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  2. Mountains. Whales. The distant stars. All these things exist in space, and so do we. Our bodies take up a certain amount of space. When we walk to work, we are moving through space. But what is space? Is it even an actual, physical entity? In 1717, a battle was waged over this question. Exactly 300 years later, it continues.
  3. youth's energy leaves Lilly speechless! GASPS
  4. Well! I Never! Did You? YELLS
  5. Rather often the term heretic was reserved for the scientists. And the Gnostics.
  6. Anyone who is more experienced in the Science of Numerology is more than welcomed to join the topic without following previous discussion. Things do not have to be linear. I am interested in viewing things from various perspectives. Thank you.
  7. You'll find similar structures in other parts of ME. The best guess is that they were for controlling or capturing large herds of gazelle and other such creatures.
  8. Apologies to our esteemed Seeder for the topic duplication.
  9. Dear Albert, Irene Loves You. WINDY
  10. Yeah, in the 50's when the accuracy of the Norse sagas were being debated. The consensus* was that they were true but there was no supporting 'hard' evidence to support Norse visits to NA. Once the evidence for L'Anse aux meadows came out. It swung around YET a few still insisted the Norse had not made the voyage - instead Native American/First Nation folks had developed a naval technology, gone to Greenland/Iceland and incorporated a number of Norse traits and technologies.....then returned. I mean 99.9 went for reality but a few held out. * As relayed to me by Professor 'Bill' Solheim who lived thru that time and that debate.
  11. I do a kind of meditation most days. Something I made up. Its a mixture of chanting Om Mani Padme Hum, and affermations such as, "I forgive myself, my family, my neighbours, the whole planet and anyone who harmed me in a previous lifetime" All in one in-breath. Another affirmation is "I connect to my Supra Conscousness." or "I connect to Buddha Nature." I finish the meditation with, "Who Am I? I Am THAT I Am, and, I Am." I affirm lots of weird and wonderful things, each thought creating its own neurological pathway, ready for when my Vibration has reached a certain level. By the end of the meditation I feel very relaxed and well balanced. But I also have another way to drop all my thoughts and just observe the life around me. Your mind is made up of two aspects, the Feminine and the Masculine. The Masculine observes, organises and directs, the Feminine receives, gestates and creates. If you watch the watcher, ie the Masculine mind, then all thoughts will drop away and you will be left with pure awareness, until you stop watching the watcher. The first time I did this I just sat looking around my room without a single thought running through my mind, just observing, like really looking at all the different objects. And when I go outside I do this, "Watching the Watcher" thing. You really get to see and connect to people. Its wild!
  12. Hello, SourSoup.
  13. What to do about the demiurge. It's the age-old question. Maybe just realize we don't need it.
  14. creative vision something new, used and borrowed applied toward an end
  15. dogs have eyebrows
  16. Fresh dressed crab. I had it in a crusty baguette - eaten with spring onions and baby plum tomatoes.
  17. Glass
  18. Hi there closingtheway. Welcome
  19. He lost his son in combat, he and his wife are a Gold Star family. Where is your respect for that family?
  20. Just like mumma used to make it
  21. Hi to you AmethystW. Welcome to UM
  22. Hello to you SourSoup, welcome
  23. Hey, Hanslune: Bob here, in order to hypocritically act like a teenager, won't talk directly to me, although he sure as **** is happy to talk about me. Ask him what (if any) exoerience he has of the academic history field, or if it's just sour grapes than nobody else seems to appreciate his genius like himself. I think it's ignorant and naive to say any group of historians would agree on any one thing, let alone some infantile idea they're all in some manner of conspiracy of silence. Bob's hardly the first to suggest such a puerile idea, but no one has ever produced a single shred of evidence to justify it. --Jaylemurph
  24. Today
  25. Exactly.
  26. I think that's a swell idea Z She can call herself the "Rhinestone Rock Star" dreamy
  27. Truth- check the post above your last post- it looks like you are quoting yourself Oh wait- there are 2 "Truthseekers" out there - looks like one is a secret agent
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