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  2. Here's the a link to the above story with a link to the original article from NASA for those that want to read more: Artificial Intelligence, NASA Data Used to Discover Eighth Planet Circling Distant Star
  3. Lol no I can see who you mean now, responded a bit too soon, I apologize.. that was kinda obvious. I was just put off by your attempt to paint me as some sort of Obama supporter, trying to obfuscate his crimes somehow. I would have argued thesame in context of the crimes against the nations you mention, believe me.
  4. When you choke a Smurf, what color does it turn?
  5. You are misleading everyone again. You and I have discussed all this in the last few months and you know good and well that we are talking about Global tempurature adjustments NOT Oklahoma and that you nor anyone else can defend to even explain why NASA/NOAA GISS are adjusting these temperatures and that ALL these adjustments result in older data adjusted lower and recent years adjusted hotter.
  6. Attorney general, DHS secretary tie NYC terror attack to 'failures' in immigration system Sessions said that chain migration, the process of immigrants helping their family members immigrate, and the diversity visa lottery were responsible for terrorists entering the U.S. “How did it happen?” Sessions said regarding Monday’s attack. “An individual won the lottery in Bangladesh. He came here. He then, through the chain migration process, brought his sister, and she brought her son, 20 years old, and he’s the one who attempted to blow up the subway in New York.”
  7. In order for something as massive as a T. rex to be buoyant in air, the atmospheric pressure would be so high that it would crush any living thing. See the obvious problem here? Having teeth has nothing to do with flying capabilities. By the same logic I could say that a T. rex could fly like a bird just because they both have eyes, without considering all the anatomical characteristics that show that it couldn't fly at all. Besides, the bird in the article you linked is a pelagornithid, which don't even have real teeth. They have pseudoteeth that are just extensions of their maxillae and dentaries. The differences in the structure of the forelimb between T. rex and emus are because they aren't particularly closely related and because they don't have a similar ecological niche. An impact event was responsible for the K-Pg extinction, not a thinning atmosphere. Size did not matter in this extinction as many non-avialan dinosaur species at the end of the Cretaceous were fairly small. Not to mention the numerous families of birds and mammals that also went extinct, none of which were particularly big either. I don't consider the "thicker atmosphere" hypothesis (or the similarly bad "lower gravity", "higher oxygen levels", and "fully aquatic dinosaurs" hypotheses) at all because it entirely relies on the misconception that dinosaurs could not support their own masses, a misconception made by people who have not actually studied dinosaurs and whose knowledge of them is terribly inaccurate. It ignores all of the extensive research published on dinosaur pneumaticity, which shows how such large sizes were possible without vastly different environmental conditions.
  8. Going to play dumb, now?
  9. And that would be.. ?
  10. Yes and how blithely you glossed over who was responsible for Libya and Syria and Egypt and Ukraine. Very telling also "on several levels".
  11. I'm worried about that poor little bird on your avatar ouija he look proper cold
  12. Yes but he clearly stated he thought she was a deer.
  13. NASA/NOAA ignores those problems. You can argue with them about whether it's reasonable or not. Read Post 205 where I said don't ask me to defend NASA/NOAA's methods. You apparently missed it. Doug
  14. It should never have occurred because the US should not have invested into another ousting of a ME head of state, right after seeding chaos in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya based on a similar rational mind you. I praise Putin for acting decisively in putting out a fire - reacting to massive efforts at destabilization / Balkanization - in his backyard the US was actively feeding with an abundance of high grade gasoline. '..Your incompetent prince of peace..'. Damn.. very telling statement, on several levels.
  15. You were completely wrong about the sound. I did not gravitate to what I believed. I looked it up to verify that MOST people heard sounds. The person that claimed all people reported silence was wrong. They probably gravitated instantly to what they believed. The fact that people reported different shapes, colors, height, sizes, etc. for the craft was in the newspapers at the time. I looked it up to check before posting.
  16. Thanks for sharing, dirtierdragoon4. These logs give more detail than the public schedule I'd been using. Interesting to read in the observing logs, that film crews were present at the start of the Breakthrough Listen Oumuamua observations at 20:45 GMT. This shows a good deal of interest by the news media, and makes it unlikely that any noteworthy discovery will not be quickly made known to the public.
  17. Raw data go back to different times in different places. And there are different datasets at each location. In Oklahoma we have five sets: Old Historical, Middle Historical, Recent Historical, Modern and Technological. Old is roughtly from 1824 to 1835. Only Fort Twoson operated during this time, so there is only one location, but they tried various ways of estimating daily average temperature and occasionally changed the time of day that measurements were taken. That means we need a dirunal model of temperature so we can fill in temperatures taken at 9:00 a.m., 3:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. and estimate the temperature at 7:00 a.m. I haven't got around to that one yet. If one can correlate temps with local populations, one can estimate the heat island effect. Turn that into an equation and you can use the measured temperature and population to estimate the temperature under the assumption of a steady population. BUT: All your temps will be estimates, even though they may differ from the measured temp by only hundredths of a degree. I'm willing to bet that even in Royal Observatory Data there are gaps. Somebody got sick and didn't come in to make the measurements that day; or a blizzard blocked the roads, or a piece of equipment broke, etc. Doug
  18. You are misleading people here. Nothing that you've just said is a reason NASA GISS is using unpublished Algorithms to adjust global Temperatures 6 times in the last 10 years!
  19. I'm not even going to bother to respond, the cat in now out of the bag regarding Mueller's team. We'll all see what happens now.
  20. Whooo... What a Charmer...
  21. Karma and Fate are poetic concepts to me, beautiful, austere and serene. They imply powers beyond human perception, influencing, directing and controlling our lives, which, to me, are fanciful, romantical notions to be cherished as such.
  22. There is, of course, the argument that the Abrahamic god is in fact Satan - sowing the seeds of discourse and dissent .......
  23. Indeed, when my mother used to say I lacked value as a human being because I wasn't Christian well, it hurt deeply. Her take on the Christian beliefs kept us from a relationship. It was tragic, and I am glad you brought this up.
  24. That is all religion is.
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