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  2. I often meditate and can enter a state somewhat similar to dreaming where I leave me body and visit 'places'. I believe this is what others call 'Astral Travel' but it is really just allowing your subconscious to take control whilst you are still consciously aware of it. It happens naturally every night when you sleep but you can be trained to experience it when waking (some people appear to be able to do it without training). It's a very relaxing and refreshing experience but I wouldn't attach too much significance to it.
  3. Hmm, really. I didn't hear anything about the "surprising amount". Of course they get much more rads while in orbit than while on the ground but it's always calculated and summed. If someone got the critical dose he or she's banned from traveling to space anymore, and such astronauts exist. By the way, here's a good article on the topic:
  4. Nuclear armed Iran or a drug-funded Hezbollah. Kind of a Catch-22 situation. I know which I would choose. What about you, Joc?
  5. acute

    To track your package, enter your 76-digit order number.

  6. I certainly hope not. If that happens it would most likely mean the U.S. had already have been hit with a nuke. There's no way the U.S. is going to pre-emptively nuke anyone. Fatboy Kim knows this. So do his puppet masters in Beijing. I hope Trump resists the calls (probably within his own administration) to sit down and negotiate with these thugs again. At least until all missile testing stops for 6 months and inspectors are allowed access to his nuke sites. Anti-proliferation worked for awhile but now that the Norks have a bomb and are working on delivering it and the mullahs in Iran are queued up to be next, it's just a matter of time before one of these damned things gets used. I think China will exert control over Fatboy Kim but who's going to control the mullahs when their goal is to hasten the return of the Mahdi? I think Obama is evil.
  7. I don't believe people are ruder now than they were a few generations ago. I personally believe that had the internet been around in the 50's - 80's etc. You would find that people would be just as rude and outspoken as they are today. The only difference now is that due to the internet it gives everyone and their dog and platform to speak.
  8. Your house is infected with orbs! There is only one sure fire way to get rid of these things: Also stops you scratching insect bites during the night. Congratulations, you've just killed two ghosts with one can.
  9. They're Nativity and Christmas. "Christmas" wouldn't fit in the topic title box and I have found that some members don't like the word shortened to Xmas for some reason, so I avoid that if I can.
  10. Obama Protected Hezbollah from DEA In its determination to secure a nuclear deal with Iran, the Obama administration derailed an ambitious law enforcement campaign targeting drug trafficking by the Iranian-backed terrorist group Hezbollah, even as it was funneling cocaine into the United States, according to a POLITICO investigation.
  11. I thought the same. It'll have to be quite the fence to keep rabbits and foxes out. Maybe a wall. I heard Mexico will fund it.
  12. First, the U.S. debt is about 20 trillion dollars. The budget for the Pentagon is about 650 billion. Second, the U.S. may be nearly uniformly hated by the world but until recently we've been carrying the load to help attempt to maintain peace and order. The recent past - 8 years to be exact - shows what happens when the U.S. takes a hands-off approach. I agree that we should aspire to a world without war but if one country does it unilaterally, they're eventually going to gutted and enslaved. THAT is history's verdict on human nature. Have a peaceful day.
  13. Faith and trust in whatever a person thinks God (deity) is. Belief in who or what that is, isn't as important as their faith and trust.
  14. acute

    The Word of the Day is... Vassal.

  15. Sheaffer is an investigator of such claims...but as said that is only ONE result.... my point is... learn to search for the stories that interest you, then also search on the criticisms or debunks of that story........ then you have a more balanced opinion from the get go. UFO sites, like any site/business, need traffic and revenue. So they most likely wont run stories of ACTUAL FACTS or debunks... as that will be contrary to the image they are to look at both sides without automatically believing Yes there are many sceptics here....but many of us BECAME sceptical after reviewing ALL the evidence and opinions.... if you just go to a ufo site and read a story....accept it as TRUE.... then come to places like this....well you will face a lot of criticisms and as said before..... I would LOVE there to be a genuine case... I would LOVE there to be indeed many sceptics would.... but you cant just read a website, one source....and believe it. Or many websites that have the believer mentality as default... If your doctor said he had to cut both your hands off.... youd WANT a second opinion....and maybe a third and fourth before such a drastic action to remove your hands.... I know I would... I wouldnt just have my hands removed because ONE MAN said so... investigate any story.... first know the story...... then search on criticisms and debunks..... BEFORE reaching a final conclusion Then...if you stay long will see some new member post a story you had previously believed in.....and you will find....that YOU end up debunking their stories..... because YOU.....looked at those stories from every angle.... both FOR and AGAINST....
  16. I got an old tune caught in my head... "I'll eat mum for Christmas, you can plan on me, please have ashes and pudding, and presents on the tree... Okay, now the weirdness is catching
  17. As my daughter would say - "Right?" I feel for people going through grief but this is absolutely bizarre and disturbing. I hope someone gives her some help.
  18. It was actually most likely Stephen Grammauta, Arnold Wittenberg and future Consiglieri Joseph Armone's brother Stephen (who was the imprisoned Joseph's replacement i believe); three heroin dealers. There's a Gangland News article where Jerry Capeci lays it out but i cancelled my subscription and don't remember the specifics, if you have it yourself this article has the link for it - Armone&st=cse It makes no sense that Persico and Gallo did it and there's no evidence for it, i think it came from an informant who was with Persico when he was on the run from his Commission Case indictment, he said Persico said it. It's possible Persico didn't say it or maybe he did and he was lying i dunno but it just doesn't make sense at all. I think the reason people prefer that explanation to the Armone brother one is that it's a future boss and one of the most famous gangsters of the 20th Century, it's more Hollywood but a lot less likely for several reasons. The only thing that gives it a slight bit of credence is Carlo Gambino along with Tommy Lucchese would fund the Gallo's when they started their war against the Colombo leadership a few years later, but then there's a number of things that go against that too. For one the war wouldn't start for another four years and from the evidence available it seems like Gambino and Lucchese got involved after it started meaning there's no evidence of a prior relationship; particularly in 1957 when Persico and Gallo were 24 and 25 respectively. There's also the fact that there's no evidence that Gambino had a hand in Anastasia's murder, again it seems like something every one wants to believe since Gambino has been built up as such a legendary figure similiar to Luciano. The evidence seems to point towards Armand Rava and Johnny Robilotto being the main forces behind Anastasia's murder both of whom would be murdered in the next two years. Gambino didn't even become Boss right away going by the FBI Files that are available, he had the most clout in the family due to his support from a lot of powerful members including Joe Biondo (an Anastasia loyalist going back two decades which again points away from Gambino since he supported him following Alberts death, it would make more sense if he went with Rava and Robilotto) so he took over as de facto boss but it wasn't until around 1960 when he was officially recognized as boss. These are just a few reasons it's highly unlikely it was Persico and Gallo not to mention obvious stuff like they weren't part of the Gambino Family and there's no known connection with them and the Gambino's until four years later and that just seems like Carlo and Tommy taking the opportunity to displace Profaci/Magliocco when a rebellion started.
  19. NATO Responsible for peace in Europe for 68 years. I call that Effective and others can determine the Value and price of that.
  20. Well done! As I recall, one of their intel bureaus tried to give us a warning about the Tsarnaev brothers but apparently, it was deemed unreliable. Stopping Islamic fundamentalist terror is everybody's responsibility.
  21. Thank you so much Seeder. That's great advice, and some awesome info. I will mos def start adding a de-bunk search to my sources. I must admit I laughed when I read that she thought a streetlight was a UFO. Also should say that I don't actually believe Betty and Barney at all. I just have to play devil's advocate in order to form a conclusion. Having said that.., I checked the reference for that wikipedia entry you used ( reference #43) and it just led to another wikipedia page of Robert Sheaffer?
  22. Good.
  23. What evidence do you have that voters were not well informed? In your world you must think its beyond people to educate themselves on a subject without being fed the information. It reminds me of the question time audience when a young girl (remainer) asked the panel. I wasn't told enough, I wasn't informed and Johnny Mercer MP replied Democracy is a process we all take part in, it's not something that is done to us by the Govt. if your just going to sit there and wait then your going to be ill-informed. Also What happens if we hold a second referendum and after being 'well informed' the Leave side still win does that somehow change the process of how the UK leaves the EU? Does all the doom and gloom the remainers predicted go away? will the EU give us a better deal? No? so what's the point of a second referendum. oh, i see you think the Leave side will lose. You had your chance remainers, hold your hands up you had your once in a generation chance and you blew it and even though you had the full weight of the state and institutions behind you, you still lost the day. you'd think all these wel -informed Remainers could have educated the rest of the population, via friends family etc... or maybe they were fighting a loosing battle, because their words just wont wash with the public no more, the Remainers couldn't tell us all the goodies the EU had to offer because they knew it wouldnt wash, so all they had left was fear, fear, fear, fear we wouldn't have any food, fear we wouldn't have any jobs fear the economy would go into recession. And here they are as the well educated, the well informed amongst us and yet they still cant work out or accept how they lost. instead of pointing the finger and going, Him, Racist. Her Xenophobic. Them stupid. - look in the mirror.
  24. We already have a dictatorial driven source of information just like North Korea called the mainstream media. You must have misunderstood me because that is absolutely what I don't want because we already have a dictatorial source in CNN,FOX,MSNBC,ABC,CBS just to name a few. So don't put words in my mouth toast. I would like some toast though.ha ha ha! It is precisely why the mainstream dislikes alternative sources because it shows the true colors of the mainstream. Are you a mainstream zombie toast?
  25. ChrLzs We all have our biases. If Laplace was right, then we all ought to have our biases. Bias, or the assessment of prior plausibility, is integral to the 'Bayesian' approaches to evaluating evidence which Laplace pioneered. One of my biases is that if I read something ambiguous, then I will 'bend over backwards' to pursue an interpretation that is coherent and meaningful. So, indeed, what could a word like inclusive mean in science? Personnel? There are underrepresented groups in the ranks of scientists and especially in particular branches of science. That is a fact, and that interpretation would be coherent, but it doesn't seem to be where this author is headed. Amateur vs. Professional? (as in your remarks about the Average family, and Sheldrake's term 'inexpensive.') That's coherent, too. Lots of people enjoy stargazing with their backyard telescopes, for example. I think that interpretation is getting warmer - an amateur spots some interesting phenomenon (her dog knows in advance when she's arriving home), and teams up with a formally trained scientist (like Sheldrake or Bem) to explore the phenomenon. I am also open to another interpretation: receiver operating characteristic (ROC). That's a formal model of a hard fact: there's always a trade-off to be made between the two fundamental kinds of error in uncertain inferences: - "detecting" something that isn't really there (false alarm) - missing something that really is there (failed alarm) Sheldrake's inclusive may mean changing the trade-off that (reputedly) prevails in science, that science is exceptionally "skeptic-friendly," that it is far more concerned with avoiding the false alarm than avoiding the failed alarm. In the skeptical imagination (a borderline oxymoron ), science is like the memorable Mikey, who won't like anything, because he hates everything.
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  27. The way I have seen it is you only have beaten yourself. You just seem very robotic in your conversations so you just remind me of a bot. It seems you are run by some type of program which you can't veer from. So that's why I think of you as a bot.
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