
  8. Will he usher in a new age of understanding? If you could tell the messiah what you want him to do, what would you say?
  9. hey that was so awesome you are so cool forever thank you
  10. god is on the side of the nation with the most artelliery
  11. Relax in a spar chair that vibrates and soothes those aching muscles
  12. I'm pretty sure was from an old thread with Scott right here. I kinda-sorta remember it. I don't recall the details but seem to remember that some good information was presented that, yes, the ancient Egyptians viewed things south to north. But like Kenemet said, take it with a grain of salt. Personally I don't think I've come across this argument in the professional literature.
  13. Woo, I smell woo. I didn't say that. I was never here.
  14. Standards Additionally Egyptologist have the standard of having their material published within the peer review system while SC is not. That is far far harder standard. They are unable to use his slipshot methods and poor technique - This idea of his wouldn't make it though even the weakness of PR. Additionally could we see other examples of this making stuff to make pictures of maps? Was it only a one time effort? What magical value was gained or merit obtained from making dots on a 'map' I wonder?
  15. Again, that means they had a map somewhere. You can't simply put up random points and say "Oh look! Osiris." And furthermore, your unfinished pyramids seem quite problematical. It took trained archaeologists to find them because they were buried under the sands. By the 19th Dynasty, even the Sphinx had been mostly buried by desert sands. What evidence do you have that they even knew where these unfinished pyramids were located? You will have to raise some sort of textual evidence. Otherwise, it's just coincidence and pareidolia. In that case, you will need to have a better grasp of the language and come up with some textual and inscriptional evidence for each site to support your idea if you want to hold to the same standards as the Egyptologists.
  16. I saw it once too long ago something to do perhaps with the argument over the Orion orientation of Giza or something. Anyway if we could trace down if that is correct that would call in question a G-normous picture which from the AE perspective was up side down.
  17. People that don’t know how to clean up after themselves make me grrrr.
  18. ever seen the spoon prank?
  19. You don't shoot at what you can't see.
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  21. Banned! Because I weald that kinda power around here.
  22. Very well. I'll post you the link to the 73rd paper, "The Garden of Eden." As I've already told you, it's a long story that extends beyond the 73rd to the 78th paper and beyond. At the bottom of each paper you can go forward to the next paper. There is a lot to the story that precedes the 73rd but you should be able to get through it. At a certain point, you'll get a feel for the terminology. One other thing about the flow of the way the UB is written. At very many junctions, you end up saying to yourself "what the hell does that mean" (what was just read) and then in the next sentence or paragraph it's explained. If I can be of any help, don't hesitate to PM me, otherwise, I'll be looking forward to your conclusions.
  23. anyone want to know the real story of the white lady of belle isle
  24. That's like something right out of a sitcom. I think many of us can relate. Still and all, I'll bet you felt a lot better after your visit to the toilet. The story gave me quite a luagh, by the way.
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