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  2. well technically all animals can live about 8 cycles under ideal circumstances so humans could be living 350 years, it's just highly unlikely that a creature would never get sick or hurt too badly and maintained a healthy life style, bound to happen every so often no?
  3. There was no mistaking it. Its like actually seeing an elephant in your back yard. Im pretty sure you'd know it when you saw it.
  4. Skywalker seems an appropriate man for a mannequin that has been launched into space.
  5. Manfred von Dreidecker

     No trains on some routes.

  6. I see that you are not denying that you posted a slew of incorrect facts about the HB. Reports were all over the place. You should have gone out there to see what a hoax looks like.
  7. A As I was trying to say. Before, the laws of forgiveness for ignorance are in the Torah. With the uncertainty principle the observer is always ignorant of either the speed or velocity. So, I was using it as an example of forgiveness, and how to forgive the unknown. That seems to be on topic. Because it's quantum physics with the emotional matrix.
  8. I can't look at the sun for any more than like two seconds, and then the areas around my eyes start hurting ridiculously. I wonder why it didn't occur to her to look away after like the first two seconds?
  9. That you saw something is fat. Your take on it is opinion.
  10. Awesome my friend... And you are absolutely Right, it does depend on how one gets "There"... So where is There?...
  11. One thing to keep in mind is the Time period, not so much what was put out in the market but much more to what was available to the musicians, the producing/recording part as much as the equipment. The early part of the Beatles phenomenon was not the the US 'debut' John said it all the time ... by the time they landed on America the Beatles were already old hands ... it still boggles my mind how young they were then when the were called the Top of the pops ... But then again it was a time when boys barely 16 were already shooting people on the war front for years ... ~ addendum : I have only ONE album by the WHO on my collection ... .. Not in my top ten but there in the top 50 at least ... but then again my list includes a lot of bands from Asia as well as Europe and the rest of the world ~
  12. And those are just the cases where people reported it. I never reported to anyone about the saucer I witnessed
  13. The 'Mannequin Skywalker' dummy probes name.
  14. CCER: UCL: Looks like someone just used the GIF as found: the files are identical. I have sent a query to UCL about the wrong bird being used. M.
  15. I agree. It's tough to compare different styles of different era's. I think one could make a good argument for The Who being the greatest band ever. They had the best bassist of all time, a top 3 drummer, a top 50 guitarist and a top 3 lead vocalist. I don't agree with it though, but I would have them in the top 10 for certain.
  16. I'd agree to that. The difference is in how one gets there. Christianity has several ways. There are other ways also. But, like you said, this is for This world, not for the next.
  17. They weren't changed. My own mother told me all about it within 5 minutes of it happening. I still kick myself for not going with her that night.
  18. No I'm not. Myself a 3 other people witnessed this craft for a full half hour just above our heads. Spin it how you want, believe whatever you want. That's what I saw, and there is no there way about it.
  19. The Argentinian submarine that vanished last month was being chased by a British helicopter and Chilean ship shortly before disappearing, one of the doomed vessel's sailors told his sister in a "strange" message that was one of the last sent from the sub. The sister's account, made public Wednesday, was immediately blasted by Argentinian military officials as "completely untrue." But Jessica Medina, whose brother Roberto Daniel Medina served aboard the sub, told Argentina's La Gaceta newspaper in an exclusive interview that she received the message on WhatsApp just days before the vessel vanished Nov. 15. "It was that weird message in which he told us he was looking for a British helicopter and a Chilean ship, but unfortunately we did not continue with that conversation, he stayed there. That was the last message," she said. In his messages, the sister said her brother told her the ARA San Juan was sailing close to the Falklands -- referred to as Malvinas by Argentina -- on Nov 3.
  20. The Hudson boomerang is a great example of the stories that come out of events. The same alteration of basic facts has happened with other UFO events. The unfortunate problems such as hearing the crafts is changed to silent to make the event mysterious. In a New Jersey case people released balloons to see if the UFO people would report things properly. They did not even when a police officer used binoculars to report a flare hanging below a balloon. The UFO crowd reported that the light could not have been a balloon because they ran tests ruling out flares. It makes me wonder what abysmal testing was done if any.
  21. Thread cleaned Keep it civil please folks.
  22. The experiment makes sense to me. *snip* Sorry buddy, sometimes you just get me worked up. It makes sense to combine these things to me. Maybe it is like the double slit experiment.
  23. You are stating an opinion, not fact.
  24. I don't think its fair or just to pit Zeppelin and THe Beatles on the either or scale ... the Led Zep boys do recognise a lot of the influences the Fab Four on their music and rightfully so ... and the Post Beatles John Paul Ringo and George liked the Zep lads too ... LINK ~
  25. I'm just getting back into the whole UFO scene now (day 3) Just looking for some now.., but I'll probs go to bed cause it's 5 to 12... Nite. Here's a few links to help get you started too. Have fun!
  26. The answer is not impossible. Ultralights are not very loud. I've seen them pass overhead with little noise. Accounts did report noise. Most witnesses heard sounds. I've lived on the Hudson so please don't think I have not. I've been to West Point. I have friends at West Point. The craft did not fly in perfect formation. People reported stars between the craft. Some people reported solid craft. Some people reported the wrong colors for the lights. Witnesses described different shapes for the craft as well. It just shows how poor reports are. So people were not arrested for perpetrating a hoax. People do not get life sentences for flying in restricted airspace. The witnesses were all over the place in descriptions yet you are pretending they were not. This is the sort of dismal situation UFO studies are in.
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