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  2. Ok, in a fish Fish, God's spirit causes a chemical reaction in a fish's brain. This occurs instinctively, but it is just a response that a fish has to the "spirit of cooperation." Otherwise, he would zag instead of zig and become another fish's meal. God wants all living creatures to live as a part of his team. But unlike fish who's will acts only on instinct, man must choose to be on the team. At least, man must not develop an antagonism (hostility) towards it. Towards being cooperative.
  3. I think this is really stretching it, you seem to be equivocating on 'spirit' here. "Team spirit" refers to a bond between teammates and/or their group enthusiasm; that can be accomplished by anyone including atheists and really has almost no connection to spirit in the god sense. And I was curious again about a question I asked: if you are referring to something like 'team spirit' when you refer to 'spirit realities', then why are you simultaneously referring to people not being able to understand it? The majority of people age 12 and over understand what 'team spirit' refers to. Here's a sample on wiki's entry on your favorite book: "God is described as the Father of each individual, and through the direct gift of a fragment of his eternal spirit, called a Thought Adjuster, is said to be able to guide the individual toward an increased understanding of him. The Thought Adjuster is a central teaching of the book and is also referred to as a "Mystery Monitor" and "indwelling presence,"[as well as a "divine spark." The use of the word 'spirit' there is what I thought you were referring to, the fragment of spirit/divine spark we all supposedly have doesn't sound like it is composed of matter in the above, but I'm not sure. Regardless, there really isn't any connection with team spirit. If I was to merely quote the above in a post and ask you, 'Will, can you provide a little more detail on what 'spirit' means in Urantia?', I sincerely doubt you'd bring up 'team spirit' or 'spirit of cooperation'. It is entirely cool to say that you don't understand it that well either and that it's a mystery and beyond our comprehension, that's what lots of religions argue about lots of things and is valid to an extent given the subject matter. I'd note just note that it is a pretty poor basis to then imply others simply 'cannot' understand it.
  4. This is what god is for you subjectively, which is what works for you. But short of helping us understand your perspective and let me say whatever works for you is kool, but this in no way offers me or anyone anything tangible about god. Without some kind of transferable evidence, (sorry your experience isn't gonna do it ) I have nothing to consider. Yet, it does help me get you better.
  5. Hopefully posts are deleted, instead of the whole thread idea being taken down. I'll stop playing around now.., don't want to cause any problems here. You never got back to me yesterday.., what was the 2nd thread you said got locked because of me?
  6. You don't get it. Their past actions and associates cast doubts on their present actions during the political witch hunt. Investigative teams need to be made up of individuals who can be impartial as they reach their conclusions. Doubts, about their impartiality, can impact the outcome.
  7. WHAT EXACTLY IS NET NEUTRALITY? The net neutrality rules were approved by the FCC in 2015 amid an outpouring of online support. The intention was to keep the internet open and fair. Under the rules, internet service providers are required to treat all online content the same. They can't deliberately speed up or slow down traffic from specific websites or apps, nor can they put their own content at an advantage over rivals. To take a classic example, this means Comcast can't just choose to slow down a service like Netflix (NFLX) to make its own streaming video service more competitive, nor can it try to squeeze Netflix to pay more money to be part of a so-called internet fast lane. As Michael Cheah, general counsel at video site Vimeo, previously told CNNMoney: the point of the rules is "allowing consumers to pick the winners and losers and not [having] the cable companies make those decisions for them."
  8. I wonder if this thread'll be deleted or locked by page 2?
  9. Thank you, you all mean a lot to me.
  10. Damn, I should have known you were a margarine man.
  11. I think I nailed tho. Or do you use margarine?
  12. I suppose you're right. But this only highlights when all is said and done, objective or not, it's only through subjective experience that anything meaningful is realized. So I'll ask you again LG. Which is greater, objectivity or subjectivity?
  13. Our Universe is unimaginably vast, wonderful and unknown. Given the fact that WE exist here on Earth, it doesn't take much scientific imagination to offer the notion that many, many life-forms in each galaxy likely exists as well.
  14. I believe, technically, he's been benched. I think he's working in the FBI's personnel department, currently.
  15. So he's a chemical reaction.
  16. Well the university I attend had an introductory course that lasted 3 months.., designed to help you understand research procedure, how to use databases and look at information objectively.., and to argue both sides in order to form a conclusion.., and when NOT to form a conclusion based on little to no research. This has proven to be beneficial for students.., even allowing dyslexic people to participle with amazing results.
  17. I think I'm more disturbed by your mental imagery than the rest of your comment. Kinda pervy.
  18. I seem to recall reading a report that nothing was actually paid. Wouldn't be surprised either way, to be honest. Either way -- the agreement was made in October. I believe she might think that. Don't particularly see that happening anytime soon -- but sure.
  19. That very well could be. I doubt that he's a Democrat, as well.
  20. It has little to do with learning disabilities and more to do with convictions. Some people believe whatever they believe because they want to believe it. No matter how irrational it is.
  21. I imagine you sitting at your computer naked.., rubbing butter all over yourself when you say this,, lol. Some form online forum BDSM thing goin on. Like I stated in the OC.., I don't get jollies from this type of stuff.., and I think this attitude is whats wrong with the world today.
  22. How can you speak with such certainty? Did you conduct a 10 year study into people with learning disabilities? Comparing a control group with thos left to fend for themselves.., compared to others that recieved some form of help? If so.., please post your findings here.
  23. I think we agree then, I don't think there is such a thing as objective or inherent meaning either, thus religious beliefs are also 'nihilistic' in a way (to the extent that someone agrees that someone merely saying that there is objective meaning without providing any specifics as to what and why is empty).
  24. I don't think there's any doubt whatsoever that the man showed a conflict, otherwise why would he have been fired?
  25. They are so much fun to mess with though.
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