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  2. Looking forward to substantial clarification. 1) Are those 7 words really banned from use by CDC employees? 2) Why, specifically, was each word banned? 3) Who exactly gave the order? 4) Was Trump aware of this order?
  3. huh. i always thought "that thing you do" was a pretty well recieved movie, and song. i know i liked it, and i thought they did a great job writing a song that sounded catchy, fun, and like a one hit wonder. it worked perfectly. edit: heck, it still gets caught in my head sometimes, and it's been a long time since i watched that movie.
  4. All my pets
  5. I'm not drawing reference from any particular Christian denomination. I attended the old apostolic church in my early life though. I see what you're saying though. When I say "God" I'm referencing a meta level "thing" apparent across all deities. You know what I mean when I say, "Ra is an Egyptian God." It's synonymous to "Ra is an Egyptian Buddha". This is a mild misunderstanding of what I mean though. I.e the statement, "God the father, God the son and God the holy Ghost is a Christian God" or "God, the Christian God" isn't correct understanding of what is meant. I feel like I need a better working knowledge of the rules of grammar to explain this. My knowledge of the English language seems to be failing me here. Anyway. There's no need to understand particularity of reference to such a specific level. What you bring to mind when I say "God" is the correct understanding of what I mean. I understand the nuances within formal systems of function. I'm not drawing reference to those systems however. Or trying to come up with a system of my own. The development of well defined formal understandings spawn from idle speculation. Those systems didn't come about because the logic was available and drilled into existence. Idle speculation is underappreciated and underdeveloped. People are too scared to say what they think, and would rather say how they feel. I understand what you mean when you say proclaiming truth however what's wrong with this? I think people should be way way more open about proclaiming their truth. It's the easiest way to learn about holes in one's thinking. The level of rigour required before people will open up and begin speculating alongside others is absolutely ridiculous. I like that metric. It's what I meant when I said that knowledge of fiction is no different to knowledge of non fiction. What one studies and what one knows and remember is unimportant. What did Einstein say? "Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one learned at school."!
  6. Then you better read this first and then get back to me Thanks.
  7. I see what you are getting at. However, here is another interpretation of "skeptic". If Donald Trump announces that he is going to increase the taxes paid by rich people and corporations, and then distribute the proceeds to the lower strata of society, would you not be skeptical with regards to his motives? You don't need a whole load of information to conclude he must be "up to something". The origins of my skepticism regarding man-made climate change was the way in which it was wholeheartedly embraced by certain politicians. In particular Mr Gore, who had been a lackluster vice president and then lost the presidency to someone who he surely considers his intellectual inferior. Al grew a beard, went back to college, and emerged as the savior of mankind - and won a Nobel Prize for his efforts. And did he make a whole load of money along the way? Of course not! Then there is my nagging suspicion that the science is somehow being "forced" to follow the political lead - rather than the other way round.
  8. If you're really wanting to discuss UFO. I suggest going at from a point of speculation. With all this time that's pasted and the loads of fake UFO sighting. Plus personal drones which could be used to fake ufo's. It's hard to be serious about their existence. However if we're simply discussion how or even why a potential alien species would visit us. I think most of us would gladly partake in the conversation. But. Nothing should be taken as truth or fact when it comes to their existence. I am more interested in the idea of UFO's as a spring board for future methods of space travel. How could long distance travel be achieved? Could long distance travel be condensed into seconds? If so how? How could X be achieved? About the only UFO concept that I have ever given any serious consideration to is that of time travelers from the future. Even drones sent from the future to observe the past. However it's just an idea. One I do not take seriously. More of a thought-experiment. And yes I have a thing for time travel. Blame Tom Baker. It's always be a fascinating subject for me.
  9. A damn close run thing enough, even without old Vorwärts.
  10. "The assertion that HHS has 'banned words' is a complete mischaracterization of discussions regarding the budget formulation process," the HHS statement said. "HHS will continue to use the best scientific evidence available to improve the health of all Americans. HHS also strongly encourages the use of outcome and evidence data in program evaluations and budget decisions.” Source: ABC News IMO -- seems to be less of a denial that the words were discussed, and more of a complaint about the way it's been reported.
  11. Those were the days!
  12. I didn't attack you, at all. This stance was debunked by the very table you tried to criticise. But feel free to look at the graphic above that I provided for Roof. Also, any evidence for you claims? Because they annexed it. It basically led to a power struggle between Egypt and Jordan. Evidence? Source? I've today been reading The Land Question in Palestine, 1917-1939 which completely debunks this claim. They were not too poor and were amongst the largest landowners in Palestine. If you believe this then you truly don't understand how the system of land ownership worked in the region. - Page 14 - Page 15 The system was basically one of shared ownership, with shares being issued between the people, fellaheen or otherwise. And do you notice that between 4 and 5 million dunams were held through the musha land system and in the plains and valley regions? That's the majority of arable land in all of Palestine. Conversely, Zionists in 1948 didn't even have 2 million dunams of land. And did you also notice that '75% of musha lands' were owned by individuals? You're trying to claim that fellaheen were the supposed main landowners and that "they were all just liars!". Your claims regarding this whole topic are completely removed from reality. And that's putting it nicely. Also, I don't suppose you have a source? No? Didn't think so. Palestinians were not all fellaheen. Fellaheen were just a group of farmers. The right to self determination applies to an indigenous population. And no, you couldn't do what you suggest with my house. Though Zionists do have a history of doing just that. Also, lies. Outright lies. Squatters again. Unbelievable. What utter nonsense. Do you live in the settlements? If you do, then I think you'll find that you're the squatter. How's that for hypocrisy. No, you really, really did not.
  13. It would have to take a big political earthquake for Poland and the Baltics to consider recreating the Warsaw Pact ..
  14. I think I will be too. There’s the business stuff plus kids plus the doubling the standard deduction. I wish I could understand the business taxes better. That’s what I have an accountant for but in all the years I’ve used her and asked questions she can’t speak in laymen’s terms. She’s retiring this year so next year when I find a new cpa maybe I’ll get a better grip.
  15. I wasn't in fact being paranoid about Germany, Cap'n, I was wondering if you were being. I'm glad to see that's not the case.
  16. If it hadn't been for Blücher, Waterloo station would have had to have been called... something else.
  17. The following is entirely fictitious... I found-out why those seven words were banned. From a blog post: "President Trump, vulnerable to diversity issues regarding transgenders, claims a "don't touch me" entitlement... even though that issue is both evidence and scientifically-based. He responded to the press in a fetus-like position."
  18. Manfred von Dreidecker

    What's the past tense of breathe? Is it breathed? It's not brothe, is it 

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      The past tense of breathe is breathed.

  19. I'm old enough to have lived under several conservative governments and Labour governments, and the worst of times have always been during a Conservative government. And make no mistake...Blair was voted in as a Labour prime minister - but carried out Tory lite policies.
  20. Very exciting stuff. Thank you for the links. Quantum theories we used to read about are becoming reality as technology catches up. As Saru said.., I disagree with Einstein that the speed of light is 1) Constant and 2) The fastest thing in the universe and 3) that it should dictate time. There are faster things. light is affected by black holes.., time in not reliant on light. Quantum entanglement is used to teleport particles over (apparently) infinite distance, instantly. Quantum computers have arrived.
  21. For that matter, although the WaPo attributes this to "The Trump Administration", do we actually know if the White House had any involvement in this ? I see refference to "career civil servants" ? Mind you, WaPo attributes EVERYTHING bad to Donald Trump. Usually without offering any corroboration whatsoever. Well, we will see
  22. Skeptics be like (usual)
  23. Already being discussed here:
  24. Eldorado

    "Time is fun when you are having flies." -- Kermit the Frog

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      Likely Guy

      It took me a little while to get that.

  25. That is not German, but Germanic. It's a difference. But I agree, some people do hold a grudge. My personal experience shows it's a minority, though.
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