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  2. Aquila King

    Google: 'How many days since [enter your birth date here]'

    mine's 9,049 days. :blink:

  3. Perfection is not mathematics and not the present nature.All the same the least distorted plants but man and animals are more predators
  4. There are some threads you just have to check out just because of the title! This one made me smile.
  5. In one thread they were discussing if people at their workplace knew they were flat Earthers. Here is one of the answers: Everyone at my place knows my thoughts. I don't walk about with a sign proclaiming a flat earth to them but they know I totally oppose the globe that most people adhere to. I've had many conversations with many staff and some are intrigued, yet others are instantly dismissive to the point of stand your ground absolute 100% knowledge and yet when I ask how they know, some simply just say..."well everybody knows"... It's obvious. Gravity. We go that fast we just stick to the Earth. They're some of the more thoughtful answers. The regular answers are generally the two I first mentioned. People working in innovation and yet refuse to look at the most basic logic of water being level and flat because they mention Earth speed and gravity, just like that. I say, so you believe that wholeheartedly and know what it all is. Their answers are usually something like " well, no, but history and books and such, plus top scientists know." A certain amount of people know me as a conspiracy theorist and a strong willed inquisitive character. I generally wait for people to mention stuff that peaks their interest and then I'll pipe in with a few what if scenarios to try and smooth the conversation rather than stifle them into shield up deflection. It's weird how some people go into an attempted walk away type attitude whilst looking with a shocked face at you with one hand up and a WHAT type mentality, as if they're totally clued up. I generally just say " well ok, you explain to me what's what." That's usually enough to have them say " well, ermmm....well........well listen to what's said and the discoveries and the advancements into space" and as soon as they reel something like that off, they look back at you with a smug and odd look and say " ohhhhh you don't believe in any of that either, do you?" I just say " no, but I'll leave you to ponder it....or not." Generally you get a portion that come back with questions because you've got them thinking. Some actually start to see that it's extremely possible they've been duped. I'd never stand out and proclaim anything to a crowd because it's like feeding meat to crocs then realising your clothes are soaked in meat juices after you see the crowd moving in and ready to devour you.
  6. I voted on this basis: 1. No Single Market 2. No Customs Union 3. No Freedom of Movement 4. I accepted that I may well be a little poorer in the short-term, but its a price worth paying personally 5. I wanted March 30 2019 to be the very last day that the EU would hold sway over the UK 6. I did not want to be part of a federal Super-state 7. I did not want the UK to be part of an EU Army (Remain banged on that this would never happen, that was a lie) 8. I wanted our Fishing grounds returned to and administered by the UK and its devolved Parliaments 9. I wanted the UK to choose its Trading partners where deals could be made that were relevant to us (Olive and Citrus Fruits farmers are of no concern to me). 10. I wanted freedom for the UK to buy whatever it wanted to on the Global Market which will reduce a lot of prices for UK consumers and open up trade to a truly global customer base. (the UK was already trading more with the WTO nations than the EU, and by far, the largest amount of Financial Services are traded to 3rd nations (i.e. NOT the EU) ...I informed myself very deeply on every aspect of what the pro's and cons of EU membership were and for a long time fully supported it (as Stevewinn will attest to) but the Eu began and continued to morph into all of those things that I did not want it to become. Myself, and most Leavers that I know, would agree with me on the reasons outlined above, for their voting Leave. You are being far too simplistic by stating and re-stating ad nauseum that we only voted for a return to full Parliamentary Sovereignty-that was only part of the whole panoply of reasons
  7. Artefacts from an 18th Century coffee shop have been found in a disused cellar at the University of Cambridge. Clapham's operated in the mid-to-late 1700s on a site now owned by St John's College, and the discovery of more than 500 relics has shed light on it. Craig Cessford, of the Cambridge Archaeological Unit, called it an "18th Century Starbucks" but admitted it was more like an inn by modern standards. The 500 artefacts include drinking vessels for tea, coffee and chocolate.
  8. Got to get ingredients out to start on the Christmas cookies!!
  9. examples of those restrictions have been posted in this thread multiple times. good summary in post 69
  10. always sad that anyone dies near xmas...especially when it wasnt their time... the poor families left behind
  11. (First off, I would use a more vague term like 'most' or 'the majority' rather then give a number without what Xeno said, giving a citation, but whatever) There is indeed a science delusion. The delusion isn't in anyway a problem with the scientific process itself, merely a delusion on the part of the practitioners of it (the mainstream scientific establishment), and those who defend them. A good article that truly lays this problem out says the following: Science is merely a tool. It is a method of collecting data, and the data (as well as simple observations) are the only 'facts' in science. Everything else it up to the human thoughts, beliefs, interpretations, acts, etc. of fallible human beings. Yet many actively believe and defend the conclusions of these fallible human beings as if their conclusions are infallible and authoritative - no different then any other religion. A great book on this topic (with the same title as the thread) is by Dr. Rupert Sheldrake. Here's his brilliant TED talk (that was conveniently banned since it challenged the status quo of course) by him if you care to watch:
  12. Well, for some reason some people think they were immortal. That was the trick of the serpent, that he played with the literality of God's warning. The whole reason God gives for kicking them out, is that they might eat from the tree of life next, which gives eternal life, and be equal to the gods. Because, when they were made, it says, "Now let us make man in our image." Signifying the plural, and it never says who the 'our' exactly is. So, there's a lot of things going on it doesn't tell us. Probably God would have anticipated the fall of Eden, but let his angels orchestrate everything for him. So, it seems to be some sort of life lesson about losing, and life goes on, but it's not the same anymore. Whether it was God directly doing it, or his children doing his work. There's a snake in every Eden. The serpent says things like, "Ye shall be as the gods if you eat the fruit," and, "You surely won't die." But, anyway, they couldn't stay naked anymore after they ate it, as if something inside them died when they woke up. Jesus says in the Gospel too, "Be wise as serpents and harmless as doves, because I send you out like sheep among wolves." This also grants some forgiveness to the snake, and how it uses its cunning.
  13. Okay. Perhaps you'd be kind enough to walk us through the restrictions that Net Neutrality legislation has put in place, that you believe is stopping new ISP's jumping into the market, right now.
  14. Actually by legal definition he may have just commited treason " 18 U.S. Code § 2381 - Treason US Code Notes prev | next Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States. (June 25, 1948, ch. 645, 62 Stat. 807; Pub. L. 103–322, title XXXIII, § 330016(2)(J), Sept. 13, 1994, 108 Stat. 2148.)"
  15. what militia? i'm not aware of any in the city of Chicago, if anything, i do not see why militias in Illinois would even care. chitown is a gang infested liberal failure always has been. ., not militias concern. gangs however, which Chicago has in abundance, would sure mind it,
  16. Scrunchkruckets

    They were all sick that day

    womens health.png

  17. The name does not change the fact that it was inviting a foreign military onto US soil.
  18. As Kalgoorlie man Brad Nicklin sat on his front porch easing his hangover with a cup of coffee one Sunday morning, he noticed a patch of grass missing from his usually immaculate lawn. Confused, he walked over for a closer look. "I noticed it was done with a shovel, not an animal, so I went through the [home security] cameras," he said.
  19. I think if militias see peace keepers as an act of war, the problem is with the militias (between their ears to be precise).
  20. Second most corrupt. You should see Camden, New Jersey.....
  21. Okay. Caught up again. From the revised article: Kelly told the analysts that “certain words” in the CDC’s budget drafts were being sent back to the agency for correction. Three words that had been flagged in these drafts were “vulnerable,” “entitlement” and “diversity.” Kelly told the group the ban on the other words had been conveyed verbally. That's new (to me) & definitely changes things. One of them is definitely lying. Will be interesting to see if a copy of the returned budget draft with flagged words makes it's way out of the building, at some stage. If not -- then I guess we'll see where the truth is when the CDC's budget draft is finalised.
  22. The article was not clear to me but I think that the idea is to make a probe that travels to a distant star system and not send people. The famous equation F=ma can be written as a=F/m. By making m smaller, the acceleration is larger. The use of lasers to push a light sail means that no propulsion system needs to be sent with the probe into space. The push comes form the ground. Anyways, that was my take on the article.
  23. Amtrak Cascade Rollout 2017 How ironic! ...and sad...
  24. This sorta goes off topic into whether or not morals exist in the first place, but since this topic loosely relates to it I'll respond anyway... I can agree on the 'absolutist' style approach, but I do think these moral values can be objectively measured. I hear a number of people surprisingly say this sorta thing, that morality is subjective, that it's all a matter of opinion, and this troubles me. Regardless of culture, belief system, or personal opinion, kidnapping and torturing children for fun (for example) is morally wrong because we can objectively measure the amount of pain and suffering that comes as a result of this. Not just to those children, but to society as a whole if such actions were allowed. The harm that this causes to the overall health and well-being of not just those individuals but to the society/culture that allows such acts can be objectively measured and thereby determined as to whether or not such acts should be deemed 'wrong'. Take by analogy the concept of physical health. If you were to ask me to define a 'healthy person', I'd struggle to find an answer, as it can appear to be sorta relative when compared to others. Yet despite this there is a clear distinction between a healthy person and someone who let's say has cancer or some debilitating disease. No doctors go around debating one another as to whether or not physical health even exists, because clearly it does despite of it's somewhat loosely defined nature. In order to further this topic, I think we all need to first and foremost agree that objective moral principles do indeed exist, so that we can therefore extrapolate beyond that into the question of how said principles relate to our intellect (if they in fact even do so at all).
  25. The more I see, the less of reality I believe science really understands at this time. I like science, but do not have the delusion that it is the only way to learn about reality.
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