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  2. I don’t have any photos, most lady around a day or two and then completely vanish (apart from the three on my arm). My doctor says that it may be sleep scratching, but it could be a blood veiny thing too, either way he’s not too sure. The curtains don’t move a little bit, I’m talking about full breezing through, windows shut. The noises are like creeks, groans and rustling but that could just be the boiler. Yeah, I’ll look into that. Thanks!
  3. Going to need my Seahawks to pull something special out the bag here. It's seriously close between me and Bama thanks to that Jacksonville defence.
  4. Yeah, but when I exert my pessimistic nature I get called a depressed negative individual. All I know is that when the S hit's the fan, I better be out of reach.
  5. b******* need to be out of business and their execs all need to be in prison.....and I mean a real one..with gangs and psychos.......
  6. Don't see anywhere in those tweets where Fitzgerald is claiming that the briefing didn't happen.
  7. I love those freak fights but I suppose that's not really the UFC's thing. I think the only real freak fight they had was Randy Couture vs James Toney. The other one I had in mind was Tim Silva vs ...some bodybuilder. LOVED that fight, if I remember correctly Tim was out of shape, came out of retirement, then won that fight. Beat him bad too the guy was in la la land. Don't think that was UFC though that was in the ring not cage.
  8. Steel toe boots don't help with hot rodded commercial chainsaws. It's just more shrapnel in your foot and they have to cut the boot out too.
  9. Corporate America always wins.
  10. why is there only one rothschild. and why do they get to be "the" i want to be "the". "the seaturtlehorsesnake" except i also occupy all of the other levels of the pyramid. including "you and i"
  11. seeder

    OMG!  News story says a woman will sprinkle her dead mums ashes over the xmas dinner...then eat both dinner and does anyone else think thats a bit too weird?

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    2. Likely Guy

      Likely Guy

      Not to mention that there's also little bone chunks in there.

    3. seeder


      Yes OK I just googled UK bodies and coffins are burnt together

    4. seeder


      I think I heard once that teeth and bones etc are put thru a grinder... horrible to think about

  12. I don't know if you noticed this or not but I am jmccr8 and Mr.Walker is the guy you were asking about, so no I don't have an alien he does. you can look up his profile and read his posts or look for him in the religion and spirituality forums here. jmccr8
  13. IMO the only thing the disclosure project disclosed is how many people want to jump on the band wagon in order to earn some money via the pathetic ufo data they class as evidence! Utter poppy c***.......... here's a fact: the disclosure project has produced NO FACTS can you show us A FACT any of these individuals have produced?
  14. I expect there's a decent chance we'll find out on Tuesday. Can't imagine the House Intelligence Committee won't ask McCabe what happened in that meeting. There's no particular evidence that Clinton knew about Perkins Coie initial approach to Fusion GPS. The dossier was unfinished at that stage, so he couldn't have given them all of it. Fusion GPS aren't a charity. I doubt Steele was their only source of opposition research, either. It's fairly obviously raw HUMINT compiled by a reputable source, who'd worked with both the FBI and CIA on previous occasions. You'll generally need a lot more evidence than a single raw HUMINT report to get a FISA warrant. Seems to be at least two conspiracy theories here. The Strzok/Page/McCabe conspiracy to bring down an unwanted presidency, and the Clinton/Steele forgery conspiracy. Hopefully we'll find out on Tuesday if the first one has any legs.
  15. Polling turning out to be wrong doesn't necessarily mean anything nefarious is going on. Hillary had a 4% lead on average in the last 5 polls before the election (48%-44%). So let's say that it wasn't even a 3 point margin of error but instead a 2 point margin of error - that would mean they could both, according to the poll, end up roughly the same at 46%. Which is pretty much what happened. Trump's victory wasn't such a big upset because of the numbers. It was such a big upset because no one could believe that people actually voted that man the President of the US. (It took all my restraint there to not call either him or his supporters many of the names befitting them after doing so. Just thought I'd let you know that).
  16. I talk to myself all the time and sometimes I use different voices just for fun, but I know it is just me and the way I analyze things. I pick 2 or more positions of a subject and argue by myself, actually, they are quite interesting and there is no name calling or questioning one's sanity or heritage involved. jmccr8
  17. Same as the furor created then, just a change in majorities. Get a vote, declare a win, kick the can down the road for someone else to deal with. Nothing really gets fixed; fixes take cooperation, big majorities, and courage. Maybe some common interests too. I did kind of like the Republican who said that if they didn't pass a tax cut their wealthy donors would stop contributing. If the bill had failed, maybe it would have killed two birds with one stone: limit the pace of the top 1% and multinational corporations from stealing our children's future and get rid of some of their lap dogs in congress on both sides of the aisle.
  18. @Mr Walker Hey there. What's the point of even talking about it publicly? What's the objective of the communication? Some people have a "mission" with contacts or some wisdom to tell mankind, you can reveal yours if any?
  19. Need repetitive outcomes from use of scientific method. If one of the ufologist can capture or invite intelligently guided ufos using same methods, and someone else can do the same, I'd say that is proof. The fact that they won't come down and land, (this is pure speculation) may imply they don't have need or part of their particular protocols. But main point is repetition as part of scientific method. We can just solve this mystery easy but unlocking the super secret military bases and their content but that's never going to happen. Tricky question: If we showed video of someone breaking into your house and robbing your house using security camera, would you say that's proof the guy is guilty of the crime? Or would you stick with video evidence is not adequate? Deep thought: What if mummies were guys with full body casts from freak accidents? @kmt_sesh
  20. lol, worst case scenario. Police officers with guns, military personnel with jets, misses, nukes, subs, commercial airline pilots flying 100's of passengers daily.., politicians, drivers of heavy machinery and public transport.., are "pattern matching" a star and clouds. Cops hallucinating an alien invasion, and starts unloading into the crowd. Perhaps this may be a reason for some violent shootings? We should look into that immediately. or bloody John Travolta might be suffering from disco fever.., and BAM! See's Will Smith fighting an alien armada.., so he swerves to avoid the mothership and MH-370's everyone into the ocean. That's probably a decent reason to look into this UFO thing scientifically. Although there are many cases with multiple trained observers backed by radar and scientific stations like Hessdalen helping to add weight to the idea that perhaps not all UFO reports are hallucinations.., and perhaps some could be worth looking into scientifically.
  21. An army of dedicated knitting enthusiasts are spreading festive cheer by topping the postboxes in a seaside town with mini Christmas scenes. Nearly all the postboxes in Herne Bay on the Kent coast are now adorned with knitted Nativity scenes, Christmas trees and snowmen. Behind the idea is the Herne Bay Cosy Crew - a local craft group - who for the last three years have worked for as long as two months to produce the adorable decorations. This year 26 members took part, producing a total of 31 postbox toppers.
  22. So that's 70 years ago. I wonder the power of a real one today...
  23. About people lying in the polls? I would say the evidence is the results of the election if anything.
  24. Mr.Walker if you want to ask him go ahead. jmccr8
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