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  2. Don't care about that either it seems. Beautiful.
  3. Last Post Wins.
  4. Yes, and Comcast throttled Netflix until Netflix agreed to pay for higher bandwidth - which was basically extortion - and this is what, as far as I'm aware, lead to Net Neutrality being introduced as law. There was a clear cause and effect relationship. The law didn't just come out of nowhere. An abuse of power lead to a law being created, which is the reason for the creation of many laws.
  5. Did you skip the part in kindergarten when they taught you that kindness and empathy towards others, and sharing with those who are less fortunate then you was a good thing?
  6. I really don't...i can't recall me ever asking that question and unloading everyones favorite word TRUMP on me has very little meaning...
  7. And so they decided to tell everyone, even the terrorists, that if you wan't to do some damage all you need to do is damage some poorly guarded cables in the ocean
  8. There's no reasoning with those who don't have a heart for those who suffer. I've become convinced in my discussions with these Trump supporters that it has less to nothing to do with not understanding how much these policies hurt innocent people, and more to do with the fact they don't care that it does. And there's no reasoning with apathy.
  9. This s*** didn't even exist until a few years ago... Hell in my opening post i said it was a good thing,i don't see the need of the excessive whining and b****ing about something that very likely isn't over and done with yet anyways! Complaining about this to someone like me,is about the same as me complaining about the price of bread in Scotland...
  10. not necessarily, do you know why DNA degrades?
  11. And you wonder why people despise Trump and his supporters...
  12. Another post predicting the Apocalypse. How many does that make it now, and then?
  13. Yes it is......
  14. ...Mmkay, kool. Thanks for letting me know where you stand. Not going there. Moving on...
  15. Sure. What about all the web developers and businesses that couldn't operate without the internet? Should they just be ignored? Why do people find it so difficult to sympathise with a problem that they believe does not directly affect them?
  16. We can go with "horrendously uncaring" i suppose...
  17. Because he protecting me from sin. Which means he don't have sins.
  18. It seems that our good friend Vladimir Vladimirovich has decided that the best defense is a REALLY good offense. Plans are being implemented that will greatly enlarge the Russian non-strategic nuclear stockpile. Thousands of new low and very low yield NUKES are being built and deployed to enable Russia to overcome the NATO (read: U.S.) military advantage in conventional forces. The plan is to intentionally use nukes EARLY in any conflict with the U.S. or his neighbors in Europe. Have we really reached the point where leaders think that they can use nukes (of ANY size) and not bring about the annihilation of their country and subsequent annihilation of a huge part of humanity? Is it really so difficult for them to grasp that no nation, except maybe France, would watch their fielded forces be vaporized and then not respond in kind and on a more massive scale? I believe that it reflects an expectation that Russia's opponents in any conflict would be constrained to behave in a civilized manner. This is insanity, my friends.
  19. Russian hackers? I have no idea. I assume status updates.
  20. Given that many people's livelihoods depend on a free and open internet makes this statement either woefully misinformed or horrendously uncaring.
  21. Well in this case I humbly disagree. So does the majority of the tech industry.
  22. That wasn't very nice....not nice at all. CK and I are bros. I'm the one that doesn't pay attention. lol
  23. True, but it still serves me right for not bothering to read the article
  24. Well i may not have been... Again life went on before the net and i have one outside of the internet
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