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  2. Oh, man, we joke about it all the time. What state is that in? I've met visitors who's been there but no one I know on the museum staff has. Most of us would like to go there but are afraid we'd get in trouble for chuckling and heckling.
  3. Vader kid is awesome
  4. Be Loose Use Soft Hues LOOSE
  5. I'm not a big fan of commercials, but the photo from above comes from this one, which is quite possibly the cutest commercial mankind ever made:
  6. The closest 'major' museum near me is that BS Creation Museum by Ken Ham. Would love to know what you think of that place.
  7. See? Even as a little boy Darth Vader took his training seriously:
  8. wait! what? you're saying you don't know either?
  9. That is just so damn cute!
  10. You'd think, but I've been working there for fifteen years and Black Friday is always packed. It helps that this museum is one of the largest in the world, so it's a great family activity for everyone coming in to see relatives. And it also helps that some of Chicago's ritziest shopping is within walking distance. A long walk, but it's supposed to be beautiful tomorrow, so a lot of people will be out. We've had a miserable fall.
  11. May I politely say that Chris Spears has a different take from CBS News in Denver?
  12. I am playing devils advocate here, we both know there will be flaws, all software is flawed. Even ours Look at the internet, it wasn't really intended to turn out like this either. If you set a child in front of the television for 20 years and never told it how humans should treat each other what kind of person would they be? When dealing with a blank slate it's best to write a few suggestions at the top or expect there to be therapy bills later. The problem with tech companies is they sometimes have ulterior motives. Bias towards certain manufacturers or websites. Gathering information for ad targeting or worse. This seems to be getting more blatant in my opinion. Intelligence (real or simulated) does not guarantee free will. As far as being truly artificial I think this is impossible to achieve. Some part of the creator always shows up in the creation. Part ego part accident. If you are interested in my thoughts on weaponization of ai they are posted at length in the slaughterbots thread. I don't believe its a good idea but I also don't believe it can be stopped. I have to agree, these are interesting times. I believe AI in controlled circumstances is a valuable tool. I just don't think we humans have the capacity to not screw it up. Lately I wonder if whatever caused us to come into being had similar discussions? Just because you could doesn't mean you should. Give it a couple generations. Humans generally like to be guided even if they claim they don't. Enough will drink the coolaid.
  13. Lol Crystal who just got married does, she'll see it opening weekend. I don't mind the movies.
  14. A museum with Black Friday crowds? I thought it was almost exclusively for retail stores and such.
  15. Yeah, if you don't like store crowds you must not like theater crowds, especially on the opening day of a film like Star Wars. I just wait for them to stream. You should come to our museum tomorrow. Black Friday is one of the busiest days of the year. I actually look forward to it becuse it's the one place I enjoy crowds. And it will be crowded.
  16. I see youre back online kindly respond
  17. I gots Star Wars on the brain. Can't wait for the new one, yet I realistically won't see it till long after it's release.
  18. Yeah, no kidding...
  19. I don't like crowds it affects my Anxiety. Plus way too many trashy people around
  20. No, it’s as simple as ever - do you possess a moral code that means you treat all people with respect, do not discriminate, do not abuse your positions of power/influence and lead a life that impacts only positively upon your neighbours and the world? then you’re one of the good guys. What’s changed is that people we thought were good guys are outing themselves as ****s.
  21. She only heard of this story after her daughter had read it? I reckon she has bigger problems than sleeping beauty.
  22. Payback will hurt more JC probly said it best love your enemies
  23. This page says the atef dates to as early as the reign of Sahure (Dynasty 5), but unfortunately no corroborating details are provided. To be honest this is not something I've ever researched—or if I've read about it, I don't remember any longer. It might be worth my time to dig into this, if just for my own edification. But I see now that the crown on the earlier Khufu cartouche I posted is probably not the atef but the swty (two feathers); see my link at the start of this post.
  24. I've mostly avoided the crowds cause of a rather extreme case of social phobia. I'm getting over it now, but I'm still socially awkward at times. So yeah, I've kinda avoided it because I don't have a life to the contrary.
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