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  2. Since 1954, biophysicist W.C. Levengood has authored or co-authored a significant number of scientific and technical papers (over 50) on a wide range of subjects including Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Biophysics, Botany, and other subjects that have appeared in some of the most prestigious peer-reviewed, scientific journals including Science and Nature that have also recieved numerous citations in additional peer-reviewed, published studies. W.C. Levengood also holds several patents for inventions and applications related to these fields of study. Article
  3. Your dog wants steak.
  4. This "glass as a 'slow liquid' is an urban myth. Glass is a solid.
  5. It's a "soliquid"?
  6. You do make a lot of assumptions here. Here you assume that the "official attitude" is wrong. Its you responsibility to prove that. Yet you seem rather unwilling to do so. Yet another assumption. If I wasn't interested would I be posting in this thread ? Another assumption. Another assumption. Not sure what that means. Please stop saying that the laws of nature are somehow different depending on whether you are in a lab or not. That is just not true. Are there other posters who think the natural laws are somehow different in a lab ? Anyone ? Linking to yourself in order to prove yourself is not very helpfull.
  7. Yes I would assume a dream has to take space somewhere. Maybe in the Akashic records as they are called.
  8. Yeah, the 'out of the Americas', as a theory is pretty much dead but it still shows up from time to time.
  9. Hello, My restaurant is haunted. It has crispy Ghosts, sweet Ghosts, tangy Ghosts and all you can eat for $10 Ghosts! Watch repeats of our Ghostly sightings while enjoying an overpriced beverage or starter. Marvel at the real life Ghost noises while you enjoy your terrifying main! Cower in fear at the sweet trolley as it glides mysteriously towards your table, shriek in horror at the cost and quality of our store bought treats! Disclaimer: Ghosts only available during October.
  10. Judge Likely Guy hereby orders that Sunwing airlines (the defendant) buy Daniel MacDuff (the plaintiff) a bottle of real champagne and that said Mr. MacDuff stop whining.
  11. But he's not a former president... yet.
  12. Saw that also. Took a bathroom break for a couple minutes.
  13. I think it is important to clarify the walnut issue just to make sure that any misunderstandings are reduced if not eliminated. So here is what I posted. All I am suggesting here is that in one or more cases the supposed dermal ridges were made by walnut shells. The issue here is that the print in question was deemed authentic by Krantz. This is the same Krantz that is relied on in the article to support the authenticity of the prints. First, the article would like to use Napier, a name misspelled in the article, to support the authenticity of the prints. Napier did not really believe in BF. Krantz was fooled by walnut shell imprints. How do we know Krantz was fooled by walnut shells? He authenticated a print. The hoaxer admitted making the print; then described how the print was made including adding features with a walnut shell. There are other mentions of the walnut shell online. Such as at It is hard enough for a researcher to do their work without someone faking so-called evidence. But when people only have fake evidence to work with their task is futile.
  14. I'll come out of the closet next year guys......I am enjoying some good games though. Rooting for anyone other than Bama. Kind of hoping Penn State gets a shot at them. Anyone see some smaller School scored 93 points?
  15. I tend to agree, at least in the instances I've seen, the 'dermal ridges' are a by-product of casting plaster, and one familiar to anyone who's used to casting things with plaster. But walnut shells seem to be a good idea, and one which'd produce evidence convincing enough for most bigfoot fans to read about second hand, after they've been through the filter of an 'expert' in the field.
  16. are just being annoying now.
  17. Yes I do agree that in my opinion the whole universe is consciousness and maybe to even get more elaborate I would further state the universe is vibration or frequency in scales made up of infinite octaves of frequencies. I also have the thought that besides our universe there could be an infinite number of other universes besides ours. This is all just speculation of coarse on my part.
  18. Former Manchester United defender Nemanja Vidic is the only Premier League player whose last name is completely made up of roman numerals: V (5), I (1), D (500), I (1), C (100).
  19. However you slice it, it's a bait and switch. They advertised the expensive stuff and then delivered the cheaper stuff. So they now have to change their advertising to reflect what they're actually serving. I agree that should have happened.
  20. Monkey-faced woman of Droitwich
  21. Oh gosh, and the Italians have their own special sparkling wine too. I'm kind of wondering how this guy knew it wasn't champagne, but rather a cheaper bubbly. There's some pretty cheap champagnes on the market- and some other sparkling wines that are much more expensive than the cheapest champagne.
  22. It think the truth is that we really don't know the truth. We have many opinions and ideas but It seems to me almost everything taught to us is inversion of what the reality really is. I could give loads of examples for there are many. Its almost like the old saying if you see a politician's lips moving he is lying.
  23. First one: LOL. Like none of us have partied and made mistakes in our early life. Do you even know the details of those events? Do you know rock was seeing tommy's ex? It was a joke.(the entire thing) Bunch of kids with to much money and fame. They all learned from their mistakes. Second one. So what, he hunts. Legally. I am against sport hunting, but it is legal, and he enjoys it. I also like Ted Nugent if that helps you. Third one...BIG LOL Any guy that does not wish he could have the sex life of a rock star is a liar. And again, young, partying. Only mistake was filming it. That is dumb. Unless you are not camera shy. Again, way off topic.......Watch the damn video, than judge.
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