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  2. In Florida it ends up being a sort of weak fro. When I was in Vegas it did this nice curly thing for nothing. Otherwise I just cut most of it off.
  3. Hair behaving whats that lol. Mine doesn't behave unless I straighten it
  4. send him a PM... I havent seen him here much lately....but a PM may get him to come and have a look!
  5. Yes, I have been waiting patiently on his response. It should shed some light as they say.
  6. People driving very cars insanely fast through beautiful scenery.
  7. It was nice to take a shower and be dry in five minutes, and my hair actually behaved.
  8. I totally accept that, lets see what other polls bring forward. ETA : I also recognise that I and most others in this debate, are not free of bias either.
  9. Bee had you referenced the Military Industrial Complex instead of the New World Order, we would be close to agreement on many points you make here. I think Eisenhower's farewell address is in many ways very prophetic.
  10. Is than an exclusive poll by the Independent? I think you have to bear in mind that the Independent is not free of bias. It comes as leading political figures write in The Independent tomorrow about whether the country needs a further referendum to decide on Brexit, once terms of departure are known. Michael Heseltine, Peter Mandelson, Gina Miller and Vince Cable call for a rethink, It'd be hard to think of a list of more popular figures. Only one missing is Mr. Maldeson's former much-loved boss.
  11. I don't like the feeling of every bit of moisture being sucked out. Or feeling like you need to shower right after getting out of said shower. Lol I'm not a hot weather person
  12. I remember being in a desert. It was nice.
  13. In addition, his quote was manipulated/bended to the benefit of the story. There is a big difference between " “there could well be a pearl there” and " this could well be a pearl here".
  14. Were the 7 words banned from CDC usage? Yes or No
  15. Desert here, yet we often get Summer rain.
  16. So basically, there will never be a simple answer to my obviously simple question. Good God.
  17. Ah. In Florida. Is always sticky.
  18. Can you honestly not see how this is an ad populum in and of itself? Statistically claims are not proof of anything. Just because 70 million people claim a thing it does not make that thing real. It is not proof of absence but neither is it proof of presence. "This fallacy is sometimes committed while trying to convince a person that a widely popular theory is true. Since 90% of the people polled believed in the Qur'an, the Qur'an must be true. Since 82% of the people polled didn't believe in the theory of evolution, it must not be true. Since 88% of the people polled believed in jinn, they must exist. Since 88% of the people polled didn't believe in jinn, they must not exist" You presented no actual evidence beyond 'lots of people claim it' and that Mr Walker is an ad populum, sorry.
  19. I hate being sticky
  20. Ah, the best. It's already hot and nature adds a blanket
  21. Welcome, most of them would likely wait until after Christmas. We had rain tonight hot humid rain
  22. Thank you. I'm finishing an order, I haven't been able to make anything for awhile due to the weather. Either literally freezing or rain.
  23. since you suggest that: Britons now back Remain over Leave by 10 points, exclusive poll shows “Our polling suggests that about a year ago, those who did not vote in the referendum were broadly split, but today’s poll shows that they are now overwhelmingly in favour of remaining in the EU, by a margin of more than four to one.” There will NOT be a second referendum I know that, unless the Tory party implodes and we have a general election with one of the parties explicitly calling for same. However, when considering the degree of separation from Europe perhaps we should be cognisant of the changing attitudes of the people, "Polling since this time last year appears to demonstrate a clear trend; Leave enjoyed a lead last December which gradually shrank, before turning into a lead for Remain in the month of the general election, that has since grown." Interestingly - those who voted leave are not changing their mind in any great number - so those that say this based, on empirical evidence are correct - the outcome of another referendum would be totally dependent on who votes. Leaving the EU will satisfy the moral requirement of the 2016 referendum, maintaining a model as close to as is, will possibly, possibly better reflect the views of the majority as we enter 2018.
  24. That's what I've been trying to find out.
  25. Banning words is literally from “1984”. It’s Winston Smith role in the Ministry.
  26. you tell me -- are they or has the 'discussion been mischaracterized' .....?
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