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  2. I personally like the idea well done Labour...As for our gang culture being here because they listen to rap music an watch tupac docos...I dont think so.It goes much deeper than that.50=60 yrs ago when 2 of our main gangs were jus begining these infliences werent even around..Killer beez originate from Otara nz, 2003,formed by josh masters..They are a spin off from the Tribesmen also originated in nz, bay of plenty..I personally am sadened by such gangs as I feel they are a waste of beautifully talented people who in large are Maori an Pacific Islanders..I am of Maori descent an I wish for better more constructive things for our people to be involved in.. I love the new law though an it isnt racist at all it applies to all races..
  3. Like a Royal Representative to a Crown Colony pretty much sums it up.
  4. That's a fair point. You're better than many sources out there, though.
  5. You don't care that you'll have to pay more for less service? And you don't care that others who don't have the money will have little to no internet? And you don't care that many people rely on the internet to communicate with loved ones, go to school, get their news, start and maintain a small business, etc.? And you don't care that this is destined to hurt the economy? And you don't care that literally every modern country in the world has a free and open internet and that now we're the only 'modern' nation that doesn't? And you don't care that over 83% of Americans vehemently oppose this decision and support Net Neutrality and yet despite that the FCC still does this anyway despite this supposedly being a democracy? You really don't care about all this? I'd say you most likely do, but just don't fully understand the real ramifications of this decision.
  6. If / when that story breaks, I doubt you'll need me to tell you.
  7. When you wear a mask long enough, you forget the person behind it.
  8. Haven't a clue.
  9. Just out of curiosity, does anybody buy items from these random ads?
  10. Hammer is just saying that these wonderful qualities you claim do not come across online. And, we would like to know this man too. What comes across is arrogance and vanity, condescending and holier then thou persona. Are you aware you come across as this?
  11. I don't do social media. Never had a desire to read peoples fake lives.
  12. Thanks your a pal jmccr8
  13. Help yourself to these:
  14. I honestly don't care. There is life outside the internet. But I can afford the internet that I want. Because I've got a job and money.
  15. I can't stand Cosby, Moore, Weinstein, and others. I think that they're guilty as sin. I believe almost all of the girls and women in those cases. That aside, I smell the burning flesh of falsely accused "warlocks".
  16. Does this count? I can't think of any reason to put it on my actual Twitter account, so this will have to do. That's one fine-looking potato.
  17. You have absolutely no clue how bad this is do you? Fine. You'll know soon enough.
  18. Thos like limit is killing me so yes hugs TC and likes to all of you.LIKE jmccr8
  19. The holidays can be difficult for a lot of people. I think a lot about my mom this time of year. She was always the heart of our Christmas gatherings. But my sister and eight-year-old nephew are coming into town tomorrow, and that puts s smile in my heart. My nephew is adorable and. believe it or not, looks nothing like a mummy.
  20. You forgot to explain the reason why she called him an idiot.
  21. It doesn't matter. Strzok (buy that boy a vowel) was kicked off the dream team after his coach, an evidently good person with bad judgment, learned about the texts.
  22. Banned for we did not draw your name this year to get a present.
  23. I sent out cards one year the had a lovely picture on the front of a winter creek with a cardinal sitting in a tree. Inside the caption said " midget dick! midget dick! midget dick!" Folks still mention them to this day with love and admiration.
  24. There are these things called quotation marks -- inverted commas, if you want to be trans-Atlantic with it -- there are actually used to note that something is not your work. Then you write whose work you're using or it's what's called academic dishonesty. I don't think you were trying to get away with anything, I just think you were lazy and thoughtless and unappreciative of the work it took someone to write and post that information. --Jaylemurph
  25. The most biggererest group hug for TC.
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