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  2. Only thing i hope for when death is near that my anxiety isnt there. If it isnt there and i am somehow calm and at peace then i will be fine.
  3. And the way to stop thoughts? Watch the Watcher.
  4. Sorry, that was a sloppily written post. I have been watching Bake Off on channel 4 and there's only a couple of episodes left there. There's hardly anything I want to watch now. I don't like 'Strictly', 'X Factor', 'The Voice' and their ilk ..... they're scripted and manipulated.
  5. the chemtrail myth is debunked the moment someone claims to have seen them spraying at high altitude
  6. I didn't think anyone built the sphinx . I thought it was carved out of the bedrock ..... And all available evidence points to this having occurred around the same time period as the pyramids were constructed ~3.5kya The important point being - whilst it is quite possible that it was carved much earlier, there is NO irrefutable evidence to support such a conjecture. And in the absence of such, why suggest it? No-one suggests Stonehenge was built 10kya - yet there is as much evidence for stonehenge being that old as there is for the sphinx .....
  7. Christmas Island red crabs migrate in extreme numbers in this vintage BBC clip.
  8. A goodwill ambassador for the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse, more like One of the most evil men on the planet
  9. The World Health Organization (WHO) has appointed President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe as a "goodwill ambassador" to help tackle non-communicable diseases. New WHO head Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus praised Zimbabwe for its commitment to public health. But critics say Zimbabwe's health care system has collapsed, with the president and many of his senior ministers going abroad for treatment. They say that staff are often unpaid and medicines are in short supply.
  10. It was a mink, or rather several, they were also quite drunk, itscwhy the lion had a mans head, minks made the Sphinx after several drinks.
  11. please feel free to share your thoughts with us whether how good or bad it is, and by the way welcome to the forum.
  12. Mr Mork

    Stop glancing at that forum Mork and get the hoover out!

  13. China's Tiangong-1 space station is currently out of control and expected to fall back to Earth next year. But not in the remote place where many other spacecraft end their days. Explorers and adventurers often look for new places to conquer now that the highest peaks have been climbed, the poles reached and vast oceans and deserts crossed. Some of these new places are called the poles of inaccessibility. Two of them are particularly interesting. Related:
  14. Just had a thought -- omg when we leave the EU will Ireland still give us points in the Eurovision Song Contest - Sometimes they are the only country to boost our score - except when we were extra crap and got nul points - even the Irish couldn't give us one point then - (yeah yeah I know it's all political...that's why it's an issue with us leaving the EU and Ireland remaining ) aaaanyway ...... Let's have a little musical interlude dedicated to brothers and sisters, north and south, across the Irish Sea --
  15. left leg which
  16. Medieval times! Everything back in those times was a fire hazard and death trap - should combustion occur. And why did they litter the grounds with straw and then stick candles everywhere? Its no wonder no-one survived long enough to invent the light bulb!
  17. The end of another year is fast approaching.
  18. Anyone up for a slice of game pie? Simply order 3 pints of Cockers Rank Ale and recieve a free slice.
  19. No, there is no proof that Sphinx was built 10,000 years old. I have been telling this since the beginning. There are mostly pointers to an older Sphinx. But there are major flaws in the current timelines. Could you please clarify, according to you, who did build Sphinx? Also please point out the related proofs? @kmt_sesh believes it to be Khafre, but not sure about others. Unfortunately I didn't get any response from kmt_sesh on my concerns pointed out in one of my earlier comments.
  20. Totally agree to it. I am just putting some common-sensical things than scientific. My main point is that existing human activities make it harder to find evidences, not impossible. But Giza poses other problems too. The major quarrying activities in the fourth dynasty has potentially wiped out many pre-fourth dynastic evidence in the plateau. Just quoting something from a paper by Dr Colin reader: Later Dr Reader also found a Tomb with Sunken Palace that proofs pre-dynastic activities in the area. I couldn't find a paper related to it, but can be found in this National Geographic documentary.
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  22. Ruby04

    Normally I'm not a huge natural disaster movie person, but Geostorm is a good movie. Scary that parts of it are possible. 

  23. Is a steady hand What makes the masterpiece or Creative vision
  24. Holy crap, now the Remainers are going to bump off Ms. May?
  25. I can't help it if you can't read. Rape killing etc are hold overs from instinctive evolved primate drivers built into primates to promote fitness of the species They are not bad or evil in other primates BUT humans see the harm they do and the hurt We also have evolved better ways to strengthen our gene pools and to ensure our survival. We don't require the dominant male to kill off all rivals and their young and impregnate every female he can hold by force so that the physically strongest and fittest genes survive in the tribe or troop . My entire time on UM has been about pointing out how humans can evolve past the ape behaviors by taking control of their thoughts and actions, and using discipline and will to behave in more positive ways. What on earth did you THINK i was saying? Our self aware consciousness, both enables us to see and feel harm to others, from our actions, but also to have a conscience and feel guilt. We KNOW why it is wrong to kill a rival male take a woman by force or rape or kill a child This knowledge forms the basis of our laws and why we control the behaviour of people by laws and punishments Mind you in my life time, in many jurisdictions, a man could escape punishment for murder if he killed his wife's lover in a 'fit of passion" Luckily we have evolved better laws since then with the realisation that, what ever the circumstances, we can rightly expect people to be able to control and discipline their behaviours. . Ps i am confused. WHAT post are you referring to here? i went back over the previous few pages before your post and couldn't see ANY comments which might offend referring to these topics except for me explaining how non human primates do all these things and it is not wrong for them to do it. It is wrong for us to do these things because we know and understand their effects on other humans, and also we no longer are driven by such pure biologically imperatives but by laws rules and social conscience No one is going to hold a great ape morally or legally accountable when it kills its rival and kills all the young from its rival, and then forces all the females to have sex with it It has no choice because evolution has shaped it do do this, to spread the genes of the most powerful male in the group through as many females as possible . .
  26. I think of it is a civil duty.. I hope I am helping two groups of people: - those who are gullib easily swayed and potentially ripped off by scammers - those who are so viciously anti-establishment/gubmint/science that they take delight in believing anything that they think shows those to be flawed Don't get me wrong, no human endeavour is without flaws, but when stupid claims are made - like Chemtrails, or Apollo was a hoax, then I think it's time to draw the line. Besides, I personally know some pilots and other folks who work in the airline industry, as well as some who were involved in Australia's part in the lunar landings, and frankly it's insulting to those who put in so much effort for what are remarkable human achievements... I think the battle is well and truly won with Apollo, and to a slightly lesser extent with 'chem'trails. Bigfoot needs a bit more work...
  27. There are wrong ones though.
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