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  2. You're too modest too Essan. It's easy if you 'want' to see the truth of your significance.
  3. Life matter only if you give it meaning. Even if that meaning is to mellow out while fully acknowledging your cosmic insignificance. Life doesn't have to be "big" or "Grand". If someone finds enjoyment in growing a garden, cool. The point is to not take life too seriously. A lot of the worlds problems would vanish if people quit taking themselves so seriously. When you accept the this, a lot of imaginary problems vanish. You quit striving for some mortal importance. Saint? Sinner? Both meaningless. In the end you amount to the sum of your choices. But eventually everything you've done, everyone you've known, every record of your existence, it'll all be gone. And as aeon's pass everything will eventually return to the cosmic void. So you can either struggle with some great big artificial meaning to life, or have a cup of coffee and a nice slice of pie. It's really simple. This has nothing to do with suicide. Even suicide is futile because death itself will eventually get you. Might as well try to p*** it off by living as long as you can.
  4. Thank you. I will do that tomorrow sometime. Here is another link to search if people want to look up some reports:
  5. Every day you're here matters. You've caused me to think about things in ways I otherwise wouldn't. That's how your life matters to me. You're just very modest and I don't believe you really think life doesn't matter or you wouldn't be here.
  6. What is the ambition of the EU, what sort of trade deal would they like with the UK single market. proving your point also applies to the EU negotiators. As it stands the EU has failed to keep the UK part of the EU, They have failed to keep us in the single market, failed to keep us in the Customs Union. Failed to keep the ECJ as the supreme court in the UK, Failed to keep the ECJ in regard to EU citizens living in the UK, Failed to extract €100Billion or the Fact Michel Barnier failed to get the UK to meet all four of his red lines and was overruled by the Commission to force through the next stage of talks, But Remainers don't like to talk about this and the news today is Theresa May got a applauded by other leaders at dinner in Brussels yesterday and its expected that EU leaders will move onto the next stage of talks. RAyMO when you get time, can you please tell us on here how Brexit is going to impact the EU side. EU budget, what it will mean for the Eurozone etc.. the 14% market share the UK represents (buying EU goods) and especially the impact on individual countries who are our largest trading partners, Just a simply Breakdown will do, Economic problems they'll face, Job losses, trade deficits etc... I think all will agree it will be nice to hear a balanced opinion highlighting Brexit is not a vacuum and certainly is not one sided.
  7. I often think that the struggle for meaning is the greatest hell a person can experience.
  8. Once you get past the manic depression stage of it. Life get's sweet. You can do anything, become anything, wreck your life, wreck others lives, rise to the top, or just mellow out. Its a scary level of personal freedom. And in the end. None of it'll matter.
  9. Aye, that's the sum of it. In terms of the Universe, everything that every person on this planet ever does is, combined, as significant as one grain of sand in the Sahara Desert. Everything that happens in our entire Galaxy is as significant as a single leaf on a tree in Amazonia. And that's one of the main reasons some people continue to believe in primitive anthropomorphisms of nature - because accepting our utter insignificance is not always easy.
  10. Guys, are there any Photoshop professionals on this forum? I am looking for free setd. Does anyone know good websites?
  11. It's perfectly fine as long as you have something constructive to add. Many posts get resurrected this way.
  12. Oh wow. The first 2 pages of everything is just "believer" bashing. I won't take it so personally anymore. Wow, just wow guys. Wow. Betty's map did not match perfectly.., therefore its fake (Memory is not infallible. Especially if I showed you a sequence of dots then made you redraw them exactly to scale on paper). Then lots of "I think this..." (hoax, tired, drugs). Nothing substantial. And no facts or tests. Just conjecture. Nah. I can't do it. Sorry. These threads are 90% off topic. I'm scrolling through pages of just utter hatred, personal attacks and jokes. I got to page 2 of this one and.., nah. So much negativity. What I might do, is pick the thread with the least amount of trash talk.., and do some necro-posting to resurrect the dead thread. I'll just check with a mod first to see if this is acceptable.
  13. Yeah. We all die and everything we've ever done will amount to nothing. Even the memories of us held by other with fade and be lost to the stream of time. That's the truth. Enjoy the fact that your existence doesn't matter. I know mine doesn't.
  14. No knowledge of the wheel???? Copper tools and chisels???? The stones were worked with harder stones and the wheel was used with toys but useless in a mountain environment. and the article author has "vitrified" and "polished" confused......
  15. In theory, the concept of the 'Illuminati' so popular today seems to physically hail from the 15th/16th century (Spanish) 'Alumbrados'; which ideologically represents a mystical gnostic movement claiming 'spiritual illumination'. It seems to be sourced from Kabbalistic teachings seeded in the Jewish population by Chaldean elements during the time / exile in Babylon, picked up later by the Templars during the Crusades; culminating / firmly nestling in Freemasonry we know today. In short; it is the ideology which pertains Man is able to become gods through intellect, knowledge.. (ie. transhumanism). Which, in turn, can be related to Luciferianism. 'The Illuminati' shouldnt be regarded as some homogenic group, let alone (single) organisation, but rather as a container concept / term of an ideology, a movement, religion even.. consisting of multiple heterogenic groups that may or may not work together (even actively strive against eachother), but will always maintain thesame ideological goals, endgame.. on a macro level.
  16. Lol. Wow Fish, not at all. The Urantia Book wasn't in my thoughts at all. But the truth appears to be in your thoughts though. The truth is everywhere.
  17. Marcus Mariota 'got an earful' from his mom for being rude to the media
  18. Nope - I would expect the EU to offer what they see as the best interest of the EU, all things considered, I expect the British to get whats best for the British - the two may or may not be equivalent. If the British don't get a deal up to their expectations then the British negotiators or their political masters have failed. ETA circa 50 countries have trade deals with the EU. surely none of these would bother if they could get a better or equivalent trade relationship via the WTO
  19. I see magick as the art and science in creating a change in oneself and one's subjective experience of reality. It does nothing objectively. No demons, angels, or spirits. This is all based on years of practice. It's about ideas.
  20. I usually don't frequent this forum but will read threads if there's something new or interesting. I definitely wouldn't be pushing anyone away. As for the anger part, I wouldn't worry about that. That's their problem, not yours.
  21. Exactly if the EU cannot offer anything better than WTO then questions will have to be asked, like why we never left earlier, and wasted time in fruitless negotiations if the EU had no goodies to offer. - more of an indictment of the EU than the UK im sure you'll agree.
  22. Silver Raven Wolf.....from P.A.? I met her once.
  24. First, I don't believe anyone said anything of the sort. Second, I wasn't aware that the Palestinians fought in Iraq. Third (because I know you're going to say "they're all the same"), Hezbollah of 2006 and the Mujahadeen of the 80s would like a word, among others. Fourth, so, if he were alive, would Lawrence of Arabia.
  25. Let me guess. That damn blue book or whatever the hell that nonsense piece of garbage is called.
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