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  2. Hi Stubbly, I wouldn't push or outlaw faith because I think that it is part of what motivates me to do better and achieve ends. Sometimes with engaging others there are challenges in getting to the root of their concepts especially when they are quite abstract from my own. Have I ever told you about how much I enjoy a challenge? They help define my own perspective and that gets the neural networks alive and working, if I was just passive my brain would die of boredom. jmccr8
  3. A cold metal heart maybe.
  4. Thanks!! Good luck to your team or teams as well!
  5. tcgram

    A great song is much cheaper than a therapist.  :) 

  6. I do believe that many people do what you are talking about but may not be as conscious oif it as you are. Again thank you! Peace Mark
  7. Sharks are definitely graceful and awesome when seen from a safe distance but seeing one coming for you would be one of the most terrifying things to happen! Glad he could make it to safety.
  8. I think this cancer will simply shift to another target. I'm glad that the survivors there may finally have a chance to rebuild their lives - at least for awhile
  9. It was Foster dun it jmccr8
  10. To have children understand both their rights and responsibilities under our form of government doesn't "relate" to our educational system? I was educated in public school in Mobile, Alabama between 1968 and 1979. I regularly see people who roll their eyes and scoff at the education Southerners receive in comparison to the rest of the nation, yet today I know more about the three branches of government and how they function than the great majority of kids graduating H.S. It's as though the public schools are intentionally keeping the kids from understanding their duty to this country. If some entity wanted to destroy this nation from within, I can't imagine a better way of accomplishing it. We teach the kids the price of everything and the VALUE of nothing...
  11. People think we have two levels of mind - conscious and subconscious. Our emotions and psychological needs arise out of our subconscious. The conscious then applies logic, critical thinking, and problem solving to fix or resolve them. We have a third level of mind called pure awareness. It sits in-between our conscious and subconscious simply watching what each are up to and how both interact with each other. It doesnt feel or think, it observes. And when you can identify that third level of mind in yourself your meditation has given you extra neurons. We grow the pure awareness level of mind and develop self-control to stop our subconscious/conscious running the show. So you get left with pure awareness with no thoughts. Or rather you can decide when to shut both of them up at will.
  12. I refuse to call it champagne. Considering it was invented by the English, calling it "champagne" would be like calling a pork pie a "Languedoc-Rousillon."
  13. Seek only truth provided it falls in line with your preconceived beliefs. We saw this when you refused to accept the scientific method and it's impact on the study of the natural universe. Blame the materialists that there is no evidence of God. You're really not that different to these creationists yourself. I do not understand the comparison of science to religion. I feel, apples and oranges here. My thoughts on that, of course. Here's the thing, and bringing up the word truth. (And if those who know me, I'm a believer, unique in it, but a believer never the less.) Looking at religions and their beliefs and tenets and such, (including in my own) one cannot fully see these things as the full truth, if it hasn't been proven as the full objective proof. Science, I feel one can. If using religions, (even my own) and compare it to Davos's dopamine points, I may not feel strongly the same way to Davos's points, but I do entertain the thought, he might have more evidence to prove it, then someone religious's points. (and yes, even my own) I and others might find things like Davos's points disturbing to themselves, (like I might, sorry Davos) but I feel, it's disturbing, because it is more provable a situation and that can be found uncomfortable in it's own. The truth is the truth.
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  15. I dunno, i have seen alot of folks keep running into the same brick wall face first hoping for a better outcome. Maybe we should outlaw sweet talk!! I think that's a good point. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, I'm gonna reflect on that. Because, I'm going to guess, it might be a case by case situations. Ah yes it may seem that way but it is an imaginary brick wall. jmccr8 Know, I might be confused. Could this be seeing too much faith and seeing it might cause problems, or the wish to outlaw faith, or the wish to push more?!?!? I DON'T KNOW!!! Gonna reflect, like I said, gonna reflect. Thats an interesting thought, pushing faith. The Buddha was very clear, don't push your beliefs upon anyone unless they have asked you first. Respecting free will. So we lead by example, we show the change and its consequences via our actions, we are the change we want to see in the world. We are the source of love and wisdom and wealth, these things flow through us and we become them too. This is why I love forums like this, everybody is here by their own free will. I can express my happiness, my love and any wisdom I may have gleaned, but I am also a student here, a teacher/pupil of life, in life. And my prize is the Truth. Other than that I have no dog in this race, I don't mind where this amazing journey takes us, I am here to experience the ride, come what may. We have some interesting times ahead. The future is together. Love y'all. I think that's beautifully said. I guess, the OP's thoughts on faith, is the same both ways, you can't outlaw it and you can't push it either. And in the end, there's beauty in the differences if you push it either way.
  16. The geometry adds up for me. That hidden car is tiny. OTOH, my brain wants to reject it as "improbable." The problem with that is that random chance not only allows improbable things (like perfect alignment/motion in this case) to (occasionally) happen, it compels them. My instinctive "argument from personal incredulity" would be weak.
  17. Horse-toothed hoof-handed gas monkey
  18. 21000 according to the Wookipedia. That seems to be about the maximum that can be expected.
  19. When experienced diver John Craig found himself alone in deep water more than seven kilometres off the WA coast — and with a four-metre tiger shark circling him — he thought those moments might be his last. His dive partner was in their boat, but engine trouble saw it swept away while Mr Craig was underwater off Shark Bay on Friday afternoon. A major air and sea search for Mr Craig was launched and his family and friends feared the worst while the light faded over the waters, known to be heavily populated with sharks.
  20. It's a waterrise.
  21. It has long been theorized that fear of spiders and snakes has a genetic component. If you think about how natural selection works, that's not surprising at all. Individuals who instinctively feared and thus avoided these potentially dangerous forms tended to live longer and have more reproductive success. This study appears to support the theory. I'm not saying that fear can't be learned. Of course it can. But that doesn't exclude a genetic component.
  22. Black Monk

    If you notice this notice you will notice that this notice is not worth noticing.

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  23. We often get the Apache fly over us sometimes it's not much above roof hight,other times it just a little spec, apparently it can fly at about 25000 ft
  24. A 'sword in the stone' inspired by King Arthur's Excalibur has been stolen after being mysteriously pulled from its lakeside home. The sword was fixed into the stone with cement next to Llangorse Lake in the Brecon Beacons, which has been rumoured to be one of the possible locations of Camelot.
  25. He could well become King Arthur. His name is William Arthur Philip Louis so, for his regnal name, he can choose to either be King William V, King Arthur, King Philip or King Louis.
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