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  2. Huge logical fallacy here. By this reckoning Bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster also exist in reality because of the number of accounts. Heck we even have film of Bigfoot... You can claim a thing exists Mr Walker but to try and use an ad populum arguement to support your point is a cheap tactic.
  3. And completely delusional.
  4. No it doesn't. You bet wrong.
  5. Anyone who smells it will die, no one died. Your story is bull****.
  6. Because I like to question myself. Growing up, I thought this was the greatest trait to have. I figured that if you questioned everything.., you could pretty much argue both sides, for and against until you solve the problem. My dad was excellent at this, and I marvelled at how he could find a solution to almost every problem. The more I did it.., the faster I got at it and now I can run through so many possibilities of an event.., and choose the best route. I do it with everything. Its actually really really fun. Should I go here? Should I do this? Whats the risk of this? Similar to driving a car. I will imagine a map of all the streets in my head.., and try to figure out the best route. I will actually run through each scenario separately with as much detail as possible, and as many variables I can think of. (Hills, lights, traffic at time of day etc) From start to finish at my destination. Then retry a different route. Next, next, next. Then find the best. That's why I love programming so much now. Its how I think, but quicker.
  7. The chances of you reading that report was slim to none. but lets give you the benefit of the doubt, lets say you read the report before i linked it - then why are you asking questions that the article had all the answers to. bit strange.
  8. In my eyes it already is. The problem with trying to achieve a 'perfect' world is that the definition of perfect differs from person to person. To me a 'perfect' world, without flaw, would be a terribly boring place to live.
  9. Special dog only icecream. The ears were on for less then 10seconds per dog and there was another human in the rooms with me
  10. The rise of Anti-EU parties within member states tells a story the EU does not want to hear and brings to question that all is not well within the EU itself. There seems to be a disconnect between the bureaucrats running the EU and the people they are in office to represent. But then again, The EU Commission's sole purpose and allegiance is to not their country but the EU itself. Italy is set to have elections early next year and Anti-EU parties are gathering support, talk just wont go away from Italy leaving the Euro and then we have the Austrian govt now in coalition with the Anti-EU Freedom party. EU taking the Poland, Hungary and Czech Republic to the Unions own court, which is a political court over not accepting Germany's problem. i.e not accepting the migrant quotas. how to win hearts and minds.
  11. third_eye

    What's for dinner ?

    ... *deep thoughts*

  12. Just to clear things up for Crazy Horse, the 'God' you speak of is not the creator of the universe, it is an alien that does not even see itself as God. I believe CH was looking for the ultimate 'it' and not an alien with limited power.
  13. I think she want me in hell with her. But I never seen her.
  14. Haha, I know what happen because I was awake like now.
  15. None. Nobody smell it. It was only me, but it doesn't have effect on me. I don't know why.
  16. I think they are illuminati or aliens. There was one girl who seems to want to have virtual sex with me and I really try but it did not work. About 40 times try haha, she was there only for this with me and I think it was important for her. She know every of my thought, at least of what she told me. Then there was some dark ritual made by alien machine with us and I felt I can do it with her no matter it was not even on chat. But then I felt that many people will die and I get scared and not did it.
  17. You believe it's true.
  18. How many people died who smelled it?
  19. Things are set up the way they are - and the truth is that we all have a direct connection to God anyhow. I pray to God and via Spirit I recieve an answer. THATS the way things are set up. In the past I am sure that this connection, this communion was a lot more common place. Folk today have this ability - THATS the way it is right now. And as for the future... Wheres the growth? The growth is in the communion with Spirit. Ends and means are not two different things. We express love to become love. We find an inner peace to have an outer peace. And btw, no body said that God takes care of all the suffering. WE ask for guidance and then we act. It is us who will create a better world!
  20. so do you see what I mean? what creature/alien can live 100,000 years to get here....and the same amount of time to go home again? And thats JUST in OUR in ANOTHER galaxy.....would be simply impossible to travel so far over so long THIS WILL ALWAYS BE THE PROBLEM...... space is sooo big that people simply cannot fathom it..... NO, they believe a small saucer can get here....flit about....then sod off again....the real world and physics doesnt work that way. Sorry...but this is a FACT
  21. Nothing relevant to what I asked for. I'm dealing with bismides on the daily basis. Colleagues are growing ternary/quaternary bismides faster than I can bastardize grown samples, so I know a bit about difficulties in growth technology and physics behind it. Anyway, where is God in your link?
  22. I wonder if these markings will cause issues with these new organs later on down the line?
  23. But let me clear something up....Ive said OFTEN..... I the possibility of alien life....somewhere out there.... Its just I dont believe they have ever been here, even at the speed of light....speed of light is fast of course....but space is so damned huge... Our Milky Way galaxy of stars is so huge that even at the speed of light it would take 100,000 years to travel across it! Gullible believers dont realise stuff like that
  24. Very good Kenemet...... i was aware that it was parts that broke off the comet , that caused the 9 craters in Saarama ......and not the heat......LOL......although the heat would have been tremendous. At the estimated velocity of the comet at 1800 km per minute , and the distance from Kaali to Peru being approx 11,000 km .. it would only have taken around 6 minutes for it to have crossed the ocean. From all the information i have , it is not possible people could have vitrified these rocks with the technology of the estimated time frame .
  25. No derailing at has to do with gullible types, as per the OP....its just further examples that show the gullible they really are.. and I bet that hurts...
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