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  2. Hell no. He's the poster boy for 2018 now.
  3. I hear ya bud, my life is complicated enough, I mean every day it's a decision of French or Italian bread, and i can't take it any more!!
  4. Maybe the way he handled his horse is significant in how it showed his true colors in handling the women in his life. It spoke volumes.
  5. I sat there looking at that "confidence" bracket and started getting that 'ol "spread" headache...probably best we stuck to straight up lol
  6. I'm not worthy, obviously.
  7. Yeah i think the "settings" by by whoever started the group would have to be changed to "both" and if that's not an option we would have to "create another entry"... In other's ok Z,i could smell fear in the air anyways
  8. I agree! I wanted to smack him when I saw how he handled her. He should never have brought her into such a volatile situation.
  9. Glad to hear you say that I thought it was just my ignorance - having never sat on a horse. But to be fair, it looked like he never had either.
  10. Yeah, it's news. It just came out today despite your protest.
  11. The way Judge Moore was in the saddle, I think his horse would prefer Doug Jones takes his seat.
  12. It's really close. They will still have to verify some votes.
  13. Actually they were expecting 20 to 25%. I hope it was better.
  14. Doug Jones, will he be the first Trump democrat?
  15. That's pride and prejudice. The issue should be who is most capable, not personal opinion. Then it seems likely she was taken out of context. There is little doubt that the racist and gun comments appealed to the red neck mindset and secured that vote which is a considerable leg up. He didn't have great ideas he had great marketing strategies. That was his hook, the non politician, yet everything has to go through congress anyway, so really, it looks like nothing has changed. Do you feel he has kept his word and enacted his promises?
  16. Still votes trickling in... last i saw Jones 612k-Moore 600k 50%/49% eta Michelle beat me to it lol
  17. jones 49.5% 631,712 moore 48.7% 621,549 write-ins 1.7% 21,781
  18. I found out you can by pen blanks cut from mammoth teeth and tusks. I about wet myself. New dream project.
  19. That may have been the greater of his faults, which he had many. Does anyone know the vote turn out yet?
  20. Couldn't Jeff Sessions have stepped down as AG and retaken his seat? Not sure why Trump didn't send him back if Reps wanted to maintain "majority"...hell can't think of anything else Sessions has done since he was appointed meh
  21. Is it?
  22. It was a good one...but i thought "Republican majority" was a real knee slapper lol I can't think of a decent example of that meaning anything in many years! Don't punch me Z
  23. You can't armwrestle a snickers bar!
  24. Have you ever had to use that gun against an animal threating you?
  25. McConnell - just after giving Bannon a verbal kicking. with a wee backhanded swipe at the president.
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