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  2. It means unidentified by the observer. Sceptics will try to find a logical answer to explain the phenomena. I think UFO is a term that only is used at first, once the object is explained it no longer is an ufo. So I don't see why is ambiguous.
  3. (1) When I was young.., my brother was into UFOs, X-files and all that. To my brother.., UFO meant ET craft. (2) I assumed they were all BS stories, druggo's or mis-ID's. So for a "sceptic" (scoffer) UFO meant exactly that. Something someone has confused for something else.., and it can easily be explained one day by someone smart.., mis-IDs, hoaxes (but not ET because of false logic such as.., ETs do not exist.., or could not traverse the distance, or NASA would know, or others would be filming it etc etc) (3) Now that I am more rational, and not so up myself.., I will attempt to listen to anyone's claim, and check it myself without being swayed. So now for me.., UFO still means "something someone has confused for something else.., and it can easily be explained one day by someone smart, mis-IDs, hoaxes ( and potentially an option of ETs also included). I'm starting to think these 3 loose definitions can probably be categorised into; 1) BIASED BELIEVER - Gullible (my brother younger) 2) BIASED SCEPTIC - Dismissive (scoffer, me younger) 3) TRUE SCEPTIC - Not gullible, but not dismissive (me now)
  4. I like that the charts source their data from the Global Terrorism Database - it's a great resource. So in 2014, there were 5580 (recorded,) acts of terrorism in the North African region. Where is the UN focusing it's migrant relocation efforts? North Africa. I have no problem sending monetary or military support but I believe it undermines the sovereignty of a nation to force borders open. The UN is not the EU and we are not Germany. Also, filtering the GTD by "casualties" will yield low numbers in Western countries, as seen in that chart. It does not necessarily mean terrorism is lessening, it means we are better at preventing it. Note how much it dropped on that chart after 9/11. Now, in terms of actual incidents of terrorism? I created my own search on the GTD, from 2010 to 2016, acts of terrorism only in the UK. "616 incidents". In 6 years. In one country. For comparison, the same search filters with "United States" yielded 192 incidents. As for the former MI6 head, it must all be relative. The odds of being caught in a terrorist attack may be low but the consequences are catastrophic - hence why it demands so much attention.
  6. Though I prefer the label "exobiologist" --- I will not castigate anybody who calls themselves a "ufologist" or the study of "ufology" in itself --- Or even "UFO/UFOs" for that matter --- Unless the term ---"UFO" (two syllables) or "ufonaut" is used as language in any kind of space alien contact scenario. But then the term "ufonaut/u-fonaut" proves a quandary in political protocol --- So I'm tossing that term out of my vocabulary as well; in relation to communication with the otherworlders.
  7. Thank you for your reply. Does UFO simply mean (bird, stars, moon, swamp gas, meteorite) and nothing else? Are these things Unidentified? Does a "sceptic" think UFO means Known Objects? Another question would be. Do you see ambiguity in the word? Do you see ambiguity as a problem? If not, why?
  8. I believe that after great loss and death, they eventually will do. That's great loss and death for BOTH sides...
  9. Nor teenagers smooching in the back seats.
  10. The word authentic is doing the trick here and thats why I put it into it my answer.
  11. Obviously it's Cruella reincarnated. It's a pretty small tip.
  12. It never officially was. The Extra terrestrial Hypothesis did gain prominence early on but has never been confirmed although the Phenomena has always officially been considered a true Phenomena. Then in the late 1970's and 1980's Berlitz, Moore, Chandera, and Friedman changed the narrative so that UFO's were no longer a mystery in the general populaces minds, but rather E.T.'s that Governments were hiding from Society.
  13. more reasons not to give someone who wants to kill you more opportunity to do so. regardless of the reason,. no one kicks Palestinians out of their houses, unless that house is about to be bombed. but it is not bombed for no reason. btw unlike Palestinians Israel warns residents, and gives them time to leave. Israel builds settlements on land that is disputed and not used. not remotely similar to being kicked out of your house. no one says Palestinians that live in Jerusalem have to be kicked out, they can live there, just the land is not under Palestine control, if there is such. btw those that live there are not the ones shooting rockets. or blowing themselves up, in vast majority of cases. btw have you been to Jerusalem?
  14. third_eye

    Herr Klopp forgot the words  to the Little Drummer Boy ...


  15. Awwww, he might have an idea what he's talking about... but he for sure isn't sharing his information with us- seems to be more interested in yelling at us what he thinks it isn't or that lore offered on the area is incorrect. Interesting behavior for a member that's been here 9 years. I've only mapped/tracked a few states in the midwest great lakes region as far as ghost legends go. Mostly white ladies rather than la llarona classification. I think that's more of a regional dialects giving the names than real differences between the story of the haunt themselves. Similar lines of traditional lore of love lost/tragic and lost children/broken family types of scenarios behind the haunt. Sometimes I'm surprised when the story does not yield a white lady- when the story behind the lady ghost matches up great with the traditional lore, but somehow she manages to be a regular ghost instead of a white lady. Of course, there's other white ladies in the spooky lore too, but those are other critters and traditions and not really what this Belle Isle legend(s?) topic is about.
  16. I think if the person wanted to be found out, they'd allow it. But nonetheless, it's a sweet gesture..
  17. This is perhaps the crappiest description I've ever seen. Forgive my punniness, but all else aside: fascinating.
  18. I cringe thinking about my feet.
  19. No, that doesn't answer my question. To know something you must have evidences for it. What are your evidences tha t "gods" do not exist, and people do not connect to them, which enable you to claim knowledge in this area? Your own absence of evidences is not evidence for non existence. Individual humans bring forth evidences for contact with gods all the time, but others choose not to believe them. Human contact with gods, as evidenced through archaeological evidence of belief and behaviours, goes back nearly 100000 years. Interestingly, this is about the same time when humans developed the cognitive qualities of heightened self awareness, abstract and symbolic thought etc. Thus we see that human connection to gods only evolves as humans evolve the capacity to both construct god concepts and to recognise god forms in nature Thus a dog cannot either constuct a god form nor perceive god in its environment, because it lacks the cognitive capacity to do either. It does not mean the gods do not exist before humans evolve the capacity to know them. When a Neanderthal or cromagnon shaman contacted his or her gods for advice on hunting or gathering, and that advice was successfully given, then this was that god demonstrating its existence to that human (and to the people who depended on the gods advice for their food) And we know this relationship existed in humans, (both homo sapiens and Neanderthal) for many many millennia Of course gods intervened in and helped humans all that time and the humans of the time were more powerfully connected to their gods and dependent on them They did nothing without reference to their gods Again, some of those gods existed as internal constructs of the mind, but equally some were perceptions of real powerful entities . After all, when you pray to a god not be hit by lightening and you are not, and you can function, despite being in a thunderstorm, because you believe your god is protecting you, does it Matter if that god is an internal or an external one? If oyu gain; courage, hope and company, from the presence of a god, does it matter where that god resides? . The bible is not evidence of the existence of a god but it is evidence of humans belief in connection to and relationship with a god form This is made up from many individual experiences with that form, collected into a book to support a particular religious belief TAke each writer separately, and each offers a personal account of one human's contact with a god form.
  20. It always has been and actually has been worse in the past.
  21. THREAD SUMMARY 2 (so far) Sorry for the confusion. I meant UFO videos in general. Regardless of the video sharing domain (Vimeo, Dailymotion etc) Yes they are placves to post the videos.., but I don't think this will ever be sufficient proof. Evidence? Perhaps. Couldn't it still be some kind of camera malfunction though? Corrupt data being sent? Would video footage actually be considered proof? Thanks for the reply. That would be pretty damn convincing. If 2 or more major news networks caught the same UFO footage separately. i'm sure some would still think its possibly an elaborate hoax or prank. I probably would have to consider fake.., if it was filmed near Hollywood or something. Dammit. If NASA showed footage of an unknown aircraft flying around Earth.., could they still determine it was alien? Could it potentially be Chinese? Would they know what China is capable of? Even if they do spy on China and know 100% it isn't...Can video footage (by definition) be proof positive? Can we definitely say "That an alien right there" just from images? I believe that with today's technology.., a great image of a UFO could be faked easily. I personally would not accept an image as proof positive. I have seen high quality clips that were later found to be student projects or hoaxes.
  22. I don't think I could even use a Swiss Army knife anyway. Too much stuff.
  23. Wow. It just shows the unbelievably shallow 'research' that is done, and a complete lack of proper verification - it seems there's not even a cursory look at the basic logic of the claims being made. This JUNK is truly only for the gullible, and it's why I won't waste much of my time on the drivel that emanates from 'sources' like delonge, maussan, greer and the rest of the ufo=alienz hall of shame.
  24. It's not exactly hidden when it's that big, is it? Also, 104 degrees is unbearable? 41 is unbearable? This reporter has never lived in Arizona or Arkansas.
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