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  2. Oh, MC's not such a bad sort--but his posts should be taken with a glass of brandy.
  3. I'm not even going to bother to respond, the cat in now out of the bag regarding Mueller's team. We'll all see what happens now.
  4. Whooo... What a Charmer...
  5. Karma and Fate are poetic concepts to me, beautiful, austere and serene. They imply powers beyond human perception, influencing, directing and controlling our lives, which, to me, are fanciful, romantical notions to be cherished as such.
  6. There is, of course, the argument that the Abrahamic god is in fact Satan - sowing the seeds of discourse and dissent .......
  7. Indeed, when my mother used to say I lacked value as a human being because I wasn't Christian well, it hurt deeply. Her take on the Christian beliefs kept us from a relationship. It was tragic, and I am glad you brought this up.
  8. Grrrrr,... No... Not the Claws....
  9. That is all religion is.
  10. Personally, I think your post was a gift for the intended. Sometimes the words one needs to hear the most are the hardest for them to hear. The intended is judgmental and doesn't see it. It takes courage to speak the truth, how one hears the message, if they do is their call. This applies to the intended too. He probably is doing the best he knows how, would be my guess. My middle son is full of passion and zeal to help others and in listening to how he wanted to save the world, I told him one thing: which may help you too, or not, it is your example that speaks the most, be the change you wish to effect and remember how you do or don't inspire another is not your call, or your place, let others tell you how you have helped them or not and how their experience has helped them. We can't speak on behalf of others or for others, only they can. There are those that do embrace their death and do so heroically, I have seen this too. Death is a personal thing to be dealt with as one sees fit. Feeling sorry for someone and extending compassion are two diffent things which Is what I have come to understand. I am not an advocate of western Karma as understood.
  11. Yes. First, an algorithm is an equation or series of equations. It is nothing more than a method for computing a number. Nothing magical about it, but it's a neat-sounding word, so people like to use it - makes them sound smart. More than anything else, the missing and incorrect data has to be replaced without biasing the result. That can be done, but because there are so many ways to screw up a set of measurements, there are a correspodingly large number of methods needed to detect and fix it. This is being done one dataset at a time. As each is completed, it is certified and made available. If they aren't making fast-enough progress for your needs, you can always obtain the raw data and clean it up yourself. Oklahoma is low-priority so I have to clean up most of my own data. That takes lots of time, so results are slow in coming. And not every mistake needs to be fixed. A lot of Oklahoma's stations were read in the morning rather than the evening. A station read in tyhe morning will show YESTERDAY's high temperature as today's. It's easy to fix, just set the high-temp readings back a day. But those situations are hard to find because nobody was making a record of it. And if you're calculating monthly temperatures, it makes almost no difference to the result. And for a year, it's even smaller still, so mostly, nobody bothers to correct for that. I can fill in missing data by fitting data from a station to another nearby one. For example, I could use Oklahoma City's Airport Station to fill in missing data at the Penn Avenue station - these stations are only nine miles apart, so they should show fairly similar readings. We use data common to both stations to fit an equation (In this case, a straight line.) to the dataset: Penn = b1*Airport + b0. Once we know b1 and b0, we can substitute readings at the Airport Station and the equation spits out an estimate for the missing data at Penn Avenue. Fortunately, stations within 50km almost always produce good fits, so there will be many stations where this would work. We can thus use four or five stations to fill in missing data at Penn Avenue. Even so, that will usually leave two or three missing monthly readings in a century-long datatset. If we absolutely have to have these, we can fill the empty slots with interpolations. The rules on interpolations are pretty tight, though. At most, one entry in 10,000 can be an interpolation. And even then, there are often unfilled gaps. For those gaps, we just have to get along without data. Doug
  12. "Punishment and reward" is a philosophy for horses and house pets. Not human beings....
  13. Its not distain for God Its distain for the religions that have grown up worshiping him* and opposing all others who do not follow their creed and causing much death and suffering as a consequence ...... Okay ..... Its distain too for a God that accepts/promotes this (if he exists as you understand him) * I use the male gender for convenience, I know there is no evidence God has any gender at all
  14. I told you before. God means little to me, but guilt tripping someone with the assumption that they are a vile sinful creature from birth. Its harmful.
  15. Like what the Abrahamic religions cause?????
  16. Again, that is a jury and not the investigators. We don't live in a Judge Dredd reality, where the police investigate and judge. In our society it is okay for police to have a bias against criminals. It's the judge and jury have to be impartial. Let me put it another way. You are obviously biased for Trump, yet you are qualified to investigate and present facts for argument on this forum, are you not?
  17. Why the disdain for God though? No one likes fanaticism, hate, or abuse. Small voices make a lot of noise. God Bless!
  18. How are we to love religion when it brings so much harm?
  19. I truly have absolutely no idea what goes on in that twisted mind of yours and couldn't care less.
  20. Pretty clearly looks like a killer whale colored sea life or some such playing with a ball of something much like this dolphin is doing just need to know the species that could enter that river. According to the Hawkesbury Nepean Catchment Management Authority, the Hawkesbury River estuary supports the second largest commercial coastal fishery of estuary prawns, oysters Dolphin sightings are on the increase and local marine biologist Cassie Chronik hopes to find out why. They also do have turtles. So could well be a turtle. Teenage turtles like Cliff are lucky to be rescued, because many are dying after eating hidden plastic pollution in Sydney Harbour and the Hawkesbury River when they come in summer to feed on seagrass meadows.
  21. We've already wasted trillions of dollars on an affair that should have been over years ago, should never have occurred because of your incompetent prince of peace's amateur blundering. Interesting how you praise Putin for acting decisively and excuse Obama for not.
  22. Now you guy's know how we feel when a Christian calls one of us non-believers a Christian, or a child of "God".
  23. That’s not true at all. Again religious intolerance, fear mongering and hate. Horrible path the future. Your not the first group of people to hate religion, nothing new. God Bless!
  24. Iran will be next in line after that, without any doubt. And we will be served thesame tendentious, colored BS (read: propaganda) to rationalize military intervention.
  25. Thank you for the kind words.
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