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  2. weird - Moore 51.8% Jones 46.9% 76% chance of Jones win 32% reporting NY Times
  3. I used to visit a girlfriend who lived about 3 miles away....when I was a teenager.... I never had a car or much money so I always walked there. Following the streets was the longer route, but walking a diagonal over a park and a field slashed the route to about 1.5 miles, tho I never did it as the park and field were in total darkness However, one night it had snowed.....which meant I could see right across the park and field.....due to the moonlight and snow making things chose to take that route one night at about one in the morning... I never used to feel comfortable in the dark...but as said the snow and the moon meant I could see at least two hundred yards ahead at a time, so I took my chance and began to walk over the usually pitch black park and field Once in the middle of this huge park.....and the park was just cropped grassland with a few trees... (not a play park).....I saw what looked like a dog....running straight towards never barked or made a sound. Well Ive never been scared of dogs so wasnt bothered.... Until it got to me and went down on its haunches....and started growling quite menacingly..... I stopped absolutely still....said something like "come here boy".....being friendly and not showing fear.....WHEN.....another dog came running from the other side of joined the first dog, but was about ten foot away from me....and it too.....went down and began snarling... what was I to do? Alone in the middle of a vast bit of land....away from roads and streetlights and people, late at night....and I sensed I was in a lot of crap....2 dogs....snarling in front of me....they had approached in a hunting manner....coming from either direction....and were just there, growling and watching me I got that twitch of fear and for the first time in my life, I sensed very real danger... I called out to them, trying to sound confident and friendly....but they just growled and looked ready to pounce Back in those days I carried a swiss army knife.... and I slowly took it out, opened the big blade....Ive never hurt an animal intentionally, but that night....I knew if they pounced I was too far away to be helped, not that anyone else was around anyway So I was ready to stab the dog that attacked... I was very still ......just standing there, sensing any movement I may make could see them attack... my mind spinning with options... I knew I couldnt outrun I was prepared to fight...what other choice was there? I raised my knife up, preparing to stab down on any part of the dog that attacked....while trying to think of a way out of that situation...when one of the dogs got up and circled behind what do I do? I cant watch 2 dogs at once that way....and the hairs on my neck stood up and I was filled with dread...the dogs watched me, growling, I stood there not knowing what was going to was a face-off after what seemed an age.... the dog facing me stopped growling....and ran off....I spun round to see the second dog follow him... Needless to say I made my way hurriedly across that park and field and reached the safety of the streets and lights It was one of the weirdest and scariest moments in my life. I often wonder if they could even have been wolves...we do have them in the UK....but you never usually see them or hear about them...
  4. 30% reporting. Moore 52% (up 19,000 votes) Jones 46% New York Times says Moore has 75% chance of winning
  5. 22% counted 63% chance Jones win by 2.1 points. I think something has broke the NY Times algorithm
  6. UK's UFO documents that is said to have accidentally been released earlier this year without its appropriate redaction states: " I am aware from intelligence sources, that Russia believes that such phenomena exist and has a small team studying them. I am also aware that an informal group exists in the US intelligence community and it is possible that this reflects a more formal assessment activity." - the document is from the 90's.
  7. Yes, and Hynek later came forward saying he was told to lie about the more credible events of Bluebook. When project SIGN was dropped, the airforce told civilians that it doesn't look into UFO reports anymore. Meanwhile they started another secret investigation under the codename Grudge. There are many UFO reports that are declassified now showing they were still investigating.,. while telling the public it was nothing.
  8. "-Those are my principles!!!...and if you don't like them?... well, I have others... " Groucho Marx
  9. I guess there is their good excuse - no probe. Anytime I hear about an asteroid or something, there is very clear pics. OP's article did not explain distance... so that is very far. Too bad we do not have a probe traveling around earth on standby for events like this.
  10. Unfortunately in Northern Ireland at a stage it wasn't the odd person - it was almost the norm.
  11. Thank you for your response.
  12. I remember the Black Panthers well.
  13. Meanwhile, back at The Pyramid: other interesting techniques are being employed to further enhance our understanding of the Great Pyramid's construction.
  14. Wife of NHL Hall of Famer Luc Robitaille tweets about elevator encounter with Donald Trump Stacia Robitaille, whose husband, Luc, is an NHL Hall of Famer and president of the Los Angeles Kings, wrote on Twitter on Monday night that President Donald Trump, "told me I was coming home with him" more than two decades ago in an elevator at Madison Square Garden. "I was once on a elevator alone with [Trump] (& a man w/him) at Madison Square Gardens (sic)," Stacia Robitaille wrote. "He was aggressive & told me I was coming home with him. I laughed, stating I was married to a Ranger. He guaranteed me my husband didn’t make as much money as him. #ThisIsOurPresident" Stacia Robitaille added in a second tweet that, "I’m not a liberal lefty and I’m not looking for attention. Just felt bad keeping it to myself." The man is a pig but in the same breath I don't want to disparage porcines.
  15. Hi, thank you. They are some great theories and suggestions already held by the Hesselden project. I wish they would do some tests however. Great example of why more observations are needed.., (and less theoretical guessing)
  16. Over the years I became very familiar with the people who worked the election in our precinct. It happened to a disabled friend of mine and was thoroughly checked out...the earlier vote was made null and void. I guess they didn't think he would make the effort to show up in person and vote. The replacement sheet, with his verifiable information, was used.
  17. Have you been to Haiti recently?
  18. As a man of few regrets I don"t feel guilty about pleasure. jmccr8
  19. It has been well documented. This is something that happens.
  20. The universe existed fine before me and it'll be fine without me. The main point to optimistic nihilism (at least to me) is to not take life too serious.
  21. You have more experience for sure man. But that doesn't mean I will take your word as gospel without seeing some facts. I have a deep hatred for bullies. I bully bullies back 10 times harder. I can't stand injustice.., and people trying to get it over others. I am a logical person. I have 2 piles for people's "posts". Assumption or fact. People will make either one.., and I am quick to ignore baseless assumptions (or ask for data). I think everyone should practice being less gullible/influenced by others who speak with authority on any subject. University actually encourages critical thinking. So whenever ANYONE says yes.., I will automatically look for points against. Or vice versa. That's why I get High Distinctions for every assignment. That's what is needed in UFOlogy too. A fresh unbiased approach.
  22. For a time in Northern Ireland if you turned up to vote and you couildn't - sometimes because you had already voted earlier that day, or someone else letting on to be you had voted on your card - the clerks gave you a polling sheet anyway - I was never convinced this 'replacement sheet' actually counted. In Northern Ireland at that stage the saying "Vote Early Vote Often' was a common refrain. BTW numbers turned to 51% chance Moore going to win. at 7% of count.
  23. It's real tight Moore 50.0% Jones 49.8% early yet of course
  24. She's decided mom is main chew toy. I almost need to tell anyone who I'll see, to excuse the bruises and any teeth marks they're from her
  25. The term plausible deniability is thrown around a lot. You can never truly connect it to any one person. However, "Project Blue Book was one of a series of systematic studies of unidentified flying objects conducted by the United States Air Force."
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