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  2. It's a small member of the Carnivora.
  3. Its not about "what they tell you", its about what do you judge as to be authentic. To be able to perform such a process of verification, intellect, common sense and a certain level of mistrust is mandatory. B4 the interwebz, and b4 the SmartPhone as well, it was very difficult and often very expensive to gain deeper informations on a specific subject, like scientific papers of whatever. Fortunately, the times have changed and today people have full access to the whole knowledge of this planet and to all knowledge humans ever have generated, by using a 120 gram device that cost lousy 100 bucks. Thats nonsense. The alternative independent outlet you are talking about, who should be in charge to judge what is the truth and what not? How to guarantee the judgements to be objective? How to guarantee the judgements are not to the benefit of the intentions of a certain party? Who and how to judge the judges? What you want is a kind of dictatorial driven source of information, resulting into something like the media of North Korea. But the more important issue with your model is that it does not make the people smarter in their skills in intellect, common sense and mistrust, but it keeps and makes them lazy for further development of their own personal capabilities to separate BS from the reality.
  4. Well you can make a game out of it I guess. Especially the business of what's really objective and subjective.
  5. Manfred von Dreidecker

    All our agents are busy right now, please call back later

    1. tcgram


      But, I've already been on hold for the past 10 hours.....<_<

  6. Banned because Austin's too old for a nanny but she can come over and visit the rest of us!
  8. Birtherism...lies on a daily basis.Going on for years.
  9. A lot of SHC victims were alcoholics.
  10. Quite pessimistic of you there Will.
  11. tcgram

    Does anyone else find it weird that Chocolate makes your clothes shrink?  :rofl:


  12. What about it? Now just not spending 24 hours a day ripping the president, making up outright lies about him is equivalent to birtherism?
  13. I could call every vehicle with four wheels and a gas engine a chevy but that would be wrong but Iwould be right that they are all automobiles. You cannot accept how I see god because YOU need a physical representation to relate to, I don't. To me your alien if it was proven to exist is just another evolved being like ourselves nothing special but god in the sense that we are all god because we have intelligence. Don"t ever call me stupid again I don't need to resort to hitting someone for them to have found themselves in a dangerous position, something that you could understand if you paid attention. jmccr8
  14. Sure it is. Where did your championing of the subjective disappear to all of a sudden?
  15. Probably has something to do with an inbalance between spirit and the physical body. Every human being, draws in universal energy with is distributed throughout the body, which gives life and consciousness. And this energy gets toned down considerably, depending on the individuals level of spiritual growth. So, these individuals probably have the floodgates open and there isn't much left, since it is occurring on the atomic level. Act of God, perhaps? The Philadelphia experiment, had a lot of seriously weird stuff happen afterwards to the soldiers, including the body freezing, (like time stopping) for weeks or months while the person remained conscious, (most went mad, who didn't come out of this, but some didn't) becoming part of the ship, and disappearing, etc. These were documented, and high frequency create similar affects in materials, including antigravity. Considering that time, mass, magnetism and gravity are most likely all one and the same, and we are a complex part of that, events like combustion come as no surprize.
  16. No. It means the government WILL implement the result, as promised. And I can't think of anything more hypocritical than Remoaners suddenly announcing the virtues of a sovereign British parliament now that it suits them to do so when they have spent the last forty-odd years allowing Brussels to erode the sovereignty of the British parliament. Anyway, I'm one of those who believe the British people, not parliament, are sovereign - and the British people want the government to hurry up and extricate us from the EU cesspit, as they voted to do.
  17. Also: The loving hug with heads over shoulders routine - the camera always focuses on the one who is hiding something.
  18. Do you really still believe polls, especially ones shown in a Remoan newspaper? Of course, I remember the polls showing Remoan in the lead just days before the referendum and for weeks beforehand, with the Remoaners cockily predicting a certain, easy win. They lost.
  19. It's not chauvinism. It's a historical fact. And, yes, Britain would have won WWII without the Americans.
  20. A limited, Paypal account that then demands proof of ID
  21. Life is not a game. But it does have rules and is limited in time.
  22. According to my "First Day" school teacher it used a older source.
  23. Banned so you can pack your belongings, cross the seas and become Austins nanny.
  24. Are Mr Toyomotors spotty socks the true source of such a horrid pong?
  25. I'll give you one, which is the biggest MSM there is. Fox news & Trump
  26. The Quran was written at least 800 years after the event.
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