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  2. Ageist!
  3. Vox Populi, Vox Dei... we'll revisit this decision in 23 months. The problem with being part of a lynching is that someday it might just be "you" wearing the necktie. About 1.5% of the vote was write in's by people I assume to have considered themselves "enlightened Conservatives". All they managed to do was place a man in the Senate who supports abortion on demand, gun control, and unfettered immigration. That's the most convoluted perception of morality that I've ever seen. So be it. For the next 23 months, at least, Alabamians will have the government we deserve.
  4. She wasn't young enough for them to hit on.
  5. See Astra's post preceding.
  6. Insert other media You accuse me of being out of my depth.; You accuse me of knowing nothing while you actually do this sort of stuff. Well. I do this stuff too. And I am telling you to test it out for yourself. You will see for yourself. Or.., just keep stalling and talking BS. Your just making yourself look like a fool. You are not making much sense here. Please post the "excuses". No one said its "NOT OK for us to ask them to nominate the ones that are worthy." I am not following you here. Seal the threads fate? Wth man. lol. I argued that you said aliens exist? Seriously.., what is going on? I never said anything like this. Sorry, I shouldn't laugh. You are obviously under a lot of stress for some reason.
  7. If we're going to talk about sex scandals by politicians, we may as well bring them all up. People seem to think this is a new phenomenon.
  8. What is spirit? It's what is projected from the greater reality above that casts a shadow down, which we percieve as the material world. That's how I see it.
  9. More likely you're trying to find support for an event that never happened.
  10. Will, how does this address my question?
  11. you actually have realistic knowledge of the results of avalanches and from your own expertise can disprove this, or are you just using information (that you can't even be bothered to cite properly) from others that merely agrees with your pre-existing conclusions? --Jaylemurph
  12. Some people lead; some people follow. Some like to stray off the main trail with eyes seeking sign and traces of roads not often travelled. I was always a free-roamer, in my youth, seeking the solace and serenity of Frost's "Road Less Travelled By". I'm not much of a follower, myself. I learned not to become too enamored of the words of others, having the will and skill to forge better ones of my own.
  13. Of course you can. How else will you even think to open it?
  14. On another job a young woman and I were quietly grass seeding a deactivated logging road when from behind an old cull pile of logs I heard a loud grunt and saw a huge furry lump spring out of the trees. I'm sure that we both screamed but were both relieved to see that it was a young moose and not a grizzly.
  15. Find out what the eye of providence symbolises.
  16. And no one knows who wrote the UB. at least with Joesph Smith (that is what Dianetics and the UB remind me of) we all know he was sitting behind the curtain plagiarizing the Bible. Sheesh.
  17. Forgive my cynicism, but I like the way the 'thinkers' who make these claims often talk about things being 10, 20 or more km off in the distance, as if that excuses a complete lack of detail... they sorta forget that what is distant to one person is likely OVERHEAD for another... And the reason that those closer don't take photos or report their sighting? Dare I say they recognise it as something they know...? It's also good to see all the usual excuses for NOT posting the proverbial best (or even just 'good'..) videos. It is OK to say that there are lots of videos, so at least some of them must be worthy or could be used as evidence... But apparently it's most certainly NOT OK for us to ask them to nominate the ones that are worthy... How dare we??? And then, to seal the thread's fate, there is always someone who changes the goalposts to imply that the skeptics (like me) who argue that alienz are NOT yet visiting earth, are actually arguing that no aliens exist. We are NOT arguing that, but thanks anyway for being predictable, 'truthseeker'... The Z---r days are not gone, after all...
  18. Sheri, I don't want to be rude. Everyone has their capacity to understand certain things or not. My dad asked me the same thing several times. I'm sorry, but I don't scratch my head anymore when I'm asked about what's to me, and I'm also pretty sure is to many others, one of the most basic things to percieve as a human being. Spirit realities. No disrespect. Everyone isn't the same in that regard, I'm begrudgingly coming around to understand.
  19. What good news. So glad to know that the alleged pedophile and sexual harasser of women didn't win. Congratz to Mr Jones ...
  20. My thoughts too. It could be that Will aligns with code law, that which is mandated by imposition. I was curious as to what he was avoiding.
  21. Tell us more about protecting women Senator Gillibrand.
  22. Oh, my God, Will! You can't judge a book by it's cover! *lol*
  23. Good to know Hammer. But it isn't my book. I never got lost in it perhaps being derivative though. I just read it judging it by its cover.
  24. I assumed as much, merely a rhetorical question for the sake of clarity. One should be wary of anything imposed contrary to one's own will--no pun intended.
  25. What spirit realities Will?
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