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  2. That's mean lol. Aww look at the dog
  3. There's absolutely no incentive for a bear to be in a maternity ward. There's billions of dollars worth of incentive to F over the internet. They know their arguments are bogus and they do it anyway. Tell me, how is this nation a democracy anymore?...
  4. Both DiNardo and his cousin plead not guilty on Thursday.
  5. Well if you really want to debate the leave the 3,12,21,35,55yr old Walkers out of the subjects and focus on the material. If we were sitting around swapping stories over a cup of coffee or you had some tea and we were sipping some wobbly pops fine but we aren't. I have told you many times I think you are an okay guy, odd but okay and you do have things of value to add even as an opponent in a debate. It is an exchange of ideas not a bar room brawl so it's not about winning, it is about learning for all of us. I know you get ticked because I will get in your face and if you knew me in person you would see how much I laugh and teeze. jmccr8
  6. I am sure that it did a good job of making the material available. Keep in mind, this is a class you took, something you wanted to learn, something you valued. That is what having an open mind and learning is about. You can't force people to take that class nor accept the material. Not everybody wants the the liability of an open mind.
  7. As it should be. Why are we supposed to leap to flying saucer/extra terrestrial if it simply could be something from Earth. It isn't's critical questioning... To stimulate break through paradigms created (possibly created) by society. If I taught u that the colour red birth) how will you learn that it is actually red? U were taught it's blue...prove to me that it is By repeating 'no u are wrong it is red?' Same here. I have to ask (for the sake of logic) certain questions to establish what u believe u saw. And if my questions lead to u changing ur mind and acknowledging the fact that it might have been something besides extra terrestrial.... Is that bad?
  8. Maybe, what is your opinion on the op?
  9. And fire...don't forget fire
  10. Mean lol. Small demon stole a paper bag, I'll be back
  11. That a lot of credible believers are what you call gullible.
  12. I am an extrovert; I love people, believe me if it was possible I would love to have coffee with you. I know what you look like.
  13. @Fila It is so easy to assume gullible is wrong. But remember that is your perception. Gullible might simply mean innocent being influenced- and no amount of referencing in the world will help that cause once a human being has come to their conclusions (and it makes sense in their heads) you are going to struggle to change that. Of topic...we all have culture folklore being told..u want to tell me that you can beyond doubt and without any challenge prove that my ancestors really reproduced this for the heck of it? Can you? No you can't, for your idea of disproving my facts can be disproven... So it's a catch 22. That person who believes it happened to them, u will never.convince different unless u medicate them and call them crazy...then again...u do that u r not proving them wrong...u are simply allowing society to believe they are crazy so that the 'normal ones'can have peace? And what if I tell you that I have been will you prove me wrong? By what? Quoting texts out.of books written by people? And if my husband believes me...does that make him uneducated? Wow...that's a leap... I believe that people telling they were abducted really believe what they are saying. Not relevant if I believe them...for them that is their reality ( how scary that must be). And since reality is relative one has to ponder the possibility...
  14. The Justice Department acknowledged in a statement on Thursday night that copies of private text messages exchanged between two former special counsel investigators were disclosed to certain members of the media before they were given to Congress, even though those disclosures "were not authorized." Source: Business Insider
  15. Goodnight see you tomorrow
  16. One more, since Aquila posted. I honestly would wear that, if just to the museum. So I checked the price: $80. No thanks.
  17. Seeing it with my dad is a great experience. He's an old redneck who moved to the city before meeting my mother. But he just about squealed when we went to see The Force Awakens. He's texted me telling me he's not sure if he can sleep tonight from the anticipation. Shame you can't see it, I'll post a full detailed review tomorrow.
  19. Well what do ya know; your response is a defense. You are upset about things I didn’t even post. What does it do to a person that doesn’t believe in god to one that does?
  20. Well, that'll be it for me tonight. Time for bed. Everyone have a good night!
  21. I hope you have a great day. And it'll be Friday, no less! I'd love to see that movie.
  22. Banned for not giving me a hug!
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