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  2. A Congressional inquiry is legally required because the accusations involve a head of State. In this case the President. How it may have transpired earlier with the police and/or lawyers I have no idea.
  3. How can you know? Don't we know of many things we haven't personally seen or physically touched?
  4. The chat leaves where the chat leads old chum ... shake it off and brush it down ... ~
  5. Which brings us full circle; why are the accusers using a Film Company to promote their stories, and demanding a Congressional Investigation. Why not go to the police ?
  6. Who the hell cares to be honest. If people want to babble on religion they should take it to the right sections.
  7. acute

    The train now standing at Platform 1a... is the 14:20 express service to Platform 1b.

    We regret that the carriages are not actually able to leave the station. This is due to leaves on the track, a centimeter of "the wrong kind of snow", and typically British weather-related apathy.

  8. My brain has narrowed it down to it being something that changes once you look at it. Must I know more? Humans are instruments themselves in which they measure the world, so we are tainted from the start, as perceiving through an instrument is not perceiving its true nature. There is no way to perceive true nature. Where are you going with this? It propelled itself there. I am sure that if NASA took a pic or video of a creature walking on another planet outside of our solar system, it would consider it proof of ET. Unless the probe had an inflatable alien doll and was set off on the surface to appear it was walking. For all we know Earth has been the one seeding other habitual planets and then those aliens would not really be aliens, or would it?
  9. Some good points there Mr Walker, and I'm not saying having no internal "faith" in yourself is bad - actually its essential to well being and success in life. My beef is with the overall concept of various religions. Researchers and historians have discovered over the years the big lie has been religion. The bible was written by men, not dictated to them by some god. These men were village elders, soothsayers, intellectuals, prophets, wanna be prophets, etc. You might say they were the original "flat earth boys", they had absolutely no sense of the earth's place in the cosmos. They thought the sun orbited the earth…..their myopia simply was intense - "it's gotta be all about us” was their mindset, unaware of the fact the little chunk of granite we call home is nothing more than a tiny spec in a vast galaxy and simply a micro spec of dust in a much vaster universe. Talk about sheer levels of ignorance and arrogance. These fanciful yarns of theirs were passed from generation to generation……and only after decades/centuries of these fireside chats was an effort made to commit something to paper….and I can only imagine the level of embellishment that took place after such a sheer amount of time. Think the “telephone game” in school. Therefore, in my mind it’s hard to place any credence in the bible and associated scriptures.
  10. Be that as it may ... hearsay at best ... heresy at worst ... who the hell knows ... ~
  11. Just extending comments... I knew you were being funny.
  12. Why do most threads have to devolve into stupid religious discussion. Especially in this section of the forum. The universe is awesome. Best part of living where I'm at is seeing all the stars.
  13. Star Online link ~ Best be on the safe side none the less ...
  14. Are you really? I profoundly doubt it. On the contrary, this is a notable example of your muddled thinking. Cormac and kmt_sesh are two separate people. Taxing them with inconsistency as if they were one is silly. Kmt_sesh is not claiming artistic licence for himself. He is perfectly clear in attributing the exercise of artistic licence to the artist or designer of that modern depiction of Thoth—you know, the one you mistook for evidence—as an explanation of the otherwise unevidenced usage it shows, crested ibis on standard. Who is exercising artistic licence in the case of your glorified “alernative thinker”? The alternative thinker. BS is right. Equivocation on the word “invoke”. Yes, we know about your pareidolia. Reminder: Gardiner’s list includes G26, ibis on standard. If there were an equivalent usage, crested ibis on standard, it should be present on the same criteria—but never mind Gardiner. Where is there any evidence at all for crested ibis on standard as a real, ancient usage? All you are doing here is frantically hammering another of your favourite fallacies, argument from ignorance. And as I’ve already explained (and you’ve pretended to ignore), the animal usually representing Nome 15 of Lower Egypt, the Ibis nome (a clue there) is (guess?) the ibis. Why UCL has depicted the bennu is uncertain. The grounds for doing so are not coming from the White Chapel, as it states in respect of that source “block missing or no entry”: As I wrote, more research is suggested (and not your endless attempts to foist the products of your “artistic licence” upon us). So you’ve finally understood (our having told you) that there’s a difference? The scared ibis? Well it might be. Caution is suggested. There is more to this than looking up individual hieroglyphs and then trying to puzzle out a meaning which fits your agenda. There is syntax, inflection, abbreviated and formulaic writings etc. M.
  15. BTW, USA Today is not a conservative publication, if anything it leans slightly liberal:
  16. It's not his opinion that's the evidence he presents to back up his opinion. Examples from linked article:
  17. Its a funny word isn't it. And definitely does not equate to meaning aliens either. I think Dragoon4 is right. We should stop using that word all together because it is so ambiguous. The term UFO is relative to the observer. Technically a cloud could be a UFO to someone hey. I read through a bunch of recently declassified Australian airforce documents detailing UFO reports made during the 1940's and 50's. These objects were usually "large metallic/polished metal, sometimes with lights or a glow. Size of planes, no wings, tails, fuselage, cockpits, exhaust. Extremely fast and agile.with no sound." I guess when I personally refer to UFO.., that's what I mean. I understand there are trolls in the world.., but I do not let this affect real evidence.
  18. Nothing wrong, of course, with the accusers being sworn-in and providing testimony.
  19. Mobile phones will be banned from schools in France from next September, the country's education minister has announced. Jean-Michel Blanquer said the move - which was mooted in President Emmanuel Macron's election manifesto - would encourage children to play outside during break and lunchtime, and may also help combat cyber-bullying. "These days the children don't play at break time anymore, they are just all in front of their smartphones and from an educational point of view that's a problem," Mr Blanquer was quoted as saying.
  20. Well then, lets cast the PLO's claim on East Jerusalem as THEIR capital in the same light ?
  21. The border is the south bank of the Red River as it was in 1819. But where is that? The boundary is generally taken to be the cut bank, but admittedly, that was probably not right on the bank of the river and not everyplace along the river has a cut bank. To make matters worse, the river moves back and forth. The Federal government owns the land beneath the river from the border to the middle of the river. But many landowners on the south side think THEY own to the middle of the river. And that's not all. Texas and Oklahoma fall under two much-different sets of land laws. While I have studied the Public Land Survey, Texas is something else. Doug
  22. some advice. You were not called stupid....your statement was. Kindly DO NOT insult other members
  23. The Roman who washed his hands because of the innocence of Jesus ordered his crucifixion anyway. Not because Jesus said he was a king, but rather, because he was an inferior person the Romans should not have put in authority over the Jews. A withering coward who was a pawn in the hands of the Jewish Sanhedrin who they many times took advantage of. The Jews were cunning when it came to Pilate and that's why he tried to mockingly appeal to the people by invoking their claim that he was their king. But Jesus is still today more than a king, while Pilate later committed suicide and is now dead.
  24. I know. Shore goers with their campers or boats break down here all the time. I was being "funny".....
  25. I'm not sure, but she wrote a book(s) calling it 'The Trump Card'. Maybe that's what he was once referring to ?
  26. third_eye

    A faecal pie on the prima facie ...


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