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  2. Actually, you wouldn't even know until after they were gone. And then only because they leave behind flowers and a Starbucks gift card. They're sneaky that way.
  3. I don't think so. I think it would be impossible for God to violate his nature - if it is love as the bible claims it is. Love does not commit atrocities or make laws that allow them. Perhaps you think so because you just assume that the person the bible writes about, and it called God, actually is. I mean, is there really any reason to think so other than because you've been taught that in church? Let's say you didn't. Let's say you read the bible for yourself and decided to believe it. Even if that is the case it doesn't make the bible true. I just means that you believe it to be. I'm not insulting you for your beliefs, because I respect your right to have them - but I just find great reasons to think you are incorrect, and disagree with you. I wonder if you have considered the possiblity that the word "God" as used in the bible is not exactly the word that you think it is. I wonder if you know how many names in the bible are used for God? I wonder if you will admit that whatever word was used to describe God in the Old Testament is not necessarily the word God as you understand it? The fact is that the bible has been completely and totally edited over the years. The people changing it may have been well intended, or they may not have.....we don't know because there is no original record. Here's the thing, I know you weren't talking to's just that I've heard this claim before, so many times.....and i just find it completely illogical. There is no one who doesn't believe that God exists who is rejecting him or despising him. You can't despise what does not exist or is not known. But, because the bible says certain just assume it's true. The bible speaks about people who reject God, and so forth and so on....but, to reject something or someone would be to be presented with it or understand it - to know it. If you don't know something; how can you reject it? I just find that this type of thinking about God doesn't really work, isn't really real, and isn't something I would believe in. Well, I should say that having thought about it a great deal it doesn't work for me and I cannot accept it. If it works for you I think that's fine.
  4. I didn't have fear before the dream. My fear came after seeing the blood rain. I just wanna know why.
  5. Where's the proof that Trump plotted with Putin to win the presidency? Hasn't that Junior charge been debunked, by the way?
  6. Ok dear I wouldnt want to fluster you anymore than you are..Now dont be saying now your not flustered cause its obvious.Work on those taking logical critisisim skills girl cos your shocking.
  7. Are we up to Plan Z by now? We had tax returns and Pee-Gate, and "grab them by the kitty" was somewhere around there, so this sounds like just more of the same. Nothing will come of it, but Seth and Steve will have a field day with it. It'll be something else after this story leaves the news cycle.
  8. i have to buy new pc myself. writing on old laptop. get da bastadzz!
  9. Bruce ? ~
  10. The Trump Tower meeting. A recent email sent from Goldstone to another who was at that meeting all but confirms that Goldstone did discuss the DNC leak during that 30 minute meeting, and there is evidence of Jr coordinating the leaks with Wikileaks through messages. I've posted this at least three times now in this thread.
  11. Just put him on ignore 3rd eye. You won't lose much by doing that. UM ill needs 2 Mr.Walkers.
  12. Whatever Mueller finds will have to stand up in a court of law. Odds are that Trump would be listed as an "unindicted co-conspirator", if charges are filed against others -- given the problems with indicting a sitting President. No-one's going to convince the Senate to remove Trump without real evidence. 2/3rds to convict, and no party is likely to have that number, anytime soon.
  13. I got #3 with 4 kills but the game is incredibly laggy and slow to respond to controls, the controller layout will take a while to get used to! I’d suggest giving it at least a week to see if kinks can be ironed out. I died bandaging :’( Locked at 30FPS but was regularly below that, especially approaching towns. Makes my 3 year old mid-high spec PC look like a new gaming system. Overall, not fun to play in its current state. Also they may have increased loot as I got a SCAR and fully geared from one small group of houses, which is usually extremely unlikely on PC.
  14. My existence was due to two horny people getting freaky in the early months of 1978. God had nothing to do with that. As for the value of our existence, its a fart in the winds of eternity. When the sun devours the earth, everything we've ever done will be gone. We are cosmically insignificant.
  15. Now how in the world would you know that? Do you think that if you believe something it automatically becomes true?
  16. Now there's no cause for any of that, you are just making a fool out of yourself trying to make a mini Mr Walker out of yours ... Worship your fellow Aussie if you so desire to, and leave the Universe out of it, neither one of you is big enough to fill any quarter of it even if you have that healthy belief that either one of you do ... Thanks and cheers to you and yours ... ~
  17. The bottom line is that there's absolutely no proof of a conspiracy between Trump and Putin. Most of us know that. For instance, there's no tape of Trump telling Putin that "we can work it out". There's just a long string of failed attempts to remove Trump from the White House.
  18. Thanks for highlighting the reason you should never trust Fox News.
  19. Xbox only has North America and Europe servers, will let you know how I go @Mr. Argon.
  20. Let me be the first to add "Big whoop"
  21. You mean to say you have harboured such ill repute for years?..Now thats not healthy dragging that around.Give up to the universe an move on to bigger an brighter things id say..Newbee I maybe but a fool I am not. I have my own beliefs an voice an thats all this is..Better day to you Third eye..
  22. How dare you impugn the integrity of fine people, like Chelsea Handler. I hope that he does step down so that they can regret their campaign after a real conservative takes his place. Talk about witch hunt remorse! They'll pine for the days of cheap shots and low blows after Pence enters the Oval Office.
  23. Continuing the review.. Preface.. In the preface, Sheldrake gives some background about his childhood and the theme for the book: He gives an example to explain why he has the belief that there is something beyond scientific explanation, and that is the homing ability of pigeons. He curtly states that this is unexplained: This is puzzling (and a little worrying..) - even back in 1999 there was plenty of research available on animal homing abilities. He seems to completely ignore all the research on things like the ability of pigeons to detect magnetic fields, their awareness of sun angles (including through clouds via UV-sensitive vision) so as to determine time-of-day and their direction of flight, their acute sense of smell, and of course they have perfectly good vision for mentally mapping the terrain and its features... Most scientists who study this topic seem to agree that they use a combination of all those - given they have more and significantly better senses for navigation than humans, it's hardly surprising they can find their way around rather well.. In his recollections he later refers to his early work in biology and states: ......? Well, no, Rupert, you wouldn't unless you actually asked someone working in that field, I would surmise... I'm happy to give lots of cites on pigeon homing research, if anyone really doubts that it is (and was) pretty well understood. After lamenting on 'typical' science involving animals (including dissections, testing chemicals on them, etc) he says: I can fully understand that being involved in some areas of biology could be quite unpleasant and this may be a common concern for those folks, but whether that same split applies to say particle physicists, cosmologists, etc? As a countering example, one of my roles as operations manager for a large marine research lab was to ensure that all marine life brought into the centre was ethically handled and wherever possible (which was 95%+ of the time), should be released back into the wild at the same location it came from. I love marine life too, and I was in fact pleasantly surprised about how all the staff - including commercial interests - did the right thing. OK, perhaps I was a little spoilt - marine biology is just like that, and maybe isn't typical...? Then, rather tellingly, Sheldrake says this: Hmm. First he refers to the phenomena as "little understood". Then he suggests inexpensive research could lead to major breakthroughs? Perhaps just as well, he doesn't mention what those breakthroughs were, or even if he was claiming any.. I'll stop there for a short while to let all that sink in... I will come back to revisit that last quote, because I think it explains some of the mistakes and traps that Sheldrake falls into, later in the book... Thanks for your patience so far, readers! If you have any issues with what I have done thus far, or have any suggestions for ways I can do better, fire away. Similarly, if you disagree, don't stay silent!.. I will also be happy to post extra context from the book if anyone feels I may be misquoting or leaving out surrounding context. I'll try to post more each day, but hey, It's nearly Xmas, and things are getting a little tight... forgiveness is appreciated!
  24. Well, for collusion to happen, Party A would have to give something to Party B in exchange for something or to accomplish a common goal. I'll let you answer these questions for yourself. Did Trump get anything from Russia? Like election hacking help, information, etc? Did Russia get something? Like a promise to end sanctions? No Hillary? If you can definitively answer, "No" to these, then the investigation would be done for. Another thing for collusion to happen is for both parties to communicate with each other. Did Trump or members of his campaign communicate with Russians? If you can definitively answer, "No" then the investigation would be done for. Now, if you can answer, "Yes" to any of these, then what occurred to make the answer "Yes" is what is called "evidence" and would probably be used in a trial if you can link them all together.
  25. Well, seeder my man, I don't know about OUR space but I can tell you for sure that they haven't probed MINE
  26. Occult Mafia 2000

    Did you ever made UFOs dream ??? Classic alien invasion dream ??? real-massive-ufo-fleet-above-earth-caugh

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