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  2. While they were incorrect so far (though the market did dip considerable around winter last year), it's a bit early to make a judgement when it's been less than a year.
  3. Comedy is liberal, for the most part. This is a well-known phenomenon, for whatever reason. I don't think they care about bringing in conservatives. It's more likely that they just like to poke fun at themselves, as many comedians generally tend to do.
  4. Horse ****. Keep playing your tune, maybe you'll get some accompanists who are full of hate or are dimwitted enough. I can't answer for the rest of my country's citizens and I certainly don't understand the apparent cowardice of European men and women but I can tell you this without fail... ANY Muslim that moves near my community and begins the CAIR song and dance will be received in exactly the way they deserve to be. If you think that's barbaric, criminal or non-Christian, I really couldn't care less. I'm not German, French, or Scandinavian, I'm an AMERICAN and you only push us just so far before you find yourself faced with a different reality than you'd face with others. BET ON IT.
  5. So why wanted it released? You should think long and hard about that one. The very question brings you half way to the truth.
  6. So? You got proof for any of this?
  7. A guy has to be really hungry to go poking one of those.
  8. That's CNN's own prediction estimates (odds, basically), not polling data. Polling data had it much closer. And I'm sure she would have been looking at data rather than CNN's guess.
  9. Here you go champ. This'll get you started.
  10. I had a feeling while watching these last two clowns fall on their swords that there was a reason behind it. Problem is those two clowns had evidence against them. Something I'm certain wont be mentioned, and will even be ignored by some.
  11. Uranium Company Urged Trump To Carve Up Bears Ears, Then He Did
  12. That is not true, there is no such thing as infinite timelines. Multi-verses do not exist. God Bless!
  13. I don't think you understand. Jesus was no man. There are prophets and there are Angels, Jesus was much more than a prophet - like Moses. There are also things that are not from this Universe, that God has NO power or control over, and they do not BELONG here. Jesus was given a choice, to wipe man out, he chose a different path. God did not forsake him - we have been silent for two cycles now, watching, listening and God has determined what plagues this World and mankind. It was the spear of Destiny that ultimately killed Jesus, an unholy weapon blessed from a Fallen Angel. He literally died for our Sins to let us live and fight for another day. God Bless!
  14. Yay let's have another one! It'll give Mr. Mueller another nicely paid job to keep him busy after the Russiagate fiasco finally collapses.
  15. The only option I have now is to "create another entry" ETA: Have a nice one . I'm out of confidence
  16. No, the exact opposite, actually. You should read the study.
  17. I think you should start practicing magick aquila. Get some real first hand experience. Instead of speculating on the "evils" of materialism.
  18. Actually symbols would be much better then parables or any language. In fact the PTB use symbols on humans all the time to program and control the populace. I am aware of many other civilizations, universes and an infinite amount of timelines. Also that time is not linear but cyclical.
  19. I'm in either way I'll let you guys decide
  20. Good luck with that......
  21. Here we go... George Soros Funded Group Readying Trump’s Sexual Harassment Accusers To Push For Congressional Investigation Lest we forget:
  22. This could be it! I wouldn't DARE venture into #whataboutism, I'll never hear the end of it.
  23. Please for the love of God, don't tell me you are saying she lost cause of media bias?????? 90% of media coverage was for her, and negative against Trump. My guess is they didn't release it cause it was obviously BS. Their credibility had already been shot. And now people may very well go to prison over it.
  24. I'm sorry but if you believe a Jesus gave up his life that makes you a Christian. I don't like labeling people but if you believe that a god sent his son to be tortured and murdered that is a Christian belief. I'm sorry but I don't subscribe to a sacrificial belief system for that to me is Archonic.
  25. As in the Eagles song: "call someplace paradise, kiss it goodbye." This is a wise decision. I live in a place that used to be very rural and open. Then some years back a handful of people created this image of progress and sold it to outside investors. They in turn sponsored magazine articles and what not telling the world what an unspoiled and amazing place this was. People came in droves and still are. They fled the traffic and high prices and urban jungle. It was cheap here and they were willing to pay insane process to locals for homes because it was a quarter of the price where they came from. Farmers sold their land to developers for what they thought was insane prices who built houses on fertile land that was once alkali desert made farmable by years of work because it was already flat and level. And then there were those seeking the wonderful opportunity in the advertisements only to find out there were very few jobs paying enough to afford the new prices. I can't blame them, but now in the summer when I drive into the mountains along a river that once used to see maybe 2 or 3 cars parked along, now you cannot even find a space to pull off for miles because of white water rafters and no place you can go and not find trash.
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