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  2. That spirit you speak of is just electrical signals and chemical reaction. There is nothing mystical or woo about it. You're acting as if there is, there isn't.
  3. Thought I'd offer some links to the B&B Hill case from threads I am aware of on this forum: If you would like to know a case I find at least interesting then please take a look at the classic Falcon Lake incident:
  4. The named "institute" is a profit driven company designed to collect money from gullible people. Of course you can get "certificates" but you have to pay for as these "ceriticates" are a part of the business model. The "cerificates" have no value other than the paper they are printed on. Pls provide a link of only one single study that prove "psychokinesis/hydrokinesis/aerokinesis" is real and working. The interest hasnt lead to any positive results those confirm that "psychokinesis/hydrokinesis/aerokinesis" are real effects/capabilities. Biomagnetism is subject to physics and chemistry, so it is and can be explanined very well. Its one out of a various number of scientific fields that got highjacked, but dont understood, by the "paranormal" community. Please describe the setup, the instruments and methods used in the trial. Your point is? It is your very own arrogance to say that people who dont jump on your train are arrogant Another video showing a bad stunt by a trickster. 1:44 "lets rotate the whole surface", what are you doing with your hands? We are not studid here.
  5. But its a discussion forum. Not a "can only post new evidence" forum. This means anyone new to the subject.., will be pushed away from this site by you because they "did not contribute anything new". That can explain the boredom. But I still fail to see how anger is produced by someone new becomming interested in UFOs.., (or in my case, not new but interested in finding new avenues and discussions)
  6. Like I said, everyone knows the truth about spirit. It's inherent. At the lowest level, spirit operates in things like a winning basketball team. If you decide that you don't 'want' to, you'll be uncooperative, which then might develop into antagonism or worse, hostility towards effecting the spiritual transformation of the material mind.
  7. Old fashion equipment is easy to systemize. Not much too it. I kind of fell into this lifestyle. I was a artist and designer who owned my ancestral farm until I went to prison. Lost everything and nobody wants a "violent felon" around.
  8. Yeah now we just need a way to get there. I want my alien unicorn pet. All hail our benevolent A.I. Overlords
  9. Yes, I know. That's why I brought it up because you didn't mention this in your repertoire. Looking for fakes is fine.., but that's all you will ever find and you won't be able to determine anything else except for CGI. These professionals take it further. But.., you will probably say they are all fakes.., and must be fakes. So you would never even get to that level.., just basic skill to detect bad CGI They were not dismissive, or quick to label the object. There was never a "Its most likely" conclusion. And yes, I agree. Well that guess in incorrect. Its kinda a weird way to talk to someone.., by guessing everything. "Oh.., so you never heard of Dropbox before?" Instead of saying "I would use Dropbox" is way different. It makes it very difficult for me to actually want to discuss things with you. Can you please try and word things a bit more neutral. Cheers. It was not at my local media lab. I will have to find the video I saw (NICAP or MUFON). You would find it very interesting. Maybe I will now too. I agree that if you can produce a valid analysis, then name calling is irrelevant. On page 1 you argued that UFOs are all fake based on an assumption that everyone must have good cameras these days.., so there shouldn't be any bad pics, but there are so UFOs are all fake. With 100% conviction. If I didn't question it.., you would have basically been lying to people.., convincing them not to look into the subject. You have lost all credibility from my POV as a professional after acting this way. You talk with authority on the subject.., and have some skills. But you make out like you are the bees knees and will find the best answer. You are basically infallible.., and others seeking your advice obviously know little to nothing about film, so whatever you tell them, they will not be able to question.
  10. I think "astral projection" is probably just lucid dreaming.
  11. When it comes to spirituality. There is no "truth", just subjective opinion and none of them are right.
  12. Everyone 'knows.' That's not the problem. The problem is that sometimes, among those who 'know', an attitude develops that's antagonistic or hostile towards the truth. It isn't that the truth isn't understandable or seen. It's that it isn't 'wanted' to see the truth.
  13. I'm pretty sure that the concept of "sound" at the quantum level is literally meaningless.
  14. Ho Ho Ho ... ~ [00.01:46] ~
  15. Logic would suggest that everyone that enters and participates (and has in the past) in discussions on a forum called "Unexplained Mysteries" wants to believe in the supernatural. Also, this belief has to be supported by solid evidence, otherwise forget it. I'm sure everyone would love to know that SETI has undeniable proof of a civilisation living in another solar system. So your interest is shared by many, hence the reason people may come across as bored, annoyed and hostile because you're not really bringing anything new to the table. There ya go and I wont even charge you for this precious advice.
  16. Did you ever wonder why you were there and why you were fighting?
  17. Before I become Christian I was praying to Eris the goddess of chaos. I was reading a occult book and it said to pray to who I want to of the gods. And I dream some witch in ancient village that make some kind of magic in her house and then some person died because of this magic. I felt how his/her soul left the body. It was scary but because I had this feeling before too I don't panic in dream. Then in the next day I dream something which I don't remember but in front of my head in physical realm while was in half-sleep condition light ball (my priest told me that the soul is light ball) was trying to hit my third eye in the head and it was cold, very powerful and felt like hell's soul. Then in the next day in the night while I was watching TV this hell's soul come in my house because it was same feeling. It seems she was released from hell for this purpose. Then she show me with vision her cell in hell and like want me to be with her. Then start touching my hands while watching TV multiple times and she was cold. I start to fear and pray to God but without success. Then she stop touching me and enter in me. Then I change the channel to song and in the moment I start the channel it was much less then second she start extremely enjoying the song. Just like real spirit, for her time not exist. She have also very sad energy not like because she is not alive anymore but because she can't be good. Is possible for someone to enter hell as servant of Satan without burn in flames and become evil spirit? Thanks.
  18. No chance, champagne socialist have nothing but contempt for the white working class.
  19. The UN a bunch of thugs! My word, yes.Think of all those countries they've imposed Regime Change on and all these Humanitarian Military Interventions they've forced the US, always against its will, to lead! How they've supported oppressive theocrctic regimes in defiance of the protests from Washington! ****stards.
  20. it takes a lot to drive someone to suicide. whether that is guilt or innocence in this case we don't know. Either way, it is sad end to life.
  21. Allowing the unions to run the country, wasting billions by plowing it into nationalised industries where the workers were always on strike, Labour’s lowest point in government, perhaps, was when chancellor Denis Healey went “cap in hand” to the IMF in 1976, after his party’s fiscal incontinence has caused a run on the pound. This was Britain’s “economic Suez”, the moment the UK lost its status as a world-class economy. Labour always leave the the econmy in tatters
  22. Yea that was my first thought as well. Guess ya never know though. At least this didn’t come out of nowhere. She is just bringing it up again 4 years later. If he was innocent thou, damn that really sucks.
  23. Well, the EU Chief (pictured below) seems confident that things are moving forward towards a productive and harmonious conclusion.
  24. Ohh that’s clever thinking.
  25. It's a bit like a team sport where one individual player is trying to win the game on his own. Unless there is structure to support him, he'll fail miserably. In sport he'll probably end up getting benched, in politics.......
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