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  2. No. No, it's not. The idea that eight people are responsible for (re-)populating the Earth is not valid in any sense of the word. And that's not even directly addressing the fact that the Bible is not an historical document and it's foolish to treat it like it is. --Jaylemurph
  3. Our idiot neighbour who can never shut the hell up. He spends all night by the computer...yelling...always screaming at his family over nothing...noisy with everything he does...usually makes perverted moaning sounds every day and plays his fabolous "music" loud. Has no respect that other people lives in the building. He's 26-27 years old but looks like 46. Mentally he shouldn't be allowed to play with lego...and his under achieving a$$ still lives with mom. If that's how a winner smells i'd rather take a bath in dog crap. I rarely hate someone but in this case I will make an exception...I hate his f#####g guts and only wish that bad things will happen to him, but as always, people like that never have anything bad happening to them. That makes me go GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR :-D
  4. Has Roger Stone been interviewed by Mueller yet? He seemed to know a hell of a lot about what Wikileaks was up to during the campaign.
  5. A good life is the culmination of good choices, some times hard choices, but choices none the less. Not magical thinking. Sure positive thoughts, feelings, and idea can inspire you to create a better life, so can pessimistic ideas as well. Just depends on the person and what they've chosen to do. Hold firmly in your mind the possibility of what you intend to do, then act on it consistently.
  6. Why can’t you point me towards a repeatable experiment then? ‘fantastic odds’, show me that one.
  7. His approval rating is nearly as low as Nixon's was during Watergate. His net approval rating is actually worse.
  8. Mueller's already had one of the attendees of that meeting -- Rinat Akhmetshin -- testify in front of a Grand Jury for several hours. That's a fairly good indication it hasn't been debunked -- or at least -- not from Mueller's perspective.
  9. My grandfather -- who died some time before I was born -- was a Prohibition (and later) rum runner. He stored his under the floorboards. --Jaylemurph
  10. Not sure. Reminds me of my daughter/son.
  11. I'm so tired I can barely even think.
  12. Do you mean the Tower meeting? No, that hasn't. Jr has lied about that meeting on numerous occasions, changing his story each time. The latest lie exposed appearing to be his denial that they spoke about the DNC hack. We now know that Goldstone remembers talking about the DNC hack, and he confirmed it in an email sent 5 days after the meeting. This would appear to support the theory of collusion in a big way. If you are referring to Wikileaks, then that's not been debunked either. I think you are talking about the charge that he was in contact with them before the drip drip drip began? That's not what I was referring to (I asked ZZ about it earlier in the thread - though I did add 'the leaks' in that reply to you by mistake. I have corrected it. I blame the mistake on insomnia and the fact that I was lying in bed using my phone to reply. Apologies). I was referring to the numerous examples of them coordinating during and after the election: The above quote is just interesting because it shows Wikileaks was acting as damage control for Trump's campaign. No coordination that we know of here, but definitely interesting to see how the campaign was being helped by an organisation that, before Trump's run at the Presidency, I hadn't seen a single conservative in the US claim was anything other than an enemy of your country. That last one is just shocking, more than anything. You have Wikileaks trying to suggest that Trump sow discontent in the US. I can just imagine the reaction that would have elicited. And of course then we have the infamous emails that Jr released himself: He didn't reply to all of the messages, but he clearly coordinated with Wikileaks on many issues, reacting in some way to Wikileaks requests. He has lied on numerous occasions about even being in contact with Wikileaks. Now, if the Trump team had nothing to hide, why would they feel the need to continually lie about having contact with these groups? It shows that they are obviously hiding something, wouldn't you agree? Further evidence of having something to hide was when, last week, he incorrectly invoked attorney client privilege to avoid answering questions under oath about a phone call he had with his father.
  13. The question is; What does the blood rain mean to you? Most of our dreams or just a hodge podge of random things. Sometimes our subconscious tries to tell us something threw them. They can represent our fears and anxieties that we are not consciously aware of. Even in your second paragraph you've kinda answered you're own question. All these trouble (you do have my sympathies) seem to be the source of this mortal fear. Maybe the rain represents your life washing away? I can't honestly say. I think this is something you've really got to dig deep into yourself to figure out.
  14. He says "p.s. let it be clear that when I say antigravity I mean electrogravity!" Try to keep up.
  15. MW, is arguing that morality is measured by the amount of money one returns. I am interested in this only. Let’s stay on topic.
  16. Sexist or sexless jmccr8
  17. They lack self awareness and only mimic the human brain computer and human appearance even. Bigger concern is robot automation in the work force, on one hand that's good but on other hand society needs to adopt as there will be more and more work shortages. The terminator type AI bots to take over humanity is not really as a big concern for me.
  18. Interesting...what I believe Walker to be saying is hes done some good deeds in his life an that he feels it has atributed to the lovely life he an his wife are experiencing now..Laws of attraction...he gave good hes getting good back..
  19. "You's guys wanna go skateboard?"
  20. Shark tend to bump what they don't know, skin is like sand paper and they smell better when grinding a little when bumping. If they declare the target edible they comeback, if not they just continue. He was just curious. Diving myself, a close encounter like that surprise you so much that you don't have time to be scared when it happen, you just realize it a couple of second later and you look a lot around you, lol. A grey seal got my flippers one time without seeing it coming, intriguing when it happen because you don't know the source, after that i was seeing shadow around me for 15minutes, lol, probably nothing was there but i was a bit sensitive for a while.
  21. "I've met a real man"
  22. "Somebody kill me"
  23. Yep, he's pretty spot on, and cuts through the BS with a knife....whether you actually like him.... or not. From the web site "Church and State" , another nice little summary about why Christianity is false: There is very little that we can prove in this world. However, we can look for evidence to support claims people make and, when there is sufficient supporting evidence and no contrary evidence, we can conclude a claim is probably true. However, it is easier to prove something is false – all you need is contradictory evidence. Here are my eight reasons why Christianity is false. There is abundant evidence to support each reason. I don’t have space here to give the evidence but if you are not aware of it, I can provide it. 1. There is clear evidence that prayer does not work despite the Bible promising prayers will be answered. 2. There is clear evidence that humans invent gods and there is no reason to believe the Jewish god is an exception. 3. There is clear evidence that religions and gods are propagated through culture by infecting children, and no evidence that they are propagated by gods. 4. There is clear evidence that religions evolve as human understanding of the world changes whilst a real, God-given religion, should never need to change. 5. There is clear evidence that humans on this planet have unequal access to Christianity so, if Christianity is true, billions would be condemned to hell for no fault of their own. This contradicts the Christian notion that God is omni-benevolent. 6. There is clear evidence that the Bible, supposedly inspired by God, is riddled with the type of errors that we would expect from Iron Age men but not from the creator of the universe. 7. Christian theology is incoherent to the point of absurdity. God killing his son so he can forgive our future sin is like me breaking my son’s legs so I can forgive my neighbour in case she ever parks her car on my drive. It is quite ridiculous. 8. There is clear evidence that the arguments presented for the existence of God are founded on logical fallacies – all of them. All that is left for Christians is faith and their feelings. We know that faith and feelings can be used to believe in any god at all – including non-existent gods. So faith and feelings are epistemologically worthless. And that is all Christians have. I rest my case.
  24. LOL What the hell is that? Now I just know I'm going to be walking around the apartment singing, "It's muffin time."
  25. Now that is funny like it alot mate..
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