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  2. I know ---- terrible and doesn't he put tomato sauce on his steak ? AND have two scoops of ice cream AND recklessly puts the life of Japanese fish at risk --
  3. So, are the 7 words banned from CDC usage, or not? Should be one hell of a simple question and answer.
  4. I've no idea -- I wasn't at the meeting to know what context it happened in or if it was over the top or not - but to quote again from Tiggs post - "The assertion that HHS has 'banned words' is a complete mischaracterization of discussions regarding the budget formulation process," the HHS statement said. anyway the word fetus isn't being '''banned''' from common usage you know - just on this occasion in that process for some reason -
  5. I hear tell that the man likes his diet soda too. Surely, he must be impeached!
  6. I've had one of those whisker dog hairs under the nail and DAMN they're bad. I've had them pop out on their own, but it was to shut him up. In the grooming for comfort part of my animal care course, one of the girls had a slicker brush bristle stab her under the nail. Those suckers are nasty Before I forget I did share your Esty on my Facebook page in the hopes it'd get you some business, mostly US friends on there
  7. I think Black Monk said it best in #13... ..........
  8. Walter Williams, a Black conservative (for those who don't know), mentioned that in one of his columns. He likened "people of color" (also used in the 1800s) to "jeans of blue" (instead of blue jeans).
  9. My position is simple: Banning words in communication is a direct threat to communication itself. Tell me, what's wrong with the word "fetus" that it should be banned from CDC writings?
  10. I don't like ones under my nail, but as long as it's not snagging on something I don't mind splinters. Either they heal over or come out in their own. The only time I get concerned is if I can see veins bone or cartilage.
  11. Lol here it's What now?! How bad? Ok you know what to do, keep it clean etc. I very rarely worry when they get cuts etc, happened that often its no big deal. I did have Michael bug me about a splinter I had in my thumb (happen while I was away and stayed in for 3 days before I removed it to shut him up) he was convinced it would go deeper and get infected if I left it in there. Cut it out Tuesday night, no mark now and still no idea where it came from never felt it when it happened
  12. Well, it's definitely par for the course for her. Even Stevie Wonder can see she's hiding something.
  13. I'm not even sure what position you are taking in this thread...? ETA - my position is that, like Manfred illustrated ... it's a storm in a teacup and it's being used in such a way to cause damage to Trump - imagine that eh ? How could that possibly be..?.. How could such a thing happen to the POTUS... unheard of...!! shocking !!!
  14. You get used to it after awhile.
  15. that would be fun wouldn't it and I expect it would massively strengthen telepathic communication
  16. Bee's can sting me, and I find that offensive. Thus, your name "bee" is offensive and must be changed.
  17. like 'Ladies and Gentlemen'........... ? or the N word..?
  18. I find your premise outrageous, bee. Weaponized words... oh my God, that is WAY over the top.
  19. Tiggs and Trump eh -- brothers from different mothers
  20. The first step in destroying freedom of expression is to ban the use of various words.
  21. when words are '''weaponized''' it needs to be pointed out --- that's all --
  22. And why “fetus”? Do the Creationists, to whom, it would appear from the conspiracy theory that's being constructed, this whole thing is designed to pander, see that as a trigger word?
  23. All sounds a bit of a , if you ask me.
  24. You sound as bad as dad and Michael lol, they brush of chunks of skin missing like it's nothing
  25. Nah, does crack the skin a bit.
  26. I thought i answered all these questions as best i could from what i experienced If there were green purple or orange people on this planet i never saw any evidences of them. However in the galaxy there are not just humanoid bipedal species in all those colours, but also creatures of non bipedal form and from many different evolutionary trees, so i cant DENY that, once, they may have been on earth and were then transported away A transportation system capable of such movements certainly exists .There simply is no evidence that such creatures evolved on earth . but the y could have visited here. I have always been very clear on the nature of god While it is possible for a species to become virtually immortal, using technology and genetic manipulation, it is IMPOSSIBLE for a creature to exist before or outside of an environment which evolves it Thus gods are evolved beings IF they are physical beings While it is possible for a being to become very wise and knowledgeable it is impossible for it to become all knowing because it cannot know the future that does not exist and thus can only learn and grow as the future unfolds into the present. In its mind new experiences will construct new knowledge and understandings and its knowldge and wisdom wil always continue to increase Thus, like all of, us a god will know more tomorrow than it does today, and will have learned from today's experiences The cosmic consciousnesses extends right across this galaxy but i cant speak for others It is possible that it extends wider across the universe or that similar but difernt entities occupy other galaxies This is irrelevant to humans for a long time to come. no there is no competition The older races are so far advanced that there can not be any opposition to them but also species are only permitted into the community of space farers once they have proved themselves able to control their emotions and behaviours. We might resist gods (pointlessly) on earth, a s indigenous people resisted Euroeansin their own countries but we have less hope of resisting them out in space than indigenous people had of taking the fight to europe To get an inkling of the differences in technology suppose Australasian aborigines were discovered today While our attitude to them would hopefully be more enlightened than it was 300 years ago, they would have no hope and thus no thought of resistance to races using stealth bombers tactical nukes and automatic weapons let alone autonomous robotic weapons systems. add another 1000 years of progress by "europeans" and you begin to get close to the difference between the ancient races and ones like the human race
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